Planetary cycles

Chiron in Aquarius

The synchronicity between the names given to planets by astronomers and the way they operate in astrology is one of the great mysteries of the heavens. In ancient times the astronomers WERE the astrologers, and as they observed the planet Venus in the sky they truly saw the goddess of love, Aphrodite, Ishtar, Inanna. In our modern scientific time there is a greater disconnect between the ancient archetypes and the natural world, and an argument can be made that our culture suffers as a result.

Chiron is a “planetoid” in the Kuyper Belt that was discovered in 1977, and in astrology Chiron represents the body/mind connection, the healing process, and identifies an unhealable wound which motivates us to seek a higher purpose for our life. (More on Chiron here.) For that reason it is also associated with the wisdom that comes with experience

For the past several years (since 2002) Chiron has been traveling through Capricorn, the sign that rules hard work and social structures – government, schools, corporations, marriage, and capitalism. During this period the curtain has been drawn on the ways in which these structures (Capricorn) have wounded our society (Chiron). The Enron and Worldcom debacles not only destroyed two companies, but also created a deep wound in the communities that served them. The so-called War on Terror created virtual concentration camps for “enemy combatants” where torture took place. The reputation of many governments (including the USA) have been destroyed and corruption revealed. The 2004 election created an even greater fracturing of American society.

On a positive note, Chiron’s pass through Capricorn over the past three years has brought many healing modalities into the mainstream of society and brought new respect […]

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Mars Opposes Jupiter Tonight

When aggressive Mars confronts the king of the gods, watch for blowhards to blow even harder. Mars is retrograde in Taurus, the sign of economic and material security. During the retrograde portion of Mars’ journey, it is gathering together material goods and creating an increased focus on security. Mars retrograding in Taurus is typically beneficial for the stock market. However, Jupiter can represent opportunities and possibilities, and can create a state of overconfidence where we may become reckless. For the next two weeks we will benefit from paying attention to how we are investing our money.

Jupiter also represents our longing to find meaning in life and therefore our theology. The volume is increasing on the so-called “War against Christmas,” and rhetoric in general becomes amplified during Mars/Jupiter periods. Watch for conflicts to escalate in Iraq and other places as Saturn brings in its efforts to restrict (Saturn) dissent (Mars/Jupiter), creating situations where violent reactions are the result. This will be a difficult but productive time, since conflict and tension motivate us to change and evolve.

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Mercury Retrogrades Back into Scorpio

As it continued its apparent backwards travel (as viewed from Earth), Mercury changed signs and moved back into Scorpio. The sign that Mercury is in colors the way that communication patterns evolve for everyone, and because Scorpio is a sign that relishes intensity and depth in thinking and expression events while Mercury is in Scorpio often reflect that intensity. Scorpio also likes to uncover hidden secrets, and during the transition from Scorpio to Sagittarius we saw the indictments in the CIA leak case, the fall of the Harriet Miers Supreme Court nomination, and the eruption of brutal name calling in the race for Governor of Virginia and New Jersey. Mercury turned retrograde on November 13, and attention now turns back to issues that may not be resolved. Mercury retrograde periods are often difficult times to move forward since communication can be confusing, but they are excellent times to look back and clean up lingering past events that were never finalized. They are also great times for writing and introspection.

Mercury moved into high spirited Sagittarius on October 29, but today it is back in Scorpio where it will stay until December 12. Expect an added level of intensity in interactions with others, and in the news.

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Happy Pre-Solstice Holiday!

I still have trouble with the concept of celebrating a holiday that honors what is basically the beginning of the annihilation of Native Americans, but still I am thankful for the many gifts that life has to offer, and even more for the ability to be grateful for what I have instead of envious of what I have not.

The Sun conjuncts Mercury today, facilitating communication despite the famous difficulties of Mercury Retrograde. The Sun will illuminate matters of thought and information, and sure enough a South Korean cloning expert admitted and apologized to “shameful ethical lapses,” the Chinese government admitted to a Benzene spill that caused the poisoning of drinking water for millions of people, Jessica Simpson and Nick boy singer finally admitted their long-rumored separation, and it was discovered that yes, Iran actually is working on nuclear warheads.

The Sun moves quickly and this influence will have passed by tomorrow afternoon. This is a favorable aspects for all kinds of negotiations since hidden agendas come to the forefront, so if you’re involved in this sort of matter it will help to facilitate your situation.

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Jupiter Trine Uranus Today

Jupiter in Scorpio makes an exact trine to Uranus today, opening up possibilities and opportunities (Jupiter) for breaking up routines and creating a new way of handling situations (Uranus) that may have become stuck as the result of a standoff between Mars (aggression, personal drive) and Saturn (caution, delays). The square between Mars and Saturn was exact last week, but they are still dancing around each other as both planets are now retrograde (appearing to move backward from earth’s perspective). When the drive of Mars is challenged by Saturn’s limitations, the effect is similar to that of driving with the parking brake on. We may feel hemmed in and unable to move very far.

Mars and Saturn are beginning to separate now, and the Jupiter/Uranus influence that has just come into view will remain in effect through early December. In both our personal lives and on the national and international stages, we are likely to see some relaxing of the tension that has been evident for quite some time. This easing period will permit us to step back and take another look at whatever situation we are stuck in and create a new vision for resolution and completion.

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