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Philip Sedgwick on 2012 and my thoughts on the Mayan Calendar and Age of Aquarius

Philip Sedgwick has a post on his new blog at Matrix that is chock full of interesting points to share.  Philip is an interesting astrologer – he was one of the first astrologers to work with the Galactic Center point which was so much in the news over the past few years as Pluto made a conjunction to it.  He is still exploring realms outside the boundaries of ordinary astrology, looking for ways to integrate the new Solar System into the astrological language.

Philip wrote an election blog for Huffington Post last year, and his commentary on that experience made me very glad I was picked up by Beliefnet and not, say, the New York Times which frankly was my fantasy.  It just shows that the Universe knows what’s best.  At any rate, Philip’s experience was not very enjoyable:

In honor of Mercury’s impending retrograde, allow me to back up first. Last fall I had the pleasure of writing a blog regarding election polling and the upcoming U. S. Presidential Election for the Huffington Post. My posts appeared under a subcategory entitled Huffpollstrology. But when I started writing for HuffPo, the first post was placed in the column with the standard array of mainstream bloggers. Oh my! I discovered that despite the stats about the general public loving to read sun sign columns, approximately 80% of the comments received about my first post were hostile, hateful and ignorant of the topic they condemned, which in the realm of blogging has nothing to do with anything. The ridicule came in from the obvious religious quarters, those who despise superstition and well educated and/or intelligent folks who condemned the idiocy of those who put credence into astrology. The spiteful comments continued through the tenure of my columns leading up to the […]

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Mercury Retrograde and financial news

Mercury turned retrograde yesterday, and the stock markets all over the world responded today with the expected reversal that usually occurs during Mercury Rx periods.  In the US, the Dow Jones Industrial Average appears to have peaked around January 6 when Mercury (communication and ideas) began separating from Jupiter (optimism and opportunity) and reality began to beckon.  Mercury, now appearing to travel backwards from our perspective on earth (retrograde motion) will approach another conjunction to Jupiter on January 15th when it will be trined by the Moon.  This is a time when we will want to feel optimistic with the Moon there adding an emotional craving to the Jupiterian optimism.  Will that be enough to drive some life into the markets?

And what about the economic stimulus package that Barack Obama is rushing through Congress?  Thankfully, it looks like Congress will not deliver this bill until early February, well after Mercury turns direct.  But will a stimulus package be enough to overcome the mood of fear that Pluto in Capricorn has wrought?  The New York Times wrote, “the biggest obstacle to economic activity right now is not a shortage of money. The real obstacle is pervasive fear, which has made banks reluctant to lend and companies reluctant to invest in expansion.”

Expansion = Sagittarius, now gone and replaced by Capricornian conservatism and caution.  Now is not the time for more lending and more borrowing – now is a time for building, for investing in something that you can smell and taste.  Capricorn isn’t interested in swap derivatives; it likes buildings, bridges, highways.  Practical stuff that will last for generations.  In this respect Obama’s vision is aligned with the astrological reality.

Mid-January looks like it might have some nice possibilities for investors, with the Mercury/Jupiter conjunction and a harmonious aspect (sextile) […]

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The upcoming Uranus/Pluto square: A history lesson for a new beginning

Reality Sandwich is a very interesting webzine with a fascinating array of opinions and news, including this essay on the necessity to use the breakdown of the current economic system to recreate something that is more easily adaptable to our future world.  As many of us know Pluto, the planet of death and regeneration, has just entered Capricorn, sign of political and corporate structures, monetary systems, etc.  The breakdown that is occurring now serves a purpose: to eliminate the old systems that are no longer working in order to make way for something that will better serve us and facilitate the continuing evolution of humanity.

Daniel Pinchbeck writes:

While exploring shamanism and non-ordinary states, I discovered the power of intention. According to the artist Ian Lungold, who lectured brilliantly about the Mayan Calendar before his untimely death a few years ago, the Maya believe that your intention is as essential to your ability to navigate reality as your position in time and space. If you don’t know your intention, or if you are operating with the wrong intentions, you are always lost, and can only get more dissolute. …

Over the last decades, the international financial elite manipulated the markets to create obscene rewards for themselves at the expense of poor and middle class people across the world. Using devious derivatives, cunning CDOS, and other trickery, they siphoned off ever-larger portions of the surplus value created by the producers of real goods and services, contriving a debt-based economy that had to fall apart. Their own greed — such a meager, dull intent — has now blown up in their faces, annihilating, in slow motion, the corrupt system built to serve them.

Opportunities such as this one don’t come along […]

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Jupiter in Aquarius

I’m behind on several writing projects, including January’s Skywatch and an article on Jupiter’s upcoming entry into Aquarius which will take place on January 17. Jupiter changes signs every year or so, and while in Aquarius it will team up with Chiron and Neptune which ought to really be interesting and make for some major changes of consciousness!  But more on that later.  Meanwhile,  Kathryn Cassidy has written a nice piece on Jupiter in Aquarius, so I thought I’d share this while I’m getting my act together this weekend:

Jupiter in Aquarius is the one to watch this year as it correlates to a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction and this is one of the most unpredictable, life-changing mergers in the astrological pantheon. It’s the placement of the extraordinary, the radical, the revolutionary, the miraculous and the unbelievable – in both the positive and negative sense of the words.

The last time Jupiter was in Aquarius we saw all these adjectives put to use. The year was 1997 and it was simply unbelievable that Diana, Princess of Wales should be killed in a car crash; so totally unexpected a fate at that time in her life that we were all left reeling. A mass (AQ) outpouring of grief at her death (JU) united people across the globe. We were also shocked by the shooting of Gianni Versace in Miami.

It was in 1997 that Tony Blair stormed into power with his ‘New Labour’. This was an extraordinary defeat for the Conservatives and changed the face of Britain overnight. Meanwhile in the White House the words ‘unbelievable’ and ‘I’m shocked’ were undoubtedly being well used as rumours were swirling about the inappropriate relationship of the President, Bill Clinton with an intern called Monica Lewinsky*.

The Internet began its meteoric rise to world dominance and […]

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Skywatch for January 2010 is posted

Just in time for Jupiter’s entry into Aquarius tomorrow, here is the monthly planetary report from my website. There are some exciting planetary events coming up in January, including a solar eclipse on the 26th with a Mystic Rectangle!

Here’s the news for the upcoming week:
Venus has been traveling through Aquarius, but enters sensitive and emotional Pisces on the 3rd which places more emphasis on the feelings we share in relationships. There is a desire to be compassionate and connected now, and this is made easier by a sextile (harmonious aspect) from Venus to Pluto’s intensity. This sharpens the focus and helps us to clarify our relationships and our interactions with others.

On January 5, Jupiter enters Aquarius, where it will remain throughout the year. Jupiter is the planet of abundance and opportunity, and enjoys a positive reputation as a beneficial planet. In Aquarius, Jupiter brings an expansion of Aquarian innovation and creativity, as well as an increased consciousness of social justice and fairness to all that is a hallmark of the Aquarian influence. All astrological signatures, even Jupiter, carry a positive and a negative manifestation, and the dark side of Jupiter is a confident self-righteousness. Combined with the Aquarian urge for rational and unemotional improvement in the collective, there can be a depersonalization in this combination that can be unsettling at times.

While Jupiter is in Aquarius is will form a conjunction both to Chiron and Neptune, amplifying the need for healing (Chiron) and achieving harmony with the divine (Neptune). Watch these pages for a new article to be posted shortly on Jupiter in Aquarius.

The Full Moon on January 10th is in Cancer, with the Moon opposite the Capricorn Sun. Home and family life is

emphasized now under the […]

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