The astrology of Elizabeth Warren, presidential candidate 2020

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Although this is a political post, I am attempting to keep it free from bias on my end.  Please do the same in the comments!  This is an astrological blog and here we look at the astrology behind the politics rather than the politics themselves.  There are plenty of other places for those discussions. 

Elizabeth Warren is currently polling at #4 in the long list of Democratic candidates for the presidency, and she is #3 in my series of profiles (actually, Harris is now polling at #3, we’ll look at Harris next).  See also Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, profiled in these pages. 

Elizabeth Warren has a long academic history and was a debate champion in high school. Her childhood was apparently marked by economic deprivation, going to work at the age of 13 to help her family pay medical bills from her father’s illness. After graduating from law school she specialized in bankruptcy law and has a longtime interest in families who undergo bankruptcy due to economic hardship.

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The astrological chart for Elizabeth Warren (born June 22, 1949 in Oklahoma, no birth time available) shows that she has the Sun in Cancer, the sign of emotional sensitivity and nurturing.  One thing I have noticed about Cancer Sun people is that they CARE – about everything.  Everyone’s suffering becomes particularly poignant and personal for people with a strong Cancerian element in their chart, and Warren also has Venus (relating) in Cancer which intensifies this even more.  That said, her Sun is very tightly conjunct Uranus, the planet of rebellion and change.  She is a visionary and has an eye for outmoded patterns and institutions which are no longer working, and a desire to create change to […]

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Happy birthday USA! 2019 edition and look ahead to 2020

On July 4th we celebrate the birthday of the United States of America, and as astrologers we celebrate the Solar Return – the time when the Sun in the sky returns to its place in the astrological chart.  This country is at a pivotal point right now, and the astrological factors can tell us a great deal about where we are and what is coming.

I’ve been writing a lot about the return of Pluto to its place in the US chart which will occur in the next few years.  Pluto returns are very rare since they happen only every 248 years and very few governments last through their Pluto returns, although there are exceptions such as the Roman Empire.  Pluto transits tend to dredge up the darkness from the psyche so that it can be exposed to light and ideally dispelled, and we have seen this dark underbelly of the American psyche emerge over the past few years.  This is the clear influence of Pluto, which has been transiting sensitive points in the US chart since 2008.

We have an important election coming up in 2020, and the candidates will be decided in the Spring of 2020 so this is an important 12-month period for American politics.  Saturn, planet of tests and challenges, will join up with Pluto in early 2020 and the two will be hammering the US Pluto in January and February next year. However, this year there is also a harmonious trine from Saturn to the US Midheaven – the government and reputation of the country – which ought to at least help the reputation of the US among world nations.

The Solar Return chart is a snapshot of the year ahead and […]

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Bernie Sanders in 2020 – the astrological perspective

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A portion of this article was taken from my 2016 profile which you can read here in its entirety. 

When Bernie Sanders ran for president in 2016 he was an unlikely candidate.  In 2020, however, he is one of the most widely recognized of the 22 Democrats running in the 2020 presidential race.  A look at Bernie’s astrological chart tells us a great deal about his personality.

Bernie Sanders (September 8, 1941, Brooklyn NY, time unknown) was born with the Sun in Virgo, the sign of service and humility.  His Sun is conjunct the North lunar Node, the point that shows us the way towards our future destiny.  Sun/North Node people typically have a sense from childhood that they have a special mission to fulfill – a particular path to walk.  For Sanders, this mission is exacerbated by a strong square from Jupiter, the planet of confidence and expansion.  When Jupiter is square to the Sun there is a sense of righteousness and potentially, entitlement.  This combination denotes an individual who is certain of their destiny and their right to fulfill it.

We don’t know Sanders’ ascendant (rising sign) without a time of birth (there is conflicting and speculative information out there, but nothing reliable), but his Aries Moon shows his fiery and passionate nature, especially since is Moon aligns with Mars, the planet that energizes and motivates us, but which also adds an aggressive quality to the chart.  This is especially true because Mars is in Aries, its own sign, which essentially doubles the intensity of the assertive quality.

The Mars/Aries dynamic quality is out of sync with the humility of Virgo, and finding a way to balance those two forces has likely been one of the themes of Sanders’ life.  Sanders’ chart lacks […]

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The astrology of Joe Biden’s last chance

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This is the first in a series of profiles on the Democratic presidential candidates.  Disclaimer:  While I attempt to be as fair as possible, I do have opinions and they often leak through in this column.  Please take this into consideration when reading this article.

Joe Biden would like to be president.  His first attempt to run back in 1988 was sabotaged by accusations of plagiarism, and his second attempt in 2008 resulted in the election of Barack Obama with Biden achieving the position of Vice President.  Joe (to me he is just Joe, rather than Mr. Biden) was born with four planets in Scorpio which qualifies him as much as any other candidate, than any other astrological sign except for Aquarius, with which it is tied.  Scorpio is the sign that is concerned – ok, obsessed – with power and the wielding of it.

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We have a birth time for Joe:  8:30 am, as sourced by astro.com and indicated “from memory” which is not very reliable.  However, that birth time gives us an ascendant or rising sign of Sagittarius which does make sense and reflects Joe’s down home folksiness which is not at all what you would expect from someone with four planets in Scorpio.  He may be easygoing, but make no mistake – he is a fighter, and he wants to win.  With his Moon in stable Taurus, he is stubborn and does not like to back down so he will not give up easily.  His Moon is challenged in a square to Pluto, creating even more intensity and the

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The US Seventh House of Enemies

Nations have astrological charts, and although usually there is a great deal of debate over which chart to use for a particular nation, the chart commonly accepted by most astrologers, and the one that I use, is the Sibley chart of July 4, 1776 at 5:10 pm, Philadelphia, with Sagittarius rising.  In this chart, the Sun – the primary driver of the personality in both individuals and in mundane charts of nations – is in the seventh house.

We think today of the seventh house as being the house of marriage and partnership, but traditionally it is also the place where “open enemies” can be found.  When the Sun is in the seventh house, we tend to define ourselves through our partnerships and observe ourselves through the eyes of the “other.”  This is certainly true of the United States the very existence of which originated in a war for independence, a separation of the US from the “other” – the parent country England.  (Saturn, the planet of tests and challenges, lives in the tenth house of the Sibley chart which in the chart of an individual often represents the parent as well as the expression of the entity in the outer world, reflecting a difficult separation from the parent country.)

The United States has always defined itself through the idea of an enemy.  The Cancerian Sun is oriented towards the idea of tribal loyalty and affiliation, and in the seventh house the tribe organizes against the enemy.  Originally of course this enemy against whom all citizens joined together was England.  After the Revolutionary War, settlers and citizens of the new Republic went to war against the native Americans and THEY became the enemy until the Mexican American war, at which […]

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