Planetary cycles

New CIA warnings and the upcoming Cardinal Drama

The  that Al Qaeda will attempt an attack on the United States in the next 3-6 months is not a surprise to those of us monitoring the stars.  The square of Saturn to Pluto that occurred on January 31st, just two days before the announcement, is an aspect of fear and challenge.  After all, the opposition of Saturn to Pluto, the last major cycle of these two planets, coincided with the attacks of September 11.

The final phase of the Saturn/Pluto square occurs August 21st and that would be a likely time for another attack.  Saturn is in Libra right now, with Pluto in Capricorn.  Both are “Cardinal” signs, meaning they are the signs that mark the turning of the seasons.  Cardinal signs are action-oriented and create a great deal of movement and initiation of new things.  Uranus will enter Aries in late May of this year, and at that point we will enter what Ray Merriman calls the “Cardinal Climax” and other writers have called this event the “Cardinal Crisis,” but I prefer to use the term “Cardinal Drama,” even if it means losing the alliteration of the double “Cs”.  There’s no guarantee that this will be a climax of any kind, or even a crisis.  But there will certainly be drama.

This Cardinal Drama is a major event lasting for the next three or four years, in which Uranus in Aries will face off first against Saturn in Libra, and then enter into a square to Capricorn Pluto which will continue from 2010 to 2013.  (For more on this subject please see the radio show/podcast on the .)  Uranus in Aries will bring about violence (Aries) by individuals (Uranus) rather than nation against nation, especially as Uranus gets involved in a challenging square […]

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Lynn’s Skywatch for February 2010 is posted

Here’s the introduction to February’s planetary events – you can read the entire article here.  You can also  for your own subscription, which includes a simplified translation that is easy to understand, on my website or in the sidebar.

February begins on the heels of a powerful Full Leo Moon on January 30 that is full of fire with a conjunction to Mars , making it nearly impossible to ignore the necessity to balance our ideals (Aquarian Sun) with the urgency of our own needs (Moon/Mars in Leo). This powerful lunar event occurred on the very day of the square from Saturn to Pluto that has been requiring a realignment and recalibration of what we consider to be our reality.

This is the second phase of the square from Saturn to Pluto (the first one occurred back in November of last year). This combination is rather like the influence of a teacher who is gentle in his strong guidance, but who when crossed reveals a formidable temper. On a personal level this cycle can have the effect of forcing us to recognize what is real in our lives and what is illusion; on a global level it reveals all of the cracks and chinks in the structures upon which we rely for order and security.

To complicate matters a bit, we are also seeing Chiron and Neptune move ever so closer to their exact conjunction. As the month begins they are less than a degree apart, and their culmination will occur on February 16th. The opening of the heart and the soul and the flood of outpouring of emotion of this planetary combination can inspire us to the height of spiritual ecstasy if we allow the energy of […]

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The Saturn/Pluto square approacheth

The square from Saturn to Pluto is one of the more challenging planetary dynamics due to the bad rep both planets have for being the Lord of Karma (Saturn) and the Lord of Death (Pluto).  Saturn used to be the Lord of Death until Pluto came along, so you can see that these are not the most warm and fuzzy planets to encounter, especially when they are in the challenging square, or 90 degree, aspect to each other.  You may want to for more information on this planetary dynamic.

The first phase of the current Saturn/Pluto cycle occurred back in mid-November with relatively benign effect, considering the fact that the opening square of the cycle in 1993 coincided with the Oklahoma City bombing, and the opposition cycle in 2001 brought us September 11.  But this second phase which culminates on January 31st has been rather more severe, with a devastating earthquake in Haiti that occurred when Saturn and Pluto were less than one degree from their exact square followed by a second earthquake of 5.9 magnitude on January 20th as the square from Saturn to Pluto tightened to a half degree.  More on the Haiti earthquake and .

Earthquakes and earth changes have long been expected during Pluto’s passage through Capricorn, the sign the governs the structure and foundation upon which we build our world, especially when Uranus, planet of breaking up the status quo, begins to challenge Pluto in a square.  But the earthquake in Haiti has done more than create devastation; it has forced us as a global people to examine the roots of poverty and political oppression that have turned Haiti into such a tragic nation.

Saturn and Pluto aren’t vengeful gods like Jehovah – they just […]

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Pluto in Capricorn = Rule by Corporations

In an era when it takes $150 million just to demonstrate a candidate’s viability, in lifting all restraints from corporate spending in election campaigns the Supreme Court yesterday pretty much put the United States government fully into the hands of corporations.
The astrology of this event is stunning, arriving as it does at the eve of the second phase of the square from Saturn to Pluto.  Pluto, of course, entered the sign of Capricorn back in 2008.  Capricorn is the sign that is associated with Saturn, and they share a correlation to structures that form the bedrock of society.  Banks, corporations, business, churches – all of these fall under the Saturn/Capricorn banner.  Pluto is the planet most famously of death and rebirth – it also focuses the center of power within us when it is operating in a personal transit to something in our chart, and it can have the same effect on a global level.
Capricorn and Saturn both have a strong focus on the end result, so the end justifies the means.  Pluto is the planet of power as well as the planet of destruction, and under Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2023) we have already seen the destruction of some of our corporate entities as well as the consolidation of others.
Uranus will enter Aries in May of this year and start to shake things up.  Uranus wants change, and in Aries it is rather reckless about the matter.  Uranus and Pluto will not align in an exact square until 2013, and there is potential at that time for a populist revolution.  Uranus seeks fairness and social justice, and in Aries there is a combative quality that can be rather explosive.
Typically in the American two-party system the Republicans have relied on donations from corporations and the Democrats from individual […]

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Jupiter in Pisces 2010

Jupiter enters Pisces tonight (Eastern time), beginning a five month period of either (a) an expanded awareness and consciousness of the divine creativity and wisdom that flows through us all, or (b) a trip into fantasy realms where reality hides behind rainbows and alternate universes.
On the positive side, the devastation in Haiti has evoked an unprecedented surge of generosity (Jupiter) and compassion (Pisces) in record numbers of donations and I believe that we will see this outpouring of divine love for our fellow human beings over the next five months.  Jupiter in Pisces is idealistic and imaginative, with a tremendous amount of creativity.  Jupiter tends to expand whatever it comes into contact with and can be an extremist.  In its role as divine arbiter of That Which Has Meaning in Life, in Pisces there can be a desire to lose oneself in a search for the greater good.  Stephen Arroyo’s excellent book Exploring Jupiter has a great quote by John Mason Brown:  “The only true happiness comes from squandering ourselves for a purpose.”  This quote aptly describes the joy that Jupiter in Pisces derives from diving headfirst into extremes.
Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces (with Neptune being the modern ruler), and Jupiter and Neptune share an expansive view of the world, and a desire to bring true meaning into our lives.  However, Jupiter’s focus is more on the expansion of the Self through a pursuit of meaning and Truth where the Piscean desire to submerge the Self requires an annhilation of individuality.  It is here where trouble can occur.
Jupiter will only be in Pisces until May – it typically takes about a year to travel through a sign because it takes a few months to retrograde about once […]

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