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Skywatch for April is posted!

SkywatchYou can read the whole article on my website, but here’s the info for the first few days of April:

The first week in April we are building towards a challenging square of Venus to Pluto that is a new peak for the tension that began with the Aries New Moon on March 26th which also formed a square to Pluto. Pluto is the planet represented by the Underworld, and the presence of Pluto typically signifies a deepening of the intensity with which we approach the day-to-day matters of our life.

The planets that have been challenging Pluto over the past week are in the fiery sign Aries which is impulsive and highly energized. Rather than a slow burn, Aries explodes and then the fire fizzles out quickly. Venus, representing relationships and the things we value, has turned retrograde and is passing back through Aries where it is causing us to look back at unfinished business.

The first square of Venus to Pluto in this waxing cycle occurred in early February and any issues raised at that time will be brought up again by the second square on the 3rd. This is a good time to willingly explore the issues in our relationships that give us problems, as the door to the underworld of hidden meanings and motivations is open now. If we don?t pass through the door willingly, we may be pulled in there anyway by the intensity of this dynamic. The waxing square is an opportunity to learn something new ? to begin a new cycle of evolution.

Pluto will be turning retrograde on April 4, so it is at a stationary point in its cycle where its motion is imperceptible and it appears to be at a standstill. Planets […]

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Venus retrograde, financial markets, and the Mayans

Mayan calendarVenus is the goddess of love and pleasure, and she rules over the principle of attraction as well. In that guise she oversees our ability to accumulate wealth and talents as well as loved ones, and it’s therefore not surprising that since Venus turned retrograde the financial markets have improved and there is a bit of optimism lurking underneath the darkness.

Venus is at its brightest just before it turns retrograde, but it is during the time when it makes a station as it prepares to turn direct that it slips into darkness. During this retrograde period that time will come around the 15th of April.  According to Bruce Scofield as quoted by Erin Sullivan in her excellent book , the ancient Mesoamerican cultures believed that Venus “takes the form of a man and walks the Earth.  Here he meets the goddess Xochiquetzal, goddess of love, who abets him in breaking his vows of purity.”  Venus couples with the goddess and is sacrificed when the planet Venus is hidden from view, only to be reborn as the Morning Star and back in her female guise.

This pageant reflects the fact that when Venus is retrograde we often are forced to view that which is hidden and dark within us and in our relationships.  The Mayans evidently used the astronomical movements of Venus to plan their wars and sacrifices at the time that Venus emerged from the underworld.  This celebration of Venus as Goddess of War would exalt Venus in Aries, the sign ruled by Mars, god of war, rather than refer to Venus in Aries as being in her detriment.  Is this a symbol of our sanitized culture which even from an astrological point of view […]

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The Vernal Equinox!

The Sun enters Aries today, making this the Vernal Equinox in the tropical zodiac, the time when the days and nights are of equal length.  This therefore is a time of balance and the moment that Spring begins.

The chart for the equinox, which occurs at 7:44 am this morning, features a square from Pluto to the Sun which signifies great power and the potential for transformation but also for conflict.  Pluto in Capricorn demands sacrifice and respect for the contracting cycle, and the new Aries Sun resists this and wants to burst forth impatiently  into Spring, unconscious of the greater contraction in the world around us.

Mercury is conjunct Uranus in Pisces, suggesting new ideas and experiences from which we can draw wisdom and greater understanding.  The opposition of Saturn to that conjunction adds a need for practical application and the creation of a structure within which to operate to create change.  The Moon trines Saturn and sextiles Mercury/Uranus, so the deeper instinctual wisdom is the key to maintaining balance.   Chiron and Neptune are in conjunction and the process of exposing old wounds so that we can connect to the divinity in our lives in a way that is more real and more true.

The Equinox is a resurrection festival that is found across a variety of cultural perspectives and religion.  Attis, Adonis, Osiris, Jesus, Dionysus – all are gods who die and are reborn in the spring.  This is a time to be reborn ourselves – to blossom and shed the old skins that are no longer working for us.

The Moon interacts in harmonious sextiles with Venus at around 10:15 am and with Uranus at around 4 pm EDT, so the planetary energies are generally positive today.  This is more of a time for thinking and […]

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Chiron, Neptune, and the disturbing burst of violence

In the Daily Skywatch for March 9 I wrote of the spike in violence that was occurring all over the world, and since then there have been even more shocking mass murders in Germany and Alabama.  This dramatic rise of violence occurred as Mars (aggression) passed over the approaching conjunction of Chiron (wounding) and Neptune (blurring reality).

In the conjunction the energy of the two (or more) planets is fused so that they work together as one.  This can be harmonious, as in the case of the Moon and Venus, or it can be challenging, as with Mars and Neptune.  It’s hard to predict what we’re going to get with the conjunction.  In the case of Chiron and Neptune, the Neptunian blurring of boundaries can make it easier to access the hidden wounds (Chiron) that need to be released.  Or, the emotional pain that we experience when Chiron is active can be blinded by the Neptunian fog and then, when activated by Mars, explodes in some kind of strong action in order to numb the pain.

The Chiron/Neptune conjunction, which will continue to edge closer together until it perfects next year, is likely to bring up painful issues from the past, both personally and globally.  Ideally we will use the spiritual wisdom of Neptune to assist us in working through blocks that help us to gain greater wisdom under Chiron’s tutelage.  But there is always the danger that damaged individuals will become unhinged in the process.

On the positive side, the last time Chiron conjoined  Neptune was September 3, 1945, the day that World War II ended.  World War II occurred out of unfinished business from the first World War, and we can argue that it took Chiron and Neptune to complete the task.  It’s interesting that the Nodes of the […]

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From 2010: When will the Global Recession be over?

I found this article in my drafts folder – for some reason I never published it.  I found it interesting and perhaps you will too.  

We predicted the coming of the recession, can we also predict when it will be behind us?

I began predicting a decline in the financial markets when Jupiter (expansion) made a square to Saturn (restriction and the imposition of limitations) back in late 2005 and 2006.  At that time I, like other astrologers, began recommending that people get out of the stock market, assuming that Saturn would begin to set limits on the ever-expanding market prices.  Still, the stock market remained relatively strong and continued to expand with Jupiter in Scorpio, the sign of investment and other people’s money.  In January 2007 I admitted that I had been wrong:

I feel that the stock market remained strong because of the determined optimism of Jupiter’s passage through Scorpio, which rules other people’s money and therefore the stock market, as well as the continued travel of Pluto through Sagittarius and its irrational exuberance. The astrological indicators are relatively benign for 2007. Except for the ongoing opposition of Saturn and Neptune which could disappoint (Saturn) some deluded (Neptune) investors who wear rose colored glasses and the square between Jupiter (expansion) and Uranus (sudden change) which may bring about sudden changes of fortune for all kinds of people, I don’t see anything that will bring about a recession.

However, it’s clear now that the seeds were sown during 2006 for the slowdown of the economy that hit us in 2008.  Home prices peaked that year, as did the frenzy of subprime mortgages.  However, the strength of the “irrational exuberance” as I called it of Pluto’s travel through Sagittarius made it […]

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