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Full Moon tomorrow and other planetary news

On January 1 Mars made a sextile to Neptune, harmonizing the aggressive instinct (Mars) with a heightened sensitivity and compassion (Neptune). Our drive for action is tempered over the next couple of days with concern for the feelings of others, and our physical energy is channeled into pursuits that have a higher purpose. Neptune is not content with mundane reality but demands that we pursue a relationship with the divine essence within us. This is a wonderful time for creative endeavors such as art or music.

On January 3 Venus (planet of love and values) leaves the earthy sign of Capricorn where it has brought practicality to our relationships for the more intellectual sign of Aquarius. In Aquarius Venus seeks fair play and honesty in all relationships and may be unconventional. We may suddenly find ourselves interested in people that are very different from us, or new acquaintances may enter our lives and bring the unexpected. This same day (and for the next day or two) Mercury (communication) harmonizes with Uranus (innovation and radical change), bringing new and original ideas and insights, accelerating the thought process and enabling understanding at new levels of awareness. Uranus opens the doorway to other dimensions of consciousness, and the harmonious aspects with Mercury can bring radical change to the way we think about an issue.

These influences set the stage for the Full Moon in Cancer that takes place at 8:59 am EST on the 3rd. The Moon makes a trine to Uranus, accentuating even further the Uranian (unusual) quality to this period. The Full Moon occurs when the […]

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Planetary News This Week

We are now approaching a square of Mercury to Uranus on the 15th, making it difficult for us to communicate clearly. Uranus has a disruptive quality and in seeking to open our minds to new ways of thinking it sometimes has the effect of creating anxiety, particularly for those of us with planets in the mutable signs (Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini). This can be a challenging time for interpersonal communication, but Mercury moves quickly and this influence will only last a few days. Because Mercury involves short trips, the disruptive quality of Uranus can lead to accidents as well as trip delays or detours.

Mars is sextile Chiron now, giving us the energy (Mars) to resolve any healing issues (Chiron) that are a concern, both physically and emotionally. Sometimes we know what we have to do but we are caught in a state of inertia, and Mars can help to move us out of that stuck place now.

Over the next few days, on the 16th and the 18th, the Sun conjuncts Pluto and forms a trine to Saturn, making it easier for us to release the old bonds that have been holding us back as Pluto transforms the structures in our life so that they can better accommodate our new vision.

This process is completed by the sextile of Mercury (thoughts) to Neptune (transcendence) on the 19th which aids in the integration of our experience (Mercury) and opens our creative channels (Neptune). This combination is excellent for meditation and spiritual experience as our mind is open to the experience of the divine. Venus is sextile Uranus the same day, bringing surprising encounters (Uranus) with new people (Venus) and adding a touch of excitement to our relationships.

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Pluto and the Galactic Center through History

The exact conjunction of Pluto to the Galactic Center will occur at the end of this month. The Galactic Center is the rotational center of the Milky Way Galaxy in which we make our home. This is the first time that Pluto has been conjunct the Galactic Center since that point was discovered and mapped, so this is a new point of experience. In March Pluto made a station within a degree of the exact conjunction at which point the energy of this event began to manifest for this current cycle.

In the early 1990s as Uranus (unusual ideas) and Neptune (mysticism and confusion) conjoined, there was a surge of interest in New Age subjects. One of these had to do with a belt of photons being emitted from the center of the Galaxy. The Galactic Center was just discovered in the late 1960s, and the explosion of channeling (Neptune) from other dimensions (Uranus) that heralded the dawn of the Uranus/Neptune conjunction brought some wild ideas into mass consciousness regarding a galactic wave of consciousness that originated in the Pleiades which is actually in the Taurus constellation rather than the Galactic Center in Sagittarius. This is an example of the distortion that occurred under that transit as the actual information being transmitted from higher dimensions (Uranus) became confused and deluded (Neptune).

Pluto deals with the destruction of that which no longer serves us so that we can move forward in our evolutionary journey, and we would expect a conjunction with the center of our galaxy to be a course correction on a planetary level. It is unlikely that this will come as an immediate wave of advanced consciousness or significant events as many people are prophesying; it is more […]

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Planetary news this week

Mercury is approaching the second phase of a trine to Uranus: a lively time for ideas (with Mercury) and emotional connections (the Scorpio influence). Uranus is the awakener – it dusts off the cobwebs and prepares us for something new. Under the Uranian influence we are better prepared to embrace new challenges and an expanded understanding of the way our universe works. The bizarre is normal under the influence of Uranus which is known for eccentricity, the perfect environment to bring out the new Borat movie, highlighting what is quite possibly the most eccentric hero ever.

Venus made a square to Saturn yesterday (the 13th), forcing us to confront our responsibility to our loved ones. Relations with others are still a little testy as Venus, still within orb of the square to Saturn, makes a conjunction to Jupiter, causing us to be a little more self-indulgent than usual. Under stressful Venus/Jupiter contacts we tend to expect more from others than we are ourselves willing to give and the Scorpio influence of Venus at that time is not quick to forgive.

Fortunately, on the 17th Venus enters Sagittarius and all difficulties are forgotten. In Sagittarius, Venus seeks freedom and mutual respect and does not get bogged down into the scorekeeping that in Scorpio can cause problems. The timing is particularly fortunate for those of us headed off to spend Thanksgiving week with family! However, we will need to be a little careful because Mars will square Neptune on Friday, creating vague disturbances as the Mars aggression becomes consumed by Neptune’s watery mists. If any conflict arises at the end of the week it may be best to wait a few days to attempt a resolution […]

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Planetary news this week

Venus in Virgo squares off with Pluto over the next few days, creating potential crises in relationships (Venus) as issues that may have been buried are dredged up by Pluto. However, the sextile (60 degrees) between Saturn and Mercury will encourage a commitment (Saturn) to communicate (Mercury) and resolve any dissonance that arises. Neptune has been trine Mercury as well which adds a creative influence and perhaps more compassion (from Neptune). Of course we are still in the throes of the opposition of Saturn to Neptune, even though the two planets are about three degrees apart. It will be early October before they leave each other’s orbit and meanwhile the confusion remains.

Jupiter is square Neptune now, expanding (Jupiter) the danger of illusion (Neptune), and perhaps bringing us into conflict between our belief systems (Jupiter) and our experience of truth (Neptune). Mercury joined this system over the past few days, bringing us a step closer to divine intelligence and conscious awareness of the more subtle influences that surround us. Mercury is moving towards a sextile to Pluto (on the 27th) that will help us to process the Jupiter/Neptune expansion through the mental realm where it can be converted to understanding and wisdom.

Meanwhile, reports that a “solar wind stream hit Earth last night, sparking geomagnetic storms over Canada and some northern US states.” Joseph Shaw of Bozeman submitted this incredible photo of an aurora against the backdrop of the Milky Way.

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