Planetary cycles

Uranus Pluto square, Phase Three

As if we might be tempted to forget about the seven phase cycle of the challenging planetary dynamic (square formation) involving Uranus and Pluto, the third phase was marked by a violent tornado in Oklahoma as the square formation reached exactitude yesterday, May 20th, at 2:45 pm local time.  This tornado was graded an F-4 in intensity.  Less than one percent of all tornadoes have been graded F-4.

Uranus and Pluto will have made a total of seven exact alignments by the time the cycle ends in 2015.  Not all of them will be marked with disasters.  But when Uranus and Pluto enter into their dance every forty years or so, change is inevitable. These are the two most powerful planets in the astrological pantheon, and their interaction in a challenging interaspect creates destruction and rebuilding of any area of our life, political or personal, that is stuck in a past that no longer function.

Some of us are experiencing this on a very personal level if our own charts are affected by this cycle which will be especially intense for those of us who are 20-22, 40-42, 61-63 or 83-85 and undergoing a major Uranus transit of our own.  Understanding that the framework of the world in which we live is shifting – that’s the key to successfully navigating these interesting times.

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The US election debate heats up as Mars opposes Jupiter

Mars opposite JupiterMars is the planet of aggression and warfare, and it is currently traveling through Sagittarius, the sign of ideology, theology, belief systems, confidence, and all things expansive.  So it’s no wonder that the political rhetoric in the US is inflating to ridiculous proportions.

Over the past week this inflation has grown even more ridiculous over the past week since Mars has been approaching an opposition (180 degree aspect) to Jupiter.  This aspect culminates on the 28th (Sunday) and is embedded in the chart for the Taurus Full Moon which I’ll be discussing tomorrow.

This aspect affects not only politics, but all areas of our lives.  Righteous anger will be everywhere over the next few days, along with frustration when we don’t get our way.

Jupiter shows where we desire to be god, and when Jupiter opposes Mars, especially when Mars is in Jupiter’s own sign.  There is a great deal of positive energy available to us now because Mars activates the potential for Jupiter to expand and create abundance and prosperous feelings.  But in its role as God of War, Mars can also activate the aggressive side of our natures and encourage strife and conflict (Mars) for the sake of our beliefs (Jupiter).  This isn’t always a bad thing, but under this influence it can get out of hand if not approached with conscious sensitivity.

This aspect from Mars to Jupiter can be somewhat strident and obnoxious. However, it can also give us the courage that we need to push through a barrier that would otherwise be difficult even though the aspect lasts for only a couple of days. If we approach this time (the 26th through the 29th) with awareness, this can be a lucky time in which doors […]

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Saturn in Scorpio, 2012-2015

Art by Felix Pinchi Guirre

Saturn has moved into Scorpio for the first time in nearly 30 years.

Saturn is the planet that structures our lives and instills the values of achievement and responsibility.  For this reason it is known as the Celestial Taskmaster and often gets a bad rap from astrologers.  When prominently placed in the birthchart Saturn often brings hardship and challenge, especially in the younger years.  Saturn transits typically bring delays and disappointments and tests of our endurance.

Yet astronomers consider Saturn to be the “jewel of the solar system,” and Saturn’s astrological gifts are many.  Saturn takes about two and a half years to transit a sign and it’s entire orbital cycle is 28-30 years.  During the time Saturn travels through each sign of the zodiac, it creates new structures and challenges for the areas of life governed by that sign.  For example, Saturn has recently ended a trip through Libra, the sign of marriage and beauty, and both of these ideas have been in the forefront of human experience.

So what can we expect with Saturn in Scorpio?  Scorpio deals with the underworld of life – the areas of the psyche and human experience which require courage and tenacity to traverse.  There is no superficiality with Scorpio – no casual pleasure or enjoyment.  Scorpio also deals with intimacy, particularly sexuality – areas of life where we must surrender our own ego in order to merge into an experience that is greater than our individual selves.

Because of Scorpio’s association with sexuality, Saturn traveling through Scorpio is likely to bring up issues of a sexual nature.  Saturn was last in Scorpio between 1982 and 1985 as the AIDS epidemic was just beginning (Pluto […]

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Pluto turns direct and transformation continues

personal transformationIf you feel as though your life has intensified over the past week, you are not alone.  If you open up a newspaper you will see that all over the world conflict is heating up as old failing systems begin to break down so that new paradigms can take their place. It is 2012 after all!

This is what the Uranus/Pluto cycle is all about.  Pluto tears down old and outmoded structures that are no longer working, and this is especially true when Pluto is in Capricorn as it is now.  Capricorn is the sign of the power structures, and ever since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 we have seen a shift in the way we look at how power is held by organizations and individuals.  Uranus, on the other hand, is about authenticity and liberation – radical change that shakes us to our very bones.  Uranus is in Aries, the sign of the individual and the warrior.  It is no wonder we are seeing the balance of power shift from the Superpower era to an era of small splinter groups that rule through intimidation and warfare.

Pluto turns direct on the 18th, meaning it will change direction after a retrograde turn that has lasted since April.  Planets don’t really orbit backwards, but because we observe the movement of the planets from our own perspective they sometimes appear to do so.  Outer planet represent transformational forces and when retrograde they tend to operate primarily on an internal level, and when Pluto turns direct (to appear to move forward again) there is a sense that the buildup of tension is released along with the transformative force that is pushing from behind.

Pluto turns direct just one day before the second exact […]

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Planetary news this week: expect intensity

Storm Brewing by  Mikey Studios.  Rebellious Uranus in a challenging square to intensely transformational Pluto. Mercury and Uranus, the two planets of the mind, have just turned retrograde.  A coronal mass ejection from the Sun has hit the Earth’s magnetic field, causing alterations to the Earth’s magnetosphere and a spike in the planetary K index of geomagnetic activity (to a 6 at the time of this writing). But wait, there’s more! Jupiter is moving into an awkward aspect (quincunx) to Pluto this week.  This  is not a major aspect but can create some problems in light of all of these other dynamics occurring at the same time. Jupiter seeks expansion with confidence and a relentless optimism that can defy reality, and under this aspect Pluto will attempt to put a kibosh on any grandiosity that has no basis in reality and is likely to fail anyway. This aspect culminates on the 18th, but meanwhile Mars will set off the awkwardness of this dynamic with several different interactions: a harmonious trine to Jupiter, enhancing the expansive desire to shake off any restrictions, a challenging square to Pluto – a defiant aspect that virtually ensures a major eruption of some kind, and a tense opposition to Uranus which radicalizes the experience and suggests a shocking shift of some kind which provides an outlet for the intense energy of this alignment. Mars moves relatively quickly and its effects don’t last long, but it can serve as a trigger for greater and more powerful cycles.  With Uranus and Pluto moving towards another alignment this fall, the Mars influence is nothing to sneeze at.  Mars brings its aggressive urge and ramps up the energy, which we can utilize in our […]

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