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Astrology in my world: Handling Jupiter/Uranus energy

Art by Alex Grey

Much has been written about the positive aspects of the combination of Jupiter and Uranus in the chart, and there is no doubt that when these planets come together it is a rockin’ opportunity to open doorways, both in our life and in our own being, that have been stuck closed.  Jupiter is the planet of expansion and good fortune – it can bring pinnacle experiences and a sense of unlimited opportunity.  Uranus is known as the planet of change and sudden surprise, but it is also the instigator of experiences that serve to liberate us from anything that is holding us back – even if it is a prison of our own making.

The first conjunction (joining) of Jupiter and Uranus occured last week  in Aries, and the rest of the cycle takes place in Pisces.   Typically the first phase of a planetary cycle is most intense, because we encounter a new energy which has not yet become assimilated into our experience.  The initial conjunction took place at zero degree Aries, in an exact square to Mars in my own chart.

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while may remember that my Mars has been hit repeatedly over the past couple of years.  It all began when Pluto entered Capricorn and hit my Mars at zero degrees Cap.  Then last fall, when Saturn entered Libra, it began a series of squares to my Mars.  Now, with Jupiter and Uranus both at zero degrees Aries, they are having a field day with my Mars!

From the comments on the it appears that I’m not the only one […]

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Wisdom for the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction

I love this from Dharmaruci:

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” OK, we all know the quote that *. But the astrology for it right now is quite extraordinary: a Uranus-Jupiter conjunction at the beginning of Aries. You won’t see the like of it again in your lifetime. Aries is the sign of fiery new beginnings, particularly the start of the sign. Aries is the ‘begin it’ and ‘boldness’. Uranus is the ‘genius’. And Jupiter is the ‘power and magic.’

In about 3 weeks Uranus starts to go retrograde, a period of putting together the nuts and bolts of the new venture, the new idea. He will reverse back into late Pisces and then re-enter Aries next March, when the new idea will be firmly established, and new developments coming out of the original idea can arise. But Uranus will be 9 degrees from Jupiter by that time, and the firework display will be drawing to its end.

So the next few weeks are crucial for these bold new beginnings.

In Aries there is a bold move to action, and then when Jupiter and Uranus move back into Pisces there is a bit of retreat back into potentiality and making the internal adjustments that are needed for these bold new beginnings DR talks about to unfold.  In my view that is an invaluable time to ensure that we are prepared for the changes that are coming up when Uranus/Pluto follows Jupiter/Uranus.

*explanation added, because evidently I am not as well-educated as Dharmaruci’s readers!

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Autism: A disorder or new breed of transhuman?


For some time know I have suspected that the growing incidence of autism spectrum disorders is evidence that the human species is mutating in preparation for the Aquarian Age.  Aquarius is the sign of innovation and radical departure from the known and the ordinary, and it also represents the realm of reason and the transpersonal.  Mr. Spock in Star Trek was the quintessential Aquarian personality, and President Obama, with Aquarius rising, is known for his Spock-like detachment and reason.  (Something that’s getting him in trouble now, but that’s another story…)

Now certain genetic traits in autistic people that differ from genetic activity in people without autism.

The scientists compared the DNA of almost 1,000 people with autism with DNA from almost 1,300 people who do not have the disorder. The findings, described Wednesday in the journal Nature, show that the collection of developmental disabilities known as autism spectrum disorder involve dozens of genes and numerous combinations of rare mutations – so many that patients may each have a unique form [emphasis added].

I’ve written quite a bit about autism over the years and this concept of human mutation, and it appears that science is now catching up with speculative research.  Many people with autism have exceptional skills (rent the recent HBO film on Temple Grandin, it’s quite amazing), as in the case of autistic savants.

This is not universally true, of course, and the lives of autistic children or adults and their families are often filled with stress and despair.  But whether humans are mutating as the result of environmental forces or to adapt to a New Age of human experience, treating this sort […]

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Mars enters Virgo June 7, 2010

With all of this fiery energy of the conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus in Aries, we can use a nice grounding influence to help stabilize things and make it easier for us to keep our feet in the grounds.  Enter Mars in Virgo!  Mars moved into Virgo in the wee hours of the (EDT) morning, encouraging organization and attention to details.

Enthusiasm and inspiration (Jupiter and Uranus) can only go so far without a plan of action and the discipline to carry it out, so Mars in Virgo can provide us with a great tool if we take advantage of it!

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Ceres re-enters Sagittarius and other Ceres news

Because I will be out of town the first week of June, the monthly Skywatch article will be delayed until I return.  There’s still time to sign up for your own free subscription!  You can sign up in the sidebar here, or on my website.

Ceres is very important the first week of June.  It forms a challenging square to both Uranus and Jupiter on the 6th and 7th and then trines Mars before moving back into Sagittarius late on the 7th (Ceres has been in Capricorn since April).

Ceres has to do with our connection to the earth.  She presides over ecological matters, but also our own ability to sustain and nourish ourselves.  I expect there may be a breakthrough in the Horizon oil rig disaster situation in the Gulf during that week as Jupiter and Uranus bring surprise and a shift in the status quo.

Ceres in Sagittarius is nurtured through knowledge and the pursuit of wisdom, and under this influence for the next five years there will be more of a focus on discovering ways that we can improve our relationship to the Earth.

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