Congratulations Reese Witherspoon!!!

Reese Witherspoon walked away with the Best Actress trophy at the Oscars the other night, making this the perfect time to profile her. I first saw Reese in Pleasantville, where I was struck with her presence and magnetism that seemed far too great for a person of her young years. The next film where she really impressed me was Election, where her bright beam lit up the entire movie. I had a feeling that her obsessively driven character in that film wasn’t far from the real Reese Witherspoon.

Reese Witherspoon’s birthchart shows an Aries Sun, ruled by Mars, and her Sun also squares Mars giving her energy, vitality and courage, and also making her a little reckless and headstrong. We call this a “double whammy,” which tells us that Mars is particularly important in Reese’s chart. Women with such a strong Mars/Aries influence can be perceived as overbearing, because the power of Mars isn’t well suited to traditional patriarchal views of women. In Reese, though, this power comes in a perky little blonde package that sneaks up on you before her true Xena (warrior princess) nature is revealed just as with her Legally Blonde character.

The fact that Mars is square to her Sun, a challenging aspect, reveals that she may have difficulty controlling her impulses. Anger, impatience, frustration are all hallmarks of a Mars square, but when harnessed and disciplined there is enormous drive as well. Reese’s Sun is opposed (180 degrees) by Pluto – a challenging aspect that adds intensity and a level of compulsion (Pluto) to her character, and forces her to continually reinvent and transform herself. Pluto also squares Mars, although it is “wide” (9 degrees apart). This shows an individual who never feels that she can really get what she wants (Mars) […]

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The New Marc Maron Show!!

My sister is a rabid Marc Maron fan. From the early days of his show Morning Sedition on Air America radio, she was singing the praises of Marc Maron, who she calls the Funniest Man in America. So when she asked me to do a profile for him and his new show of course I said yes. The fact that she promised to peddle links to Astrological Musings everywhere she could didn’t hurt either!

According to his publicist:

“Marc Maron is a stand-up comic by trade but his performance style is anything but the typical set-up-punchline formula. Maron engages his audience as a storyteller with an intelligence that digs deep into subjects, illuminating common truths that usually go unseen. There is a thought provoking excitement watching Maron take the risks of uncharted territory and riffing on subjects ranging from corporate domination of the planet to why the cooking channel is the only pure television. He always manages to ride that fine line.”

Marc has been quoted as saying he is a serious person by nature, and uses his comedy as a cathartic tool. Marc has a Libra Sun and Venus, showing that relationships are critically important to him. Libras are unhappy if they have to operate alone: they prefer to be in partnership with others and their very sense of self tends to be tied up in the state of their relationships. However, Marc also has Jupiter in Aries, the warrior sign, giving him a great deal of personal power and ability to assert himself (Aries) into all arenas. In addition, he has the tenacity of Mars (drive) in intense Scorpio, a fixed sign that is intensely passionate. Jupiter in Marc’s chart is retrograde, showing that he may not always take advantage of opportunities (Jupiter) that […]

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Kanye West’s Messiah Complex

Kanye WestYou’ve got to admire Kanye West’s cojones. In the most repressive political climate since the Puritans ran this country, West is not afraid to express his controversial (but well-researched) opinions on everything from the origin of AIDS (a man made disease placed in African communities with the polio vaccine, an idea that is gaining respectability) to the lack of caring of the Bush administration for black people after Hurricane Katrina. Now on the heels of his song “Jesus Walks” he appears as Jesus on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and has been quoted on saying that he would be a character in a modern bible because he is an inspiration to the culture and is definitely in the history books already. At the same time he is one of the most successful hip hop stars in history, with ten Grammy nominations. West began his career as a record producer and songwriter but went on to create his own records, even recording three weeks after a traffic accident through a wired jaw.

What kind of astrological forces create an individual with such confidence and tenacity? West is a Gemini, with the Sun closely conjunct Jupiter. Geminis are mercurial creatures, able to slip in and out of personas and wear different masks in different situations. They are curious and thirsty for experience. Jupiter (expansion and opportunity) closely conjuncts his Sun, giving West not only a high degree of confidence/arrogance but also a certain amount of easy luck. His Sun/Jupiter conjunction is opposed by Neptune (see about the current Jupiter/Neptune square), opening up his spirit to a high degree of creativity (Neptune), but also posing the danger of falling into Neptune’s misty illusions. […]

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Evangeline Lilly & Dominic Monaghan Engaged

Kate, played by Evangeline Lilly, is one of my favorite characters on Lost, the fabulous ABC-TV program. Aside from her obvious beauty, she has a lovely androgynous quality that combines toughness with a sweet vulnerability. In my article The Astrology of Lost Kate is represented as a Gemini, with Charlie (Dominic Monaghan’s character) as a Pisces. I was curious to see not only how their relationship worked, but also wondered how closely their actual birthcharts reflect their character’s personas and took a look at their charts.

Evangeline Lilly is Leo, and her Sun is conjunct Mercury (Gemini’s ruler) which adds the Gemini flavor to her personality that we have seen. Dominic Monaghan is a Sagittarius, and her Sun is conjunct Neptune (Pisces’ ruler), adding that misty Piscean flavor. Obviously on a television program we only get a view of the actor’s persona and rarely see behind the surface at their real personality. That is why astrology can be so much fun!

Evangeline Lilly was apparently married in 2003 when the Lost program began shooting, and separated from her husband during the last two years as her relationships with Dominic Monaghan intensified. Evi’s chart reveals her to be rather similar to her Lost character – she has an unaspected Mars in Gemini, adding to her mercurial qualities. Mars in Gemini doesn’t like to be pinned down to anything; Gemini needs a variety of experiences – the “experience guzzler” as described by my friend Steve Forrest. When Mars makes no major aspects to other planets in a chart, it shows someone who is more comfortable operating independently than in tandemn with others. Evi has four planets in Leo, including Jupiter, Sun, Mercury and Venus, so she is very […]

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The Death of Chris Penn

Being a participant in sibling rivalry in my own family, I found myself thinking immediately of suicide when I heard of Chris Penn’s death yesterday. Sean Penn is one of the noted actors of a generation and Michael Penn has received a fair amount of press as a musician, yet in researching Chris Penn’s life for this article I could find very little information on him other than news of his death in a Santa Monica apartment. No mansion, no wife. The little information that I could find appeared to suggest that he was single and had never married, and evidently his short tenure on Law and Order ended last year. I find myself wondering, what was Chris Penn really like, and how did he die? The latest press reports tell of “natural” causes, but what is a natural cause of death at age 43? I had to find out more about Chris’s life, and to wonder if he was stifled in the shadow of the brilliant light surrounding his brothers Sean and Michael.

Looking at his birthchart, I discovered that Chris was a Libra, the sign of balance and relationships. Libra is the peacemaker, the one who often sacrifices himself in order to achieve harmony in the relationships around him. Libras typically yearn to be in partnership with another, there is a strong desire to be married, to have a best friend, a one-on-one relationship in ones personal and business lives. His Moon, however, was in Aries, the sign ruled by Mars, showing us that in order to feel truly safe and secure emotionally (Moon) he had a strong need to express his own self and manifest his own will and desires (Aries). The […]

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