The Death of Chris Penn

Being a participant in sibling rivalry in my own family, I found myself thinking immediately of suicide when I heard of Chris Penn’s death yesterday. Sean Penn is one of the noted actors of a generation and Michael Penn has received a fair amount of press as a musician, yet in researching Chris Penn’s life for this article I could find very little information on him other than news of his death in a Santa Monica apartment. No mansion, no wife. The little information that I could find appeared to suggest that he was single and had never married, and evidently his short tenure on Law and Order ended last year. I find myself wondering, what was Chris Penn really like, and how did he die? The latest press reports tell of “natural” causes, but what is a natural cause of death at age 43? I had to find out more about Chris’s life, and to wonder if he was stifled in the shadow of the brilliant light surrounding his brothers Sean and Michael.

Looking at his birthchart, I discovered that Chris was a Libra, the sign of balance and relationships. Libra is the peacemaker, the one who often sacrifices himself in order to achieve harmony in the relationships around him. Libras typically yearn to be in partnership with another, there is a strong desire to be married, to have a best friend, a one-on-one relationship in ones personal and business lives. His Moon, however, was in Aries, the sign ruled by Mars, showing us that in order to feel truly safe and secure emotionally (Moon) he had a strong need to express his own self and manifest his own will and desires (Aries). The tension […]

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Congratulations George Clooney!

I was glad to see George Clooney won the Golden Globe for best supporting actor for his work in Syriana, a film that boldly exposes the corruption in the oil industry. After a period that he calls “his worst year,” it’s good to know that his luck has turned, something I predicted in my George Clooney

George is said to be thinking about settling down and finding his perfect mate, but that won’t be easy for him. Venus in his chart is in Aries, showing he craves freedom and independence in relationships, and his Venus is unaspected (meaning it makes no aspects to other planets in his chart). With an unaspected Venus it can be difficult (but not impossible!!) for him to forge the deep connections required for committed relationships. A man with Venus in Aries likes a woman who is strong and independent yet very womanly, because men with Aries planets tend to need to be the strong one in relationships. And of course she must understand his need for work that drives him with nose-to-the-grindstone Saturn in Capricorn that opposes Mars in his chart, relentlessly driving him towards success.

Still, beginning next year George will have a transit cycle of Jupiter (abundance and opportunity) to Venus, and perhaps he will get his wish. Until then, George, keep up the excellent work!

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – Relationship astrology 2006

Now that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have announced they are having a baby, I suppose it’s safe to assume they are a couple. My earlier profile of Brad on his birthday shows that Brad has been going through some challenging “midlife crisis transits” that have created lots of disruption in his life. Now let’s see what’s up with Ms. Jolie.

Angelina Jolie is one of the most fascinating women of our time. Aside from her natural beauty which is spectacular, she has a powerful presence and a passion that causes her to throw herself into everything she does. She also has the actor’s ability to lose her own identity in a role and that seems to have spilled over into her personal life as well. While she was married to Billy Bob Thornton she reportedly checked herself into an institution because she was so in love she thought she was losing her mind. Over the past few years Angelina has morphed from a punk girl who engages in self-mutilation to a sleek and sophisticated UN representative who has snagged Brad Pitt. What makes her tick?

Angelina’s Gemini Sun and Mercury gives her an ability and desire that is common among Geminis to try on different lifestyles like they were sets of clothing. Gemini is a mutable (changeable) air sign that is concerned primarily with the mental realm. The sign of the twins, there are often two personalities in the Gemini individual – one dark and one light. Geminis often switch between the dark and light side so quickly that you don’t see it coming. The challenge for Gemini is to integrate the dark and light sides so that they function more as a whole, but […]

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Stephanie Miller: An Astrological Fan Letter (UPDATED!)

I’ve been wanting to profile a woman here, and there haven’t been many women in the news lately. I want to cover Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein at some point, and I thought a noble first choice would be Christiane Amanpour who is just so fabulous. I also considered the annoying Rita Crosby. But then I decided it was most appropriate for my first female profile here to be Stephanie Miller.

From the first time I listened to the Stephanie Miller show I was hooked. She has an amazing way of taking depressing and frustrating news and making it funny and easy to digest. From the beginning, I looked for excuses while at work to get in my car so I could listen to the show. I scheduled appointments for afternoons so as not to miss the show. Finally, so as not to miss another show, I invested $300 in an mp3 player and purchased the podcast on the first day it was available. Evidently I am not alone, because in little more than a year the Stephanie Miller show has gained about a million listeners. From her roots in stand-up comedy she has forged a brilliant career as a liberal talk show host.

It’s difficult to do birthcharts for celebrities because we are counting on the accuracy of the bio birth times which are notoriously inaccurate. Since writing this Stephanie sent me her accurate birth date and birth time and I have updated the details.

Steph was born with the Sun in Libra (as was your faithful blogger here). Those with a Libra Sun have the blessing and the curse of a natural ability to charm and attract others because Libra is the sign […]

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