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Pluto in Capricorn = Rule by Corporations

In an era when it takes $150 million just to demonstrate a candidate’s viability, in lifting all restraints from corporate spending in election campaigns the Supreme Court yesterday pretty much put the United States government fully into the hands of corporations.
The astrology of this event is stunning, arriving as it does at the eve of the second phase of the square from Saturn to Pluto.  Pluto, of course, entered the sign of Capricorn back in 2008.  Capricorn is the sign that is associated with Saturn, and they share a correlation to structures that form the bedrock of society.  Banks, corporations, business, churches – all of these fall under the Saturn/Capricorn banner.  Pluto is the planet most famously of death and rebirth – it also focuses the center of power within us when it is operating in a personal transit to something in our chart, and it can have the same effect on a global level.
Capricorn and Saturn both have a strong focus on the end result, so the end justifies the means.  Pluto is the planet of power as well as the planet of destruction, and under Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2023) we have already seen the destruction of some of our corporate entities as well as the consolidation of others.
Uranus will enter Aries in May of this year and start to shake things up.  Uranus wants change, and in Aries it is rather reckless about the matter.  Uranus and Pluto will not align in an exact square until 2013, and there is potential at that time for a populist revolution.  Uranus seeks fairness and social justice, and in Aries there is a combative quality that can be rather explosive.
Typically in the American two-party system the Republicans have relied on donations from corporations and the Democrats from individual […]

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Jupiter in Pisces 2010

Jupiter enters Pisces tonight (Eastern time), beginning a five month period of either (a) an expanded awareness and consciousness of the divine creativity and wisdom that flows through us all, or (b) a trip into fantasy realms where reality hides behind rainbows and alternate universes.
On the positive side, the devastation in Haiti has evoked an unprecedented surge of generosity (Jupiter) and compassion (Pisces) in record numbers of donations and I believe that we will see this outpouring of divine love for our fellow human beings over the next five months.  Jupiter in Pisces is idealistic and imaginative, with a tremendous amount of creativity.  Jupiter tends to expand whatever it comes into contact with and can be an extremist.  In its role as divine arbiter of That Which Has Meaning in Life, in Pisces there can be a desire to lose oneself in a search for the greater good.  Stephen Arroyo’s excellent book Exploring Jupiter has a great quote by John Mason Brown:  “The only true happiness comes from squandering ourselves for a purpose.”  This quote aptly describes the joy that Jupiter in Pisces derives from diving headfirst into extremes.
Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces (with Neptune being the modern ruler), and Jupiter and Neptune share an expansive view of the world, and a desire to bring true meaning into our lives.  However, Jupiter’s focus is more on the expansion of the Self through a pursuit of meaning and Truth where the Piscean desire to submerge the Self requires an annhilation of individuality.  It is here where trouble can occur.
Jupiter will only be in Pisces until May – it typically takes about a year to travel through a sign because it takes a few months to retrograde about once […]

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Mars Retro Travel Delays Combine with Mercury Retro Power & Communication Problems


Following up on my article the other day about travel delays corresponding to the retrograde turn of Mars, planet of action and movement, Mercury is now preparing to change direction on Saturday.  When Mercury turns retrograde (planets obviously do not ever move backwards, but occasionally from our perspective on Earth they appear to do so) there are often more incidents of equipment and machinery breakdown as well as communication problems.
Travel difficulties continued yesterday as a big storm in the Mideast knocked out power and caused more delays, and Julie in Boston commented that the public transit system experienced a derailment and weak tunnel wall that caused extensive delays there.  A bridge failure in Florida stranded 800 people yesterday for three hours waiting for a drawbridge to open.
There have also been train accidents, including two that occurred in the Triangle region of North Carolina where I live and one in Ohio, and several in Europe as the result of icy conditions.  .
And now the power and communication problems begin.  An electrical problem outside of New York City forced Amtrak to halt all trains coming in and out of Penn Station between Washington and Boston.  And Blackberry users experienced email outages twice in one week.
Fortunately, the Mars retro effect is diminishing and we should be seeing travel problems ease.  Communication problems, however, are with us for another few weeks.  When we know that Mercury is retrograde we can laugh at communication problems and phone and email failures because we know that Mercury is at work being its old trickster self.  As Julie in Boston wrote in the comments, Mercury has a sense of humor even if Mars doesn’t.
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Top planetary events of the week, December 14-20

Dates and times are Eastern time zone; please adjust for your locality.  You can also get daily planetary updates on or on the fan page on Facebook.

  • Moon enters Sagittarius the morning of the 14th and the Sun is in an energizing square to Uranus.  Later in the evening the Sun forms a harmonious sextile to Jupiter. This is a day of exploration and adventure, there will be resistance to routine.
  • The Sun is sextile Neptune on Tuesday enhancing intuition and creativity.
  • Sagittarius New Moon on the 16th is packed with planetary aspects and will be very energizing for change!
  • Moon enters Capricorn just after the New Moon, grounding and balancing the energy and helping us put it to good use.
  • Venus trines Mars on the 17th, an excellent day for meetings or negotiations.
  • Moon moves into Aquarius on the 19th and we begin to embrace that which is new and different.
  • Venus harmonizes with Chiron but is challenged by Uranus on the afternoon of the 19th.  Each of us has our own agenda on that day and we feel rebellious and resistant to control, but if we make the attempt we can understand the needs of others and wisdom will prevail.
  • […]
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The Mars Station

crouching tiger kitten.jpg

No, that doesn’t mean a stop on the bus route, and it’s not like a train station.  A planet is said to make a “station” when it’s apparent action from our perspective on earth appears to slow down in preparation for a change of direction.  Mars is stationing right now, and will travel only 20 minutes of arc before turning retrograde on December 20th.
Mars is the planet of aggression and anger, so if you are feeling more intense than usual and if you find there is a lot more anger in the air right now, you’re not alone.  If Mars is stationing right on a sensitive point in your chart the effect will be even more pronounced.
Whenever we are dealing with Mars it’s important to try not to ignore it, or ignore those aggressive tendencies.  Suppressed Mars energy can act out in ways that are neither pleasant nor useful.  Instead, see where you could assert yourself more effectively, or where there may be anger rising up from within that needs to be released in some way.  Perhaps there is something that really should be said.  Or perhaps once and for all you need to tell that person to stay away from you.
In any case, we will be in a strong Mars period for the next two weeks or so.  This is an opportunity to learn the Way of the Warrior.
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