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Retrograde Uranus in the News

Uranus turned retrograde last night, as it does every year, creating interesting sudden shifts and reversals for citizens of Planet Earth.

Planets don’t really change direction, of course, but because astrology looks at the movement of planets from our perspective on earth it appears from time to time that planets slow down and then reverse course. When this occurs their influence is felt more intensely, especially if our personal planetary radio is tuned to the frequency of that planet (if the retrograde planet is strong in our birthchart) or if we are experiencing a transit of that planet to a planet or point in our own chart.

It could just be a coincidence, but the stock market in the US chose that moment to make the biggest drop since 2006. This was largely driven by a sharp increase in oil prices, proving that increasing supply (since Saudi Arabia had just agreed to begin pumping more oil) is not the cause of high oil prices. Speculation in oil futures is rampant – the last gasp of the Pluto in Sagittarius mindset as Pluto completes its Sag journey before re-entering Capricorn at the end of the year. OPEC is now warning of oil prices reaching $170 a barrel (consider that oil was around $80 a barrel when Bush took office – but that’s another story.

In other reversals, the Supreme Court declared that the right to bear arms found in the second amendment of the US Constitution applies to individuals. For the last 200 years this language has been in contention, and the conservative Supreme Court in this ruling gives free rein to gun ownership. Uranus rules personal freedom and social justice for all, so in some ways this ruling complies with the Uranian desire for equal access. But it also […]

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Pluto and the 2008 Summer Solstice

The four tropical cardinal points of the year are commonly known as the Solstices and Equinoxes, commonly celebrated on the days that the Sun enters the four cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. For thousands of years these times have been celebrated as gateways from one season to another; from one perspective to another. The astrological chart for these gateways are thought to provide a glimpse of what is in store for the next few months.

The most notable thing in the chart for the 2008 Summer Solstice is the nearly exact opposition of the Sun to Pluto, just 11 minutes of orb (11 minutes from an exact 180 degree angle). The Sun is conjunct Venus and Ceres, so Pluto by relationship also opposes those planets as well. This suggests an intense summer, with Pluto creating the necessity for letting go of anything that is holding back the force of change.

It’s an interesting coincidence that astronomers are still toying with Pluto’s classification. First they tried to demote him to a “dwarf planet,” now they want to mollify him by giving him his own classification of Plutoid. Still, astronomers continue to demonstrate a lack of respect for the power of this planet despite his small size. In an age of nano devices when smaller is better, you would think that astronomers would get with the program. Astrologers understand the power of Pluto, and it can’t be reduced by changing his name.

We are already seeing the power of Pluto that began with the shift into Capricorn earlier this year, getting our attention as it began to undermine the very foundations of the structures (Capricorn) which we build as a society. Pluto will continue to be a powerful influence for at least another six months since Pluto squares the […]

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Into the Matrix in the Aquarian Age

Aquarian age

Children will learn by downloading information directly into their brains within 30 years, the head of Britain’s top private schools organisation has predicted.

Chris Parry, the new chief executive of the Independent Schools Council, said “Matrix-style” technology would render traditional lessons obsolete.

He told the Times Educational Supplement: “It’s a very short route from wireless technology to actually getting the electrical connections in your brain to absorb that knowledge.”

Mr Parry, a former Rear Admiral, spent three years determining the future strategic context for the military in a senior role at the Ministry of Defence.

I’ve been joking about this for years, but it’s somewhat shocking to see it in print! It’s also a little creepy that Mr. Parry worked with the military where perhaps he saw some research in this regard.

In 30 years Pluto will be in Aquarius, and I have no doubt that technology (Aquarius) will have evolved by then to the point where Pluto can wreak some real havoc!!

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Skywatch is posted!

Skywatch for June has been posted, offering a tantalizing look at the delicious planetary opportunities in store for us this month. Here’s a tidbit:

Welcome to June! Because we have a number of planets changing direction this month, turning retrograde and direct, the influences of the outer planets are particularly strong now. When planets change their apparent direction (of course they are not actually turning backwards, it just looks that way from earth) they slow down, just as a car does when it prepares to make a U-turn.

Mercury is retrograde for the first few weeks of the month and turns direct on June 19, so until then it’s important to slow down the mental process and be sure you have all of your details organized. Miscommunication and confusion are likely under this influence and expect to have breakdowns in telephone and computer equipment.

Neptune turned retrograde at the end of May and Uranus reverses direction at the end of June, so both planets are still moving extremely slowly; they will cover only about a half a degree’s distance in May. This intensifies their power, particularly for any of us who are going through planetary transits of Uranus and Neptune to planets in our birthchart. Uranus seeks change and asks us to break out of the restrictions that keep us from living an authentic life; Neptune reminds us that the material world is only fleeting and urges us to seek an experience that transcends the physical. Honorable planets both, but their influence can create havoc in a life that desires stability.

In May we noted the conjunction in early may of Neptune to the (true) North Node, and the conjunction of Chiron to the North Node in late May. […]

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Saturn in Virgo and the Recent Abuse Epidemic

A reader emailed me a few months ago asking if there was a correlation between the rise of pet abuse cases and Saturn in Virgo and while I dismissed it at the time the recent news about abuse of small children by UN peacekeepers (Saturn = authority figures) caused me to rethink this connection.

Because Virgo breaks things down into parts and then analyzes them, along with the sixth house it is associated with relationships that involve unequal power (classically, “master servant” relationships or those between employers and employees). The Virgo nature is typically very fond and protective of children and small animals.

Saturn went into Virgo last fall, and since then there has indeed been a rash of animal abuse cases beginning with the arrest of sports star Michael Vick for dogfighting which resulted in the signing last week in Georgia of legislation officially banning that cruel sport from the state. In May, with Saturn stationing direct (virtually standing still as its motion changes from retrograde to forward) the news has been filled with large scale animal cruelty cases. Earlier this month rapper DMX was arrested in Phoenix for animal abuse that related to dogfighting. Hundreds of animals were rescued from a “puppy mill” operation in Minnesota.

And that’s just the animals – then we have the abominable case of Josef Fritzl which erupted at the end of April just before Saturn’s retrograde turn. And this week a study by Oxfam found rampant child sexual abuse among humanitarian workers around the world.

Clearly these events happened long before Saturn went into Virgo, but the planetary cycles create a catalyst that opens up the mass consciousness to be more receptive to certain qualities. It’s almost as if there’s a cosmic radio station that […]

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