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Mars Retro Travel Delays Combine with Mercury Retro Power & Communication Problems


Following up on my article the other day about travel delays corresponding to the retrograde turn of Mars, planet of action and movement, Mercury is now preparing to change direction on Saturday.  When Mercury turns retrograde (planets obviously do not ever move backwards, but occasionally from our perspective on Earth they appear to do so) there are often more incidents of equipment and machinery breakdown as well as communication problems.
Travel difficulties continued yesterday as a big storm in the Mideast knocked out power and caused more delays, and Julie in Boston commented that the public transit system experienced a derailment and weak tunnel wall that caused extensive delays there.  A bridge failure in Florida stranded 800 people yesterday for three hours waiting for a drawbridge to open.
There have also been train accidents, including two that occurred in the Triangle region of North Carolina where I live and one in Ohio, and several in Europe as the result of icy conditions.  .
And now the power and communication problems begin.  An electrical problem outside of New York City forced Amtrak to halt all trains coming in and out of Penn Station between Washington and Boston.  And Blackberry users experienced email outages twice in one week.
Fortunately, the Mars retro effect is diminishing and we should be seeing travel problems ease.  Communication problems, however, are with us for another few weeks.  When we know that Mercury is retrograde we can laugh at communication problems and phone and email failures because we know that Mercury is at work being its old trickster self.  As Julie in Boston wrote in the comments, Mercury has a sense of humor even if Mars doesn’t.
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Top planetary events of the week, December 14-20

Dates and times are Eastern time zone; please adjust for your locality.  You can also get daily planetary updates on or on the fan page on Facebook.

  • Moon enters Sagittarius the morning of the 14th and the Sun is in an energizing square to Uranus.  Later in the evening the Sun forms a harmonious sextile to Jupiter. This is a day of exploration and adventure, there will be resistance to routine.
  • The Sun is sextile Neptune on Tuesday enhancing intuition and creativity.
  • Sagittarius New Moon on the 16th is packed with planetary aspects and will be very energizing for change!
  • Moon enters Capricorn just after the New Moon, grounding and balancing the energy and helping us put it to good use.
  • Venus trines Mars on the 17th, an excellent day for meetings or negotiations.
  • Moon moves into Aquarius on the 19th and we begin to embrace that which is new and different.
  • Venus harmonizes with Chiron but is challenged by Uranus on the afternoon of the 19th.  Each of us has our own agenda on that day and we feel rebellious and resistant to control, but if we make the attempt we can understand the needs of others and wisdom will prevail.
  • […]
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The Mars Station

crouching tiger kitten.jpg

No, that doesn’t mean a stop on the bus route, and it’s not like a train station.  A planet is said to make a “station” when it’s apparent action from our perspective on earth appears to slow down in preparation for a change of direction.  Mars is stationing right now, and will travel only 20 minutes of arc before turning retrograde on December 20th.
Mars is the planet of aggression and anger, so if you are feeling more intense than usual and if you find there is a lot more anger in the air right now, you’re not alone.  If Mars is stationing right on a sensitive point in your chart the effect will be even more pronounced.
Whenever we are dealing with Mars it’s important to try not to ignore it, or ignore those aggressive tendencies.  Suppressed Mars energy can act out in ways that are neither pleasant nor useful.  Instead, see where you could assert yourself more effectively, or where there may be anger rising up from within that needs to be released in some way.  Perhaps there is something that really should be said.  Or perhaps once and for all you need to tell that person to stay away from you.
In any case, we will be in a strong Mars period for the next two weeks or so.  This is an opportunity to learn the Way of the Warrior.
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Saturn’s Hesagon Emerges

Many people who know nothing about astrology have often heard of the Saturn Return, and the very mention of the astrological Saturn causes those with the strongest hearts to quake in their boots.  But Saturn is an amazing planet astrological that offers rich gifts along with its famous tests and challenges.

Back in the early 1980s the hexagon that encircles Saturn was first discovered by NASA’s Voyager, but the recent images offer more details than were previously known.

Scientists are still trying to figure out what causes the hexagon, where it gets and expels its energy and how it has stayed so organized for so long. They plan to search the new images for clues, taking an especially close look at the newly identified waves that radiate from the corners of the hexagon — where the jet takes its hardest turns — and the multi-walled structure that extends to the top of Saturn’s cloud layer in each of the hexagon’s six sides. Scientists are also particularly intrigued by a large dark spot that appeared in a different position in a previous infrared image from Cassini. In the latest images, the spot appears in the 2 o’clock position.

Because Saturn does not have land masses or oceans on its surface to complicate weather the way Earth does, its conditions should give scientists a more elementary model to study the physics of circulation patterns and atmosphere, said Kevin Baines, an atmospheric scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif., who has studied the hexagon with Cassini’s visual and infrared mapping spectrometer.

“Now that we can see undulations and circular features instead of blobs in the […]

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Top planetary events of the week, December 7-13

Dates and times are Eastern time zone; please adjust for your locality.  SIgn up for Lynn’s Skywatch: Planetary Illuminations and receive the December report on Tuesday.  You can also get daily planetary updates on or on the fan page on Facebook.

  • Mercury conjunct Pluto late on the 6th and early on the 7th intensifies our thinking, and Mercury squares Saturn later on the 7th.  Communication will be challenging, and we may feel somewhat burdened by responsibilities and limitations.
  • Moon is extremely active on Monday the 7th, suggesting a heightened day of feelings and emotions.
  • Moon enters Virgo on the afternoon of the 7th, and it becomes easier to embrace our sense of duty and obligation.
  • Jupiter conjoins Chiron on the 7th as well, although this is a larger cycle of releasing the shackles of our old wounds.
  • Moon enters Libra the afternoon of the 9th and a desire for harmony reigns.
  • Sun trines Mars on the evening of the 10th bestowing positive energy and enthusiasm.
  • Moon enters Scorpio late […]
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