Uranus/Pluto and the power behind the revolution

As you may know, the revolutionary fever spreading through the middle east is not isolated to the Arab world.  In Wisconsin, protests against anti-union measures by the governor there have mobilized tens of thousands of government employees and students since February 15th.

These protests are just the beginning of what will become a firestorm of political resistance over the next year as Uranus, planet of revolution, squares off against Pluto, planet of power and control.  They were inspired by the return of Jupiter into Aries and the simultaneously square of Jupiter to Pluto in Capricorn, which mainlined confidence (Jupiter) and courage (Aries) into the souls of individuals who were fed up with the control (Pluto) of autocratic governments (Capricorn).

The face-off between Jupiter and Pluto is just above over now, but when Uranus enters Aries in a few weeks it will take Jupiter’s place in the battle against autocracy, and Uranus is a much stronger player in this game.  Uranus is at the 29th degree of Pisces now, so its influence is already filtering through.

Astrology gives us a window into the real meaning of personal and world events.  It cannot predict specific events, because (in the opinion of this astrologer) events are not predestined.  We make choices as individuals, as communities, as nations, that can alter the course of history.  But astrology does provide us with a climate report that alerts us to the energies with which we will be dealing over the next few years, and they are not pretty.

Political analysts can see the handwriting on the wall, even though they don’t understand the energetic dynamic that underlie the events.  One analyst writes that the protests in Wisconsin were inspired by the revolt […]

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“Day of Rage” across the middle east

astrology of protestsAs I wrote a few weeks ago, Jupiter re-entering Aries in January set off a firestorm of anger across the middle east and north Africa.  At the time I wrote:

I can’t help but think this is a good thing, even though like all difficult planetary cycles it won’t be comfortable and is certain to be accompanied by bloodshed.  But balance must be achieved, and it’s the job of Uranus (and Jupiter, to a lesser extent) to emancipate the oppressed and when in a square to Pluto in Capricorn, to destroy (Pluto)  the old structures (Capricorn) that are already rotted and decayed.

Uranus enters Aries in the later part of March, but Jupiter will move ever close to a square to Pluto that culminates in mid-February.  Jupiter brings confidence and demands to be heard – Jupiter after all was the King of all of the gods on Mt. Olympus.  Jupiter refuses to take a back seat to the Lord of the Underworld, no matter how much destruction will ensue.

Today Jupiter is two degrees away from that challenging square to Pluto, and sure enough, unrest is spreading like wildfire as protesters take to the streets all over the world.

  • In Libya, protesters have encountered resistance against their “Day of Rage” against the Qaddafi regime which has left at least four dead.
  • In Iraq, blood has flowed in anti-government protests in southern Iraq and in Kurdistan.
  • In Yemen, protests continued for a seventh day and become more violent.
  • At least three protesters in Bahrain have been killed and at least 60 are missing in anti-discrimination demonstrations there.

This fever is likely to continue as long as Jupiter (in fiery Aries) is […]

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The astrology of Mubarak’s resignation

Tem Tarriktar of The Mountain Astrologer posted a chart of the resignation on Facebook yesterday which you can read here with all of the associated comments.  A link to the actual announcement on Egyptian TV was posted which includes a time stamp of 6:02 pm Cairo time so that is the chart that I have used.  Another commenter reports that Al Jazeera’s live blog of the events in Egypt reveals that Mubarak actually turned over the reins to the vice-president Thursday night, but I am using the formal announcement to the public as the time for this chart.

?astrology of Mubarak resignationAny event is a snapshot of a moment in time, and the astrological chart for that moment sets the tone for how that event will unfold.  This is called “mundane” astrology.  There are some extremely interesting things about this chart.  First of all, the Moon is angular at the Midheaven, suggesting that the people (represented by the Moon) have taken over the government.  There is a lot of talk right now about this being a military coup, and we see this represented by a tight conjunction of the Sun (the leadership of the country) to Mars (the military).

Neptune is angular on the descendant, the cusp of the seventh house.  Since Neptune is associated with mass hysteria and deception as well as ideals and the descendant involves relations with other nations, but also alliances that are forged within the country itself.  In this fever for revolution, no one really knows who their allies are and we are likely to see this become a big issue in the weeks to come.

This difficulty in creating strong alliances (Neptune) that will support the people (the […]

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More musings on the Egyptian revolution

Egypt astrologyI was listening to the BBC news coverage of the momentous events in Egypt, and one of the journalists remarked that the protesters in Egypt no longer have any fear of the oppressive government.  His point was that once the inhibitions of fear have been broken there is no turning back, that any attempt to reassert control will just inflame the situation.

This comment, and the events unfolding in Egypt, perfectly mirror the astrological symbolism at work here.  Jupiter, bringing an expansive confidence and urge for a life with more meaning, is in Aries which is all about bursting through one’s fear and finding the courage deep within to fight for that which is most important.

An Egyptian American expressed it here:

As the people of my homeland, Egypt, stage a popular uprising against the 30-year dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak, the White Stripes keep singing in my head: “I’m gonna fight ’em off /A seven-nation army couldn’t hold me back!”

I don’t know if Jack and Meg of the White Stripes are watching the breathtaking developments taking place in my country. However, their thumping, pumping “Seven Nation Army” is a perfect anthem for the defiance and adrenaline-fueled determination that must be propelling the tens of thousands of courageous, protesting Egyptians.

And against what odds!

In addition to Jupiter entering Aries, the Sun and Mars have been within a few degrees of a conjunction in Aquarius over the past week, a conjunction which doesn’t culminate until February 4th.  Since the Sun and Mars began to align we have seen protests spread like wildfire throughout North Africa and the middle east.  Mars is the ruler of Aries, the sign that Jupiter is in right now, and the fire […]

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And the revolution begins.

astrology of Egypt protestsJupiter entered Aries last week for the first time since leaving that fiery sign of war last fall and retreating back into Pisces. You may remember that Jupiter and Uranus were conjunct in Aries back in late May and the summer of 2010, coinciding with the rise of revolutionary fervor in Thailand, Krygystan,  Israel.  This was also the time of the first big Wikileaks.

Aries is all about self-preservation and self-initiation, and Jupiter’s entry into Aries means that it is getting closer to a challenging face-off against Pluto in Capricorn, where power (Pluto) is compressed and channeled through governments and corporations (Capricorn).  The writing is on the wall, and when Uranus joins Jupiter in Aries this fever of revolution and surge of protests against the establishment (Capricorn) in a call for liberation (Uranus) will continue to escalate.

Last week it was Sudan, Jordan and Tunisia, and now it is Egypt, Lebanon and Yemen whose people are rising against the oppressive government in that country.  This puts the United States in a difficult position – on the one hand, we supposedly stand for freedom and personal liberty, yet the regimes that we support in the middle east are repressive and corrupt.  Still, those regimes provide some stability in a region that has the ability to erupt like a powderkeg in the upcoming Uranus/Pluto square.

I can’t help but think this is a good thing, even though like all difficult planetary cycles it won’t be comfortable and is certain to be accompanied by bloodshed.  But balance must be achieved, and it’s the job of Uranus (and Jupiter, to a lesser extent) to emancipate the oppressed and when in a square to Pluto in Capricorn, to destroy (Pluto)  the […]

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