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Mars Opposes Pluto Today

Mars has been leading up to an opposition (180 degree aspect) with Pluto just in time for the direct turn of Saturn (see article below), and over the past week we have seen political situations accelerating as a result. With Mars (the aggressive instinct of the individual) opposing Pluto (the god of death and transformation), the fur will continue to fly for another week or so that will affect the fate of leaders (Saturn in Leo) across the globe. In our personal lives, aggressive confrontations will be more common than usual, and we will see this on the global stage.

Mercury is moving into place to square Pluto (April 13) and then will enter the sign of Aries where it will square Mars (April 17). Pluto’s goal in any transit is to wipe the slate clean, and when square to Mercury (communication and ideas) it tends to bring secrets out of the basement, and we are likely to see a continuation of revelations such as the one that President Bush authorized the leak of classified information in order to discredit Joe Wilson. Mercury square to Mars will bring more aggressive rhetoric, and the period over the next few weeks is likely to be one filled with arguments and power struggles, but the upcoming trine of Jupiter (philosophy and expansion) to Uranus (bringing new ideas and innovation) will create an environment where those power struggles will find new solutions and a greater sense of liberation.

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Saturn Turns Direct

Since Saturn turned retrograde on November 22, 2005, we have been forced to slow down and carefully examine all options before moving forward. Saturn rules discipline, delay and disappointment, and when retrograde all of this becomes internalized. Blinders are put on us so that we are unable to look at anything but the goal. During Saturn retrograde periods it is difficult to move forward, and impulsive behavior is kept in check.

Saturn’s retrograde turn has been particularly difficult because of the opposition with Chiron. Chiron represents areas both within ourselves and in the global consciousness that are painful and wounded, and Saturn puts pressure on those wounds – forcing them into our awareness where they can be healed. The Chiron/Saturn opposition is producing a world “healing crisis” (see this article for more details, and Saturn while stationary applied constant pressure. When Saturn turns direct on April 5, we will begin to see more forward movement as changes are put in place to alleviate dysfunction on both a personal and global level. Saturn is moving towards another opposition to Chiron and this healing crisis is likely to reach a climax when this occurs in June.

Saturn has been traveling in Leo since July 17, and since that time it has been challenging world leaders (Leo is the sign of Kings, and Saturn creates an environment of restriction and limitation). During this period the world’s leaders have been working hard to claim more power, and have been thwarted in the process. Some are losing power (President Bush) and some are gaining power and becoming more vocal (Iran’s leaders), and some countries have lost their leadership entirely (Israel and the Palestinian people). This is a cleansing process as the political […]

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Revolution and Revelations

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Mercury turned direct on Saturday after a three-week period of missed appointments, crashed computers, and conversations that began “I thought you said…” For some time Mercury has been marching in lockstep with Uranus, the planet of revolution and radical departures from ordinary thinking, and this combination has brought with it a groundswell of revolutionary activity as well as some surprising revelations. The buildup of energy as we approach the Aries New Moon solar eclipse on Wednesday will likely encourage an increase in aggression (Aries) and bravado resulting in a higher level of violence and action/reaction across the globe. Pent-up emotion erupted in the public arena this weekend:

Demonstrators in Belarus were clubbed and their leader arrested during an increase in violence on Saturday, about a week after a widely-questioned election on March 19 left the current administration in power.

Over half a million protesters in Los Angeles were accompanied by tens of thousands more in other cities such as Denver, Phoenix and Milwaukee in marches and speeches protesting the anti-immigration bill that is before the US Senate this week.

Riots in France over the past week came to a head as students snubbed efforts of the Prime Minister to quell the violence.

And then there were some surprising revelations:

The Pentagon claimed that Russia had provided classified information to Saddam Hussein as the US invasion of Iraq unfolded.

Scientists in Ethiopia found the skull of a new human ancestor that could be the long-sought missing link.

The journal Science published two studies on Friday revealing that global warming is occurring much more quickly than previously thought, resulting in significant earth changes by the year 2100.

You may be experiencing the intensity of the upcoming eclipse on a more personal level as well. Change […]

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A Powerhouse of a Week Coming Up!

On the morning of Wednesday, March 29 (and for the next few days leading up to it, as well as for several weeks afterward) we will experience a powerful series of planetary events. First up we have a New Moon in Aries with a total solar eclipse, followed shortly by the retrograde turn of Pluto. The New Moon occurs when the conscious solar principle of the Sun conjoins the instinctive lunar principle of the Moon. New moons are times of beginnings; of fresh starts, but during a solar eclipse the light of the Sun (conscious mind) is temporarily obscured and the instincts take over.

This New Moon falls in Aries – the sign of initiation, of fire. Aries represents the renewal of the life force, and traditionally has fallen on the vernal equinox (although due to the precession of the equinoxes this is now only symbolically true). With the conscious principle temporarily suspended by the eclipse, the fiery Aries instincts rule during this period. Our instinct for warfare (Aries) may be strengthened, and efforts to maintain our veneer of socialibility may be frustrated as we operate from pure instinct rather than conscious choice. The effect of all of this instinctive reaction will be to strip away all falsehood from our actions and begin with a clean slate.

Pluto has been slowing down to a crawl before turning retrograde on March 29. Pluto represents issues of power and transformation. Symbolized as the god of the underworld, it tends to bring out that which is hidden and needs to be transformed. On a personal level, Pluto strips from us all things which no longer serve us and leaves us more authentically true to our individual reality. On a […]

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Planetary News

Mars squares Uranus today, and the aggressive enthusiasm of Mars gets a radical (Uranus) twist, causing reckless and impulsive behavior and abrupt changes in direction. Combined with Mercury retrograde, this should add an interesting layer of events to the whole controversy with the Dubai ports deal which came to an abrupt end when Dubai “transferred” control of the leases to manage terminals at 6 US ports to an “unnamed US company.” Agreements entered into when Mercury is retrograde often have to be REnegotiated and REconsidered, and when in Pisces Mercury communication issues often have a blurry quality anyway. Questions remain in my mind about the whole
situation, and I am suspicious of the fact that nowhere is it mentioned which US company will take over control of the ports.

The square of Mars to Uranus has brought about other conflagrations in world news as well. The acting Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert, angered those on both the right and left wings when he called for redrawing Israel’s borders to isolate the country from the Palestinians. Meanwhile Iran continues to worry members of the United Nations, while India is granted the nuclear go-ahead.

This square will remain in effect as we head toward the Full Moon eclipse on March 14. The current trine of Jupiter (possibilities) to Mercury (communication) will help to expand awareness and offer a new dimension to our understanding on both a personal level and in the global arena.

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