Planetary cycles

The 2007 Mars/Pluto opposition cycle

Mars is moving through the last degrees of Gemini and approaching an opposition to Pluto which will be exact on September 21, just in time for the Autumn Equinox on September 23 when the Sun enters Libra. Many believe that the chart of the Equinox sets the tone for the entire season (I’m not sure if I’m quite there, but I’m willing to entertain the notion) so this could be a significant event.

Mars is the individual will – the aggressive instinct, the warrior who defends his/her own boundaries and violates those of others. Pluto is the Ultimate Destroyer, and in the birthcharts of individuals it acts as the Will of our higher self. When Mars and Pluto are in opposition they are working against each other in an attempt to find balance, and you have Pluto’s hand of destiny blocking the efforts of Mars to assert itself and achieve its desires.

We tend to see an increase of aggression and violence when Pluto opposes Mars, as well as major power conflicts. Because Mars is in Gemini we are likely to see a flurry of battles of words and small skirmishes rather than major warfare, particularly since Mars is trine Mercury during this time as well. This could actually be an excellent time for confrontations that require discussion.

Because Mars moves so quickly, Mars transits are usually felt for a few days or a week at the most, but because Mars will retrograde this year it will oppose Pluto twice more before completing the cycle in March. The opposition cycle is made more powerful by the fact that the second hit of the opposition comes at the last degree of Pluto in Sagittarius and the third and final opposition comes at the first […]

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The astrological week ahead

The lunar nodes are highlighted in planetary events for the rest of the month which often indicates a change in direction of some kind. Mars squared the nodes of the Moon yesterday, an event which often requires a change of direction. The Moon’s Nodes are signposts that point the way for us in our evolutionary journey, and Mars here activates that pathway for the next couple of days. Mars is approaching an opposition to Jupiter (exact August 23) where it can inflame our ego and stimulate a reckless urge for rash behavior and a tendency towards overconfidence. This is not a good time for gambling of any kind, and impulsive decisions made while Mars and Jupiter square the nodes could have a lasting effect. This aspect will be particularly challenging for those of us with planets in the early degrees of Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces.

The Mars/Jupiter influence will be in effect for several days and lead into a square of Mars to Mercury on the 25th which will increase the likelihood of arguments and verbal conflict. The opposition of Venus to Neptune that same day will bring us an idealistic viewpoint, but could also bring confusion (Neptune) and cause us to lose perspective, particularly where other people (Venus) are concerned. These few days may bring experiences where disagreements take place and no one really knows what they are about. In that case it is useful to retreat from the arena and let the dust settle before making a second try to resolve things.

The trine of Mars to Chiron will aid in that resolution. Mars provides the drive to get to the root of the problem, the process […]

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Saturn in Virgo September 2007 – October 2009

perfectionistOn September 2, Saturn moves into Virgo where it will bring its trademark influences of restraint, discipline, structure, disappointment, limitation, and karmic lessons. Saturn has a natural affinity for Virgo and its cautious nature and love of service and work, and Saturn in Virgo periods can be very productive ones.

Saturn is far less compatible with Leo, the fiery sign of ego, leadership and drama. When in Leo, Saturn tends to quash these traits and undermine those who appear to be in control. “Who’s in Charge?” Saturn in Leo asks, and demands that true leadership take the place of empty figureheads.

Saturn takes 2-1/2 years to pass through a sign, implementing its trademark role as the Celestial Taskmaster through the areas that are important to each sign. In Virgo, Saturn’s tests move into in the area of health and service and encourage us to live dutifully and honorably. Saturn in Virgo demands organization and resists impulse, requiring us to live practically and cautiously with a high regard for our own safety and security and that of those around us.

While Saturn is well suited to Virgo’s strong desire for improvement and perfection, it is less comfortable for the other mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces) which prefer a life with more flexible options. As Saturn travels through Virgo it will create problems for those of us with planets in the mutable signs unless we stick to the lesson plan that Saturn requires.

Virgo tends to be a more conservative sign, and with Saturn in Virgo we may see a trend towards conservation that is quieter than Saturn in Leo’s flamboyant “Live Earth” concerts. Oil conservation has been associated with Virgo over the years, and automobiles are likely to become more practical and air […]

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A Saturn Trine Pluto Exercise

The trine of Saturn to Pluto is exact today, although its influence has been approaching for the past couple of weeks or so. The two planets only meet once so this is not a long-term event, but Pluto is still conjunct the Galactic Center, meaning Saturn now trines the Galactic Center as well. Saturn stabilizes and restructures Pluto’s urge for transformation in a way that facilitates change and the letting go that Pluto requires is easier under Saturn’s firm hand.

The Magician card in the Tarot is associated with Hermes and Mercury, but it can also represent the Saturn trine Pluto process. Through hard work, discipline and focus (Saturn), the magical process of transformation (Pluto) occurs. Trines require some application on our part to really get the most out of them, otherwise we may not even notice this event. We rarely notice when things are going well! But this is an opportunity to create regeneration in our own lives in any areas where we have become stuck or need to let go. The wheels of change are lubricated now and ready for action!

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The Jupiter Station

Kenna asked me about the Jupiter station which is occurring now before Jupiter turns direct on Monday. Jupiter has been in Sagittarius since November of 2006 where the relentless optimism of Jupiter in its own sign has been driving the US stock market to ever greater heights and creating huge expansion in the economies of other countries as well. Jupiter turned retrograde in April of 2007 and that expansion began to face some opposition from a more reality-based perspective. As it stations to turn direct its influence becomes more pronounced.

Jupiter urges us to consider expanding beyond what we normally think is possible. It drives us to formalize our sense of meaning in life into belief systems (hence its rulership over theology and ideologies in general), and in Sagittarius it encourages us to pursue possibilities which seem limitless. While retrograde, though, the influence of Jupiter slows down so that we can consider these possibilities more carefully. The tendency of Jupiter towards recklessness is checked as we look backwards to see what mistakes have been made.

As Jupiter turns direct we become more aware of its influence, especially if it aspects sensitive areas in our own charts. We have been in a heavy retrograde period with five planets plus Chiron in retrograde motion and there has been much looking back to reconsider past events. We are likely to begin to look to the future with Jupiter turning direct, and once Pluto turns direct in September we should begin to see some progress with the global conflicts that appear to be in stalemate now.

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