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Pluto and dark news for newspaper publishing

Pluto entered Capricorn back in January of 2008, beginning its long trouncing of the governmental and other societal structures that are in the Capricornian domain. But then in April Pluto retrograded back into Sagittarius where it will remain until December, completing its work on our optimism, philosophies, religion, ideologies, interest in foreign nations, globalization, entertainment and publishing – all things Sagittarian.

So on the state of American newspapers was an eerie reminder that Pluto is nearly done ravaging through Sag. The article is entitled “Darkness on the Edge of Town: Newspapers 2008,” and what a great title on the power of Pluto, lord of darkness. The article quotes research from the Pew Research Center that concludes:

“Meet the American daily newspaper of 2008. It has fewer pages than three years ago, the paper stock is thinner, and the stories are shorter. There is less foreign and national news, less space devoted to science, the arts, features and a range of specialized subjects. Business coverage is either packaged in an increasingly thin stand-alone section or collapsed into another part of the paper. The crossword puzzle has shrunk, the TV listings and stock tables may have disappeared, but coverage of some local issues has strengthened and investigative reporting remains highly valued.”

The rise of the internet under Pluto in Sag has eviscerated paper publishing and transformed media altogether.

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Looking ahead to election day: A paradigm shift

transition for the link to this article by about the unease surrounding the upcoming election day. Orr writes primarily about the opposition between Saturn (status quo) and Uranus (the revolutionary) which will be exact on election day in 2008. He quotes an essay from Ralph Waldo Emerson:

“There is a fragment of old fable which seems somehow to have been dropped from the current mythologies, which may deserve attention, as it appears to relate to this subject.

Saturn grew weary of sitting alone, or with none but the great Uranus or Heaven beholding him, and he created an oyster. Then he would act again, but he made nothing more, but went on creating the race of oysters. Then Uranus cried, `a new work, O Saturn! the old is not good again.’

Saturn replied. `I fear. There is not only the alternative of making and not making, but also of unmaking. Seest thou the great sea, how it ebbs and flows? so is it with me; my power ebbs; and if I put forth my hands, I shall not do, but undo. Therefore I do what I have done; I hold what I have got; and so I resist Night and Chaos.’

`O Saturn,’ replied Uranus, `thou canst not hold thine own, but by making more. Thy oysters are barnacles and cockles, and with the next flowing of the tide, they will be pebbles and sea-foam.’

`I see,’ rejoins Saturn, `thou art in league with Night, thou art become an evil eye; thou spakest from love; now thy words smite me with hatred. I appeal to Fate, must there not be rest?’ — `I appeal to Fate also,’ said Uranus, `must there not be motion?’ — But Saturn was […]

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Mercury/Pluto in the news

Mercury has been approaching an exact opposition to Pluto which is exact today, and we are seeing its influences all over the news. Mercury rules communication and the transmission of information, and when it faces off with Pluto we suffer from communication difficulties (like my email going down this morning), aggressive communications and the uncovering of one’s secret feelings.

In the news today, the rhetoric between the US and Iran continues to escalate, with the US threatening retaliation for Iran’s missile tests and Ahmadinejad dismissed dismissing these threats as a “big joke.”

In other news, Jesse Jackson lashed out at Barack Obama in what he thought was a private conversation in a news studio when he thought the mike was off. Saying Obama talks down to black people, he confided to his fellow guest on Fox and Friends that he wanted to And most stunning of all, the gaffer-in-chief, the US President,after refusing to accept global climate change targets, delivered his farewell address to the world: “Goodbye from the world’s biggest polluter. (Thanks to for the link.)

Fortunately, Mercury will move out of range of Pluto by tomorrow, but today you might want to watch your words carefully!

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Pluto in Capricorn: the Immobilizing Security Bracelet

and was aghast (from the ):

A senior government official with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has expressed great interest in a so-called safety bracelet that would serve as a stun device, similar to that of a police Taser®. According to this promotional video found at the Lamperd Less Lethal website, the bracelet would be worn by all airline passengers.

This bracelet would:

• take the place of an airline boarding pass

• contain personal information about the traveler

• be able to monitor the whereabouts of each passenger and his/her luggage

• shock the wearer on command, completely immobilizing him/her for several minutes

The Electronic ID Bracelet, as it’s referred to as, would be worn by every traveler “until they disembark the flight at their destination.” Yes, you read that correctly. Every airline passenger would be tracked by a government-funded GPS, containing personal, private and confidential information, and that it would shock the customer worse than an electronic dog collar if he/she got out of line?

Clearly the Electronic ID Bracelet is an euphuism for the EMD Safety Bracelet, or at least it has a nefarious hidden ability, thus the term ID Bracelet is ambiguous at best. EMD stands for Electro-Musclar Disruption. Again, according to the promotional video the bracelet can completely immobilize the wearer for several minutes.

So is the government really that interested in this bracelet? Yes!

According to a letter from DHS official, Paul S. Ruwaldt of the Science and Technology Directorate, office of Research and Development, to the inventor whom he had previously met with, he wrote, “To make it clear, we [the federal government] are interested in…the immobilizing security bracelet, and look forward to receiving a written proposal.” The letterhead, in case you were […]

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Skywatch is posted! And New Moon today

Only a day late. 🙂 Here’s what’s going on in early July:

As July begins, Pluto, in retrograde motion, has just re-entered Sagittarius on its final journey through Sagittarius. We’re seeing its influence on the airline industry (travel is associated with Sagittarius), along with a resurgence of fears (Pluto) over differing religious beliefs (Sagittarius also rules religion and shared ideals and theologies). With Pluto in Sag throughout the rest of the year we are sure to see religion raise its head even more in this year’s US presidential election. Pluto in Sag has also had a great deal to do with xenophobia – the fear (Pluto) of other cultures (Sagittarius).

We are in a heavy retrograde period now, with four traditional planets plus Chiron all appearing to travel retrograde now. Retrograde periods force us to re-examine all that we do; we are constantly re-negotiating and re-vising our plans. Forget about two steps forward and one step back; we’re retracing our steps now so that we can perfect all that we do with clarity and intention.

Uranus has just turned retrograde and we saw the tendency of Uranus to create shocking reversals mirrored in the news in the fall of the stock markets on the last few days of June, and the new Supreme Court decision that legitimizes gun ownership by individuals. Mercury will be moving into position to square Uranus over the next few days, and information and communication (Mercury) will be subject to misunderstandings and disruption as Uranus seeks to break us out of our routines and create new neural pathways for information to travel through.

Chiron is exactly conjunct the North Node, as it will be for the next few months. The North Node of the Moon is a signpost rather than a planet; it marks the path […]

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