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Planetary News and the Stock Market

Fiery Mars entered fiery Leo yesterday and begins moving towards a conjunction with the cold reality of Saturn. Meanwhile, Saturn and Chiron (wounding and healing) are very close to their final conjunction in a series that began in 2003, and the expansive optimism of Jupiter gets crushed in their embrace this week. None of this is good news for financial markets which depend upon consumer confidence for growth.

The stock and other financial markets are a great example of the way that positive thinking brings about good results – if consumer confidence is high they tend to buy more things, which generates more orders, which improves the bottom line, which makes the stock more attractive. Even without good “technicals,” if a stock is going up it tends to become a more attractive investment to others, which is how the dot-com boom took over the markets in the late 1990s. The markets overall have seen a fairly steady increase with Jupiter (optimism and good fortune) in Scorpio (secrets and other people’s money) since October 2005. Consumers are purchasing beyond their means, and piling up debt (also ruled by Scorpio) to do it.

The second square between Jupiter (optimism) and Saturn (pessimism) is putting pressure on that confidence and could have a chilling effect on the markets. Even the emerging Asian markets, where stock prices were driven to unsustainable levels, are taking a hit. Henry Weingarten, noted financial astrologer, that there is a “93% certainty that the markets will be substantially lower than they are now.” Weingarten recommends trading 50% of the portfolio rather than the old “buy and hold” strategy, and says to keep much of your portfolio in cash.

The Jupiter/Saturn […]

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Moving from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius

As a species, we are currently crossing from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. Although many people consider the Age of Pisces to begin at year 0 with the birth of Jesus with Aquarian Age beginning at 2000, most astronomers agree that the Age of Pisces actually begin in year 498 C.E., indicating entry into Aquarius in 2658 C.E.

Under the Age of Pisces we have seen the Piscean archetypes of sacrifice of the individual ego, universal love and compassion, assimilation, and the more negative projections of illusion, fantasy and delusion. Each astrological age has been represented by a deistic pantheon; the end of each age is marked by the ending of the worship of that pantheon. The Piscean Age has been marked by the growth of the three major monotheistic religions, each of which claims to be the only correct one, and the attempted dissolution of the individual ego. As we move from the Piscean age into Aquarius, the awakener, we are being shown that the Emperor doesn’t have any clothes, that any unreality upon which we have based our religious foundations will be shattered in the upcoming years. The ideas in The Da Vinci Code have been around for 2000 years, but they are only now erupting into the public awareness. What will this mean for humanity?

The equatorial bulge of the earth causes a shifting in the earth’s axis and the point at which the Sun at the vernal equinox points to the zodiacal constellations. This phenomenon is known as the “” and creates the period of 25,920 years that we call the “Great Year.” The “Great Year” is divided into twelve “Great Ages” each of approximately 2160 years. Because of the “orb of influence,” […]

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Mercury enters Gemini today

Mercury rules matters of intellect and experience, and rules the sign of Gemini the twins. Its realm is all sorts of communication, and for this reason it rules the media and writers. For the past month or so, Mercury has been traveling through Taurus, which as a fixed earth sign has a tendency to be stubborn and unyielding. While Mercury has been in Taurus, very little has been accomplished in terms of diplomatic negotiations (the UN and Iran, for example), legal cases (the lacrosse rape case in Durham) or Congress (endless arguments over wiretapping and budgetary matters). Mercury’s entry into Gemini should facilitate all kinds of matters requiring communication, since in Gemini Mercury is able to process information much more quickly. Watch for unexpected turns of events as Mercury breaks up patterns it established while in Taurus.

Mercurius in the medieval alchemical language is a symbol of the process of integration. Mercury bridges the gap between opposites and acts as the process to transform lead into gold. It is therefore the perfect translator, the perfect mediator, and something that is desperately needed at this current point in time. On a personal level, the mind is more active – this is a great time to begin new projects as there is a great deal of mental energy available. It’s also a good time for short trips and learning as the mind will want to be busy!

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Pluto in Sagittarius and Xenophobia

This is part of a larger article that I’m working on about Pluto’s journey through Sagittarius and the global (Sag) transformation (Pluto) that has taken place since 1995 when Pluto entered Sagittarius. Pluto brings upheaval and crisis, and in Sagittarius it has deeply affected areas ruled by Sagittarius such as travel by air, foreign cultures, and religious ideology.

During the early years of Pluto in Sagittarius, we saw the more harmonious aspects of this cycle: the spread and easy availability of “world music” from all over the globe; international trade agreement and the organization of the European Union which was to create a more unified government. As Pluto settled into Sag it started to create one crisis after another (Pluto creates periods of crisis in order to facilitate transformation, and if we don’t go willingly we are led kicking and screaming.) The EU began to break down, the Islamist revolution took hold after 9-11, and the immigration crisis began to erupt.

Since 1995 we have seen a dramatic increase in the intensity of cultural identification, which has been behind the eruption of Islamic terrorism in the western world. Religious zealotry has also become more pronounced during this period, causing divisions within Christian groups in the US as well as in Muslim cultures. Sunnis and Shias, the Religious Right and the Secular Left – this cultural identification has driven a wedge into society and created a great deal of conflict.

Pluto in Sagittarius has also brought a new influx of xenophobia, fear (Pluto) of other cultures (Sagittarius). In the US as well as across Europe, immigrants have been tolerated over the past 50 years as minorities without power. Under Pluto in […]

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Mercury in Aries April 16-May 5

from the Elemental Tarot: ” The classical figure of Mercury dashes across an urban landscape. In the sky the sun is a compass indicating the ultimate in creative possibilities and the multitude of directions in which he can travel. “

Mercury has moved from Pisces into Aries, and issues of communication and mental functioning (Mercury) now take on the fiery energy of the sign of Aries. Having just come through the explosive opposition of Mars to Pluto which forced confrontations and released a sudden aggressive force over the past couple of weeks, we will find some relief in the fresh innocence and simplicity of the Aries Mercury.

Aries is the sign of initiation as we have noted, and Mercury’s travel through Aries brings with it an excitement over new ways of thinking. Ideas that may have previously been kept within us have an opportunity to be expressed as there is now a sense of courage (Aries) in communication (Mercury) that may have been missing before.

Mercury in Aries can bring an environment conducive to argument and disagreements (since Aries is ruled by Mars, the god of war), but over the next few weeks as Mercury travels through Aries it will make several beneficial contacts with other planets that will soften this effect. Today and tomorrow Mercury makes a trine to Saturn in Leo, lending stability to the fire of expression and grounding (Saturn) us, enabling us to build bridges (Saturn) through communication (Mercury). On the 22-24 of April, Mercury will harmonize (sextile aspect) with Chiron, offering a new way to conceptualize (Mercury) the healing of old wounds (Chiron). On April 28-30, Mercury will sextile Neptune, soothing the rough edges and bringing imagination and a sense of divine inspiration (Neptune). And on May 2-4, just before moving […]

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