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Happy Labor Day! And Skywatch is Posted

astrologiaThe September issue of Skywatch, my monthly report of planetary news, is posted now on my website and you can read it here.  Here are the general influences that we encounter as we enter September:

The beginning of September finds us with a shortage of the fire and water elements, with a predominance of earth and air. Ever since Mars left Cancer in May, there has been a shortage of the water element in the placements of the major planets, and the fire element has been missing since the beginning of August. Water is the element of emotion; it adds sensitivity, compassion and creativity. Fire gives us inspiration and motivates us to action – it facilitates physical activity and enthusiasm. The combination of earth and air creates an environment where practical (earth) ideas (air) come to fruition, but the more personal emotions (water) are not easily understood and there is less pure energy available with which to accomplish our goals and put our ideas into motion. This is exacerbated by the high number of retrograde planets, so for now don’t be surprised if your ideas and plans do not immediately find their manifestation, especially when Mercury turns retrograde later in the month.

Jupiter and Pluto will turn direct in early September, and both have slowed down to a virtual standstill (a “station”) in preparation for that change of direction. This means that their influence is felt more powerfully, and those of us who are experiencing planetary cycles involving these planets will be affected most directly. The Jupiter experience is pushing for expansion of a sense that life has meaning and is full of opportunities. The positive side to this is a general feeling of good fortune; the negative […]

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Notes on the Upcoming Eclipse

Lunar eclipse

In my travels on the web today I found , a French astrologer from that time about an eclipse that occurred in March of 1345 that he believes was the harbinger of the plague.  His description of the mechanism of the eclipse is eloquent and vivid:

The sun is the lord, the director of all events, both general and specific, and the moon is second to him in dominion and power, and their effect is to intensify the effects of the planets acting with them.  It is therefore in the natural course of events, and not to be wondered at, that such a great configuration should bring about major events on the earth, from the nature of the planets which drew to themselves the natures of the sun and moon.  For when the sun is directly opposite the moon, as occurs in a total eclipse, then the power of each of them reaches the earth in a straight line, and the mingling of the influence of sun and moon with that of the superior planets creates a single celestial force which operates in conformity with the nature of the superior planets, which have drawn to themselves the powers of the sun and moon….  On their own they cannot achieve anything great or universal, but when compounded with the sun and moon … they bend the nature of the two luminaries to their own nature, and thus with the power of the two luminaries are able to achieve […]

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Skywatch is Posted! And the Leo/Aquarius Polarity

Skywatch for August is posted here, and here’s a snippet on this month’s eclipse cycle along with news for the first week of August:

August begins with the first of a pair of Leo/Aquarius eclipses, this one a Solar Eclipse with the New Moon in Leo, opening a doorway to self expression and a healthy ego (Leo).  (You can read more about this eclipse here.)  The Sun, Mercury and Venus are all in Leo now, facilitating and encouraging the development of the Self, but the South Node, pointing to the past and what is comfortable is in the midst of all the Leo energy which suggests that the ego is holding us back at this time.

The North Node, the signpost to the future, is in Aquarius where it has been locked in a conjunction to Chiron since May or so and this conjunction will remain in effect for another couple of months as Chiron (now retrograde) makes a station before turning direct again and moving on.  Aquarius, as the polar opposite of Leo, calls upon us to surrender our personal goals and dreams for the sake of the collective.  It tends to be rather impersonal and cares not a whit about the ego.  Social justice and individual liberty for all is the realm of Aquarius, and the tension between these two dynamics will be in play for quite some time but has been highlighted by the Leo Eclipse of […]

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Do galactic cycles influence earth’s history?


One of the arguments against the validity of astrology is the argument that there is no scientific evidence that humans on earth are influenced by planetary bodies. For many skeptics there must be scientific proof that a thing is possible, and of coures as scientific knowledge continues to expand by leaps and bounds we are learning more than ever before how little scientists really know about the universe around us.

that contact between the earth and the Milky Way do have an effect on biological species here:

Early last year, research revealed that the rise and fall of species on Earth seems to be driven by the undulating motions of our solar system as it travels through the Milky Way. Some scientists believe that this cosmic force may offer the answer to some of the biggest questions in our Earth’s biological history.

Last year Pluto made a conjunction to the Galactic Center of the Milky Way for the first time since these measurements were available. There are lots of theories about what that meant astrologically and you can read my ideas here. Once we start really paying attention to the rhythm of our lives, the fabric of time and space does become more magical and it becomes more obvious that everything really is connected. It’s good to see that science is catching up with magic!

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