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Saturn Square Pluto: Reshaping the World We Live In

Part I:  A history lesson

For the past month or so, two major players in the astrological pantheon have been preparing to face off against each other in a challenging 90 degree formation that astrologers call a “square” aspect. These two players are Saturn and Pluto, affectionately known as the Lord of Karma and the Lord of Death.

Saturn is the planet that defines limits and creates restrictions and boundaries; it inspires self-doubt and the knowledge that hard work is required in order to achieve our goals. Wherever we find Saturn, there is work to be done (hence the term the Lord of Karma). Saturn has just entered Libra, the sign of beauty, relationships, and those things upon which we place value. Here it is challenging us to confront (Saturn) any romanticized (Libra) ideals that we hold which are not firmly grounded in reality.

Pluto (yes, Pluto is still a planet for astrologers!!) is the Lord of the Underworld of power, darkness, death and rebirth. Pluto rules the kind of transformation that begins at the cellular level, where everything is dismantled and something completely new arises in its place. Pluto entered the sign of Capricorn (the sign that is ruled by Saturn) in January of 2008 and proceeded to destroy the financial and governmental structures (Capricorn) that were weak and lacking a solid foundation.

Just like the four phases of the lunar cycle, in which the Sun and Moon dance from the New Moon (the conjunction) through the first quarter square, to the Full Moon (the opposition or 180 degree angle) and the closing square, planets engage in a similar dance that we call the “synodic” cycle. The cycle of Saturn and Pluto coincides […]

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Musings on Anger and Mars

I am on vacation until November 12th and will try to post as internet access permits.  Meanwhile I am reposting some interesting articles from the past and since Mars will soon be turning retrograde it’s worth a re-examination.


[this post originally appeared in July of 2008.] Yesterday marked the peak of phase II of the conjunction of Pluto to my Mars, and what fun it was! I feel like a volcano is erupting in my soul. It’s pretty exciting, really, because when these planets pass through our energy fields they create permanent change within us. I can feel Pluto working to deepen my own inner ability to control my own destiny and access the true seat of my power.

Yesterday in a reading the subject of Mars came up. This particular client has Mars in Sagittarius, which does not care for anger at all. Mars in Sagittarius wants to leave the scene of the angry situation and head off for a more entertaining adventure. But what really is anger, and how does it come about?

When we think about anger as being rooted in Mars energy, we see that anger is just one way for this energy to be expressed. Anger usually comes about when the other potentialities of Mars are hindered in some way. Mars seeks to set boundaries and establish good defenses, and it is usually when those defenses are violated that we find ourselves feeling angry. When we submerge or mute that angry response in some way, the energy of Mars lingers and is transmuted into rage, which can lead to a host of physical ailments such as headaches, intestinal disorders, etc.

The […]

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Top Planetary Events of the Week: Nov. 2-8

Sorry this comes a day late!  What with the and the Full Moon I got a bit behind. 🙂
This is written for the Eastern time zone, please adjust for your own locality.
1.  Full Moon on the 2nd!  Moon is in Taurus, squared by Mars in Leo.  For more information read my .
2.  Busy Moon on the 3rd in challenging square to the Big Three (Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune).  Emotional rollercoaster likely, but Taurus will try to keep the peace.
3.  Moon enters Gemini late on Tuesday opening the doors of communication and mental activity.
4.  Neptune turns direct on the 4th!  Creativity, spirituality – and perhaps confusion enter the mix.
5.  Sun conjoins Mercury in Scorpio on the 5th – Gemini Moon wants superficiality but the Scorpio Mercury must go deep.  Today you have to choose, and Scorpio usually wins.
6.  Moon enters Cancer early am on the 6th.
7.  Venus enters Scorpio on the evening of the 7th, and now there are three planets in Scorpio.  Intense, focused, fierce!
8.  Moon enters Leo on the 8th, the harbinger of a busy astrological day.  More focus is put now on the role of the individual and that means ME.
9.  Mercury squares Jupiter, bringing the potential for arguments and a bit of arrogant behavior on the part of SOMEONE.
10. Venus sextiles Pluto, softening the effect of #9 and encouraging the conversation to deepen and enrich the lives of everyone.
No radio show Sunday the 8th!  I’ll be in Jamaica, Mon.
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Musings on Planetary Transits and Ten Rules

Note: “transits” are the passing of planets in the sky to planets in our birthchart.  The geometric angles that planets make to either other describe the nature of their interaction.  There are harmonious transits, which bring ease and opportunities; there are also challenging aspects, which can bring discomfort but motivate us to change areas of our life that aren’t working.  For more information see this article on my website.
Everyone experiences planetary transits differently, and that’s why what we call “cookbook” interpretations, while helpful, can only go so far.  Depending on where we are in our life and in our soul’s evolution, we can experience planetary cycles on a physical or reactive level, on an emotional or instinctive level, or on a spiritual and integrative level.
When I was new in the astro biz, I had just completed my first Saturn return.  I have an extremely difficult chart, and any time a planet moved it bumped into something in my chart and created stress for me.  In the readings I did for others, I assumed that the challenging cycles would create similar stress for them.  That did not always occur, and I assumed it was my faulty prediction.   But I came to see that while some people do become rather stuck in a particular place, others more through challenges more easily and as we get older this difference can become more pronounced.
Some of my greatest teachers have been my elderly clients who, on a path of transformation their entire lives, have become more and more free as they integrated the difficulties in their chart.  And as I’ve matured myself I’ve come to see this in my own life; a Saturn transit does not now hold […]

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Top Planetary Picks of the Week, Oct. 26-Nov. 1

  1. Chiron has slowed down to a crawl in preparation for its change of direction on Friday, and its influence will be more powerfully felt.  Sensitivity of emotion, physical ailments that mirror inner turmoil – all for the purpose of releasing undigested emotions to free us forever.
  2. On the 28th, Mercury leaves Libra for Scorpio.  Expect all kinds of exchanges of information to intensify and add a touch of drama.
  3. That Scorpio Mercury forms a sextile to Pluto near midnight on the 28th, assuring that we dive deep to discover what lies beneath every rock and in every cranny.  Plus,
  4. Venus forms a trine to Jupiter the evening of the 28th – when the two benefics combine in harmony, it is a sweet song indeed. As long as we don’t become too self-indulgent, the 28th and 29th ought to bring positive experiences.
  5. Chiron turns direct on October 30, and now it becomes easier to implement the lessons we have learned under Chiron’s tutelage for the past few months.
  6. On the 31st the Sun conjoins Ceres in Scorpio – this is no time to hide from your needs.  All will be illuminated, so go for it.
  7. Venus is trine Chiron on the 31st as well, so if any problems come up as a result of #6 they will be easily smoothed over.
  8. Mercury squares Mars on the evening of November 1st, bringing with it the potential for arguments or at the very least an animated discussion.  Mercury is in Scorpio now, and Mars is Scorpio’s ancient ruler; don’t expect to be able to hide from the truth!
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