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July Planetary Illuminations is posted

July astrological forecast Mandala by Paul Heussenstam

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Meanwhile, here is the introduction with the major events for July.  Enjoy!

There is a great deal of planetary energy in July, but most of it involves the faster moving planets and smaller cycles.  There are no big alignments of the major players right now which makes this more of an adjustment period than anything else.

The T-square configuration involving Mars, Uranus and Pluto which created so much disruption in June is beginning to diminish as the planets move farther apart, and you will feel much of the intensity beginning to settle down.  The Uranus/Pluto square is still very much with us, however (see the sidebar for more information on this major cycle), so this period of change is not yet complete.

Mercury turns direct on July 1st after three weeks in retrograde motion.  The combination of Mercury retrograde with the big Mars pattern has created a great deal of tension which will be moving away.   However, Uranus will turn retrograde later in the month so we will still have five planets in retrograde (see this earlier article for more information about the importance of retrograde planets).

Jupiter enters the sign of Leo on the 16th.  I’ll be writing more about Jupiter in Leo over the next few days, but this is a major shift (Jupiter changes signs about once a year).  Jupiter represents the expansive principle and the beliefs […]

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Mars is back, with Mercury Rx! Practical advice for stressful times.

Mercury retrogradeSince last December Mars, currently traveling through Libra, has been tied to the intense Uranus/Pluto dynamic.  (If this is new to you, please read this section in the sidebar.)  Uranus and Pluto have been in this dramatic dance since 2011-2012, shattering paradigms and breaking down old patterns to be rebuilt from the ground up.

Mars is a faster moving planet so its effect usually doesn’t last very long, but in its role as instigator it does tend to trigger the larger cycles into action when they have remained dormant.  Mars aligned in a challenging square to Pluto (destruction/regeneration) on the 14th, coinciding with the increase in violence in Iraq.  Between now and June 25th when Mars opposes Uranus (radical behavior), tempers will be high and behavior more intense and potentially reckless.

Mars energy can be a challenge because it is difficult to contain and channel constructively.  By its very nature it is somewhat reckless and impulsive, but it also helps to energize us and motivate us to take positive action.  Over the next ten days or so we have the potential to oversee productive change if we pay attention and create intention.  Mercury is retrograde, of course, making it more difficult to begin anything new, but as we look back over the past we can create new intentions based upon previous errors and start to make plans for change once Mercury turns direct.

This conflict between Mars/Uranus, which demands instant action and can become easily frustrated, with the retrograde Mercury that keeps holding us back, will almost certainly be at a minimum annoying and quite potentially disturbing.  As always, physical activity is a great way to channel the overabundance of Mars energy so that it doesn’t build up into a pressure […]

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Planetary Illuminations: June forecast is posted

June astrology forecast

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Meanwhile, here is the introduction to the June forecast:

As June begins two planets are retrograde, meaning they appear to move backwards.  Three planets turn retrograde during the month of June, so by the end of the month five planets will be in retrograde.  For more about what that means you will want to review this discussion about the June retrogrades, but also be prepared for a great deal of looking back into the past and some difficulty in pushing our lives forward.

Mercury will turn retrograde on June 7th.  Mercury is in Cancer at the point where it retrogrades but will move into mutable Gemini, Mercury’s own sign, by the 17th and remain there until after it turns direct again on July 1.  In Gemini Mercury can easily adapt to changes of direction which will help to lubricate any changes required as we turn to the past to revisit old decisions that may need to be revised, or to remodel our house or reassess our future plans.

Most of the planetary interactions in June are smaller and faster moving, so we will be seeing less of the dramatic shifts and strange patterns of the past few months.  The only exception is the conclusion of the harmonious grand trine with the last exact trine aspect between Saturn and Chiron (read more about that supportive process here).

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Sunday inspiration: Jupiter trine Saturn

10336740_10154218834010393_6500362005937514528_nThis week marks the final phase of the trine formation between Jupiter and Saturn that began in July 2013, peaked in December 2013, and is now waning and will soon disappear.

Throughout most of 2013 Jupiter (in Cancer) and Saturn (in Scorpio) were part of a Grand Trine in water planets that included Neptune in Pisces.  The trine formation looks like a big triangle and is considered one of the softer aspects which provide support and harmony, something which has been much needed in the midst of the stressful pressures of Uranus and Pluto, the planets of radical change and deep transformation.

Jupiter inspires us to expand and experience confidence – to reach beyond the limits of that which we think is possible.  Saturn sets those limits and encourages us to set goals for ourselves and strive for certain objectives which will help us to achieve success in mastering the material world.  When these two planets align in harmony there is literally nothing that we cannot do.

Over the next week as this alignment peaks in its power, work with your creative self to sharpen your image of how you would like your life to unfold.  Then use the faith and confidence of Jupiter and Saturn’s discipline and focus to take the steps required to lead you into this emboldened future.

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In which Mars changes course and healing is possible

Mars has been traveling retrograde since March 1st, and on the 17th it will change direction again.  Planets don’t really orbit backwards, but astrologers observe the motion of the planets from our perspective on earth and watch as they periodically APPEAR to move backwards.  A retrograde planet works underground, causing us to look backwards and repair the past – retrogrades offer us a Mulligan – a do-over if you will.

Mars will turn direct on May 19th, and for the past week or two it has been at a virtual standstill.  We call this “stationary,” and when a plant appears stationary in the sky its influence is at a peak.  Mars energizes us and motivates us to follow our dreams and desires – when thwarted it turns that energy into anger and ultimately rage.  When Mars is stationary it can be difficult to motivate ourselves and we may feel that we are stuck.  Just be patient: in another week the wheels will begin rolling again and forward movement will become easier.

At the same time we have a Grand Trine of planets that smooths all of the rough edges and assists us as we find our ways out of the difficult waters of the past few months.  Jupiter (abundance and opportunity) is exactly trine Chiron, opening pathways to the healing process which ultimate liberates us from the bondage of our wounds (Chiron) and helps us to gain greater realization and wisdom.   Later in the month, Jupiter will trine Saturn, forging stability and linking an optimistic viewpoint (Jupiter) with the ability to work hard and create solid structures (Saturn) – a combination that is the key to successfully navigating life’s joys and challenges.

Unfortunately, supportive planetary events don’t do all […]

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