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Mars Back into Cancer Tomorrow

Mars, which had retrograded back into Gemini where warfare tends to be more verbal than physical, moves back into Cancer tomorrow. Mars has been in Cancer, where it is typically more hypersensitive and touchy, on and off since last November. Mars will make the final opposition to Pluto on March 6 and then move on to greener pastures.

While Mars is in Cancer, emotions are heightened and there is much more sensitivity evident in the world around us. Mars is said to be in its fall in Cancer and has difficulty expressing its warlike nature directly. Often anger and irritations tend to be suppressed and burst out inappropriately or with frustration.

Mars in Cancer also increases our drive to nurture, often through food, and to protect those less fortunate than ourselves, so we are likely to see a big push toward philanthropy over the next few months and perhaps an increased desire to feed the hungry. Sometimes our own frustration can masquerade as our frustration with the fates of others around us, and as with all water signs it can be somewhat difficult to know whose emotions are whose under this influence. Cancer’s main concern is with emotional security, and Mars in Cancer wants to erect solid boundaries with which to secure the heart.

Mars will not be interacting much with other planets until it opposes Jupiter in late April, so it will be acting pretty independently where it will stay out of trouble for the most part.

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The Third Saturn Return

Yesterday I had the privilege of doing a reading for a woman who recently turned 80 and was going through the closing square of her third Saturn cycle. I began doing readings shortly after my first Saturn return at around age 32, and it took me a long time to realize that as we grow older we often learn to manage the issues in our chart so that they are no longer as difficult. In fact, the challenges that formerly caused us pain and suffering often become our greatest teachers.

The beauty of reading for older clients is that they often have experienced this evolution to a degree the rest of us can only dream about. If they haven’t become stuck in a cycle of dysfunction, they have learned to move through all kinds of cycles and find their center. I spoke with the client yesterday about the Saturn Return cycles, and we talked about her upcoming third Saturn Return which will arrive around age 87.

The first Saturn Return at age 28-30, as we know, deals with experiences where we leave our youth behind and enter adulthood, either willingly or kicking and screaming. The second Saturn Return is more difficult to predict since the result depends quite a bit on how well we have learned Saturn’s lessons since the first one. Regardless, during the second Saturn Return at age 56-58 we must leave our ripeness behind; we often discover that we are being replaced by the younger generation. We have lost our youth and are entering the third stage of life. We are middle-aged.

To answer my client’s question: “What can I expect at the third Saturn Return?” I pondered the meaning of Saturn at the age of 87, and it seems […]

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The February Quickening

Robert Wilkinson has a great article today on planetary events for the end of February:

A quick look at the patterns occurring now in late February shows a distinct quickening, with more and more of the old peeling away or falling back in our rear view mirror. Mercury is speeding up, preparing to go direct, Venus is changing signs, and of course the big news is the Lunar Eclipse [on February 20.]

We also have another significant factor occurring in the near future. The Sun opposes Saturn on its way to its conjunction with Uranus, portending the future long wave Saturn opposition Uranus which will polarize energies even more than they already are. This is one reason things are quickening, in some places phenomenally violently. Even nature’s various superstorms are getting beyond whatever they used to be.

In our world, this is a clash between polarized views and ways that must be resolved. It will manifest as two energies vying for power, pitting willful erratic Piscean forces and people against evolved Saturn energies and people, as well as regressive, controlling, and fear based Saturn forces opposing progressive evolved Piscean forces.

As this is the first time the Sun in Pisces has opposed Saturn in Virgo this Solar transit activates the opposition for a long time to come. I’ll write more about this in the future as well, since it’s a long wave influence we must learn to maneuver within so we are not caught up in the larger breakdown.

Venus moving out of Capricorn into Aquarius can help us to elevate our likes and dislikes and become more impersonal and dispassionate wherever it transits in our charts. It also can give us more of an Aquarian approach to Taurus and Libra houses and planets, […]

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The Return of Mars Pluto and the second Eclipse

Mars is preparing for its third and final opposition to Pluto where it tends to foment rage and inspire explosions, and one might think the opposition has already happened. School shootings, mall shootings, shootings in the city council – people are clearly under stress. Although the opposition will not be exact until the new moon on March 7, we are clearly in its shadow now.

I’ve been trying to find the birthdates of these shooters to see if any of them are tied in to the eclipse on February 6, but unfortunately that data is not available.

And I’m seeing lots of explosions from unknown causes in the news as well:

  • An explosion at a machine shop in Alberta Canada sent three workers to the hospital;
  • An explosion at a sugar refinery in Georgia killed at least six people;
  • A huge explosion in a Chinese fireworks factory caused tremors throughout the city;
  • Explosions at a scrap yard in Malaysia sent gas tanks flying through the air;
  • A south Texas gas pipeline has exploded.

Tensions are clearly high now, and we’re heading towards the second in the pair of eclipses which will occur at the Full Moon on February 20. So keep your eyes and ears open!

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Full Moon, Mars Direct and Mercury Retrograde! and other planetary news this week!

The Sun entered Aquarius yesterday, beginning a new solar cycle of innovation, humanitarian interest and technological brilliance. Today we have new opportunities for long-range planning and vision work with the alignment of Jupiter trine to Saturn, allowing us to harness Jupiter’s faith and optimism with Saturn’s discipline, offering the potential for success in any venture.

What a terrific segue into the Full Moon on January 22nd that takes place in confluence with a conjunction of Mercury (mental function) to Neptune (spirituality and idealism) which adds creativity and imagination to the work of the Jupiter/Saturn trine and increases the scope of possibilities available to us.

The Full Moon occurs when the Moon is opposite the Sun, so we always have two opposing astrological signs in the Full Moon. In this Full Moon we see the Aquarian Sun opposite the Leo Moon. Aquarius is concerned with humanity as a whole and seeks an understanding that expands beyond the material dimension. Leo, on the other hand, is firmly rooted in the individual ego and seeks to express oneself as a unique individual. During a Leo Full Moon, the ego gains ascendancy and seeks that expression, so this can be a very dramatic time.

The astrological signatures for this Full Moon incorporate the events mentioned above, but also a conjunction of Venus (relating) to Pluto (power) that occurs the next day. This is a time of intensity – an excellent time for psychodrama or ritual that provides a creative expression for one’s inner desires. The Venus/Pluto combination is opposed by Mars and the opposition forms a Mystic Rectangle with the Moon’s nodes. The lunar nodes represent our evolutionary direction, and planetary events that include them tend to carry great significance, […]

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