Helen Thomas retires after remarks on Israel

The retirement of Helen Thomas, the veteran doyenne of the White House press room, was announced by her employer the Hearst corporation after remarks she made at a White House event.  Thomas, of Lebanese descent, told a rabbi at this event that Jews should “get the hell out of Israel and go back to Germany and Poland.”

Thomas, nearly 90 (August 4, 1920, time unknown) has been widely admired for her aggressively relentless  questioning in the White House press room since 1960 when she covered President Kennedy.

Helen Thomas has the Sun in Leo, which is very much a showman, and it is in a nearly exact square to Mars, the planet of aggression and drive.  In addition, her Moon is in Aries, the sign ruled by Mars, suggesting an emotional need (Moon) to assert herself strongly (Mars) in all situations.

With four planets in Leo, a fire sign, with her Sun square Mars, the fire planet, and her Moon in Aries, another fire sign ruled by the fire planet – Helen Thomas is full of fire.  This gives her energy, passion and courage, but also brings a potential lack of sensitivity and empathy.

CBS correspondent Mark Knoller “”As a columnist she felt totally unbound from any of the normal policies of objectivity that every other reporter in the room felt compelled to abide by, and sometimes her questions were embarrassing to other reporters.”  Personally, I cheered for Helen Thomas when she said openly that George W Bush was the worst president in American history.  She was hated for her aggressive ideology, but she was loved and admired for it as well.

My readers know that I am no apologist for Israel, but as someone whose […]

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“We are living in the era of the upstart”

All over the United States an anti-Washington fervor is throwing incumbents out of Congress in favor of unknown candidates with no ties to party machinery.

Barack Obama won the presidency in November of 2008, the day of the first opposition between Saturn and Uranus.  Saturn represents conventional thinking and structures; Uranus represents the breaking apart of the old order in favor of something as yet unknown.  At the time astrologers wondered, who would win, Saturn or Uranus?

This opposition between Saturn and Uranus has occurred in five phases with the fourth phase just a few weeks ago, and it affects the United States directly because the whole Cardinal Grand Cross we’ve been talking about aspects the Midheaven in the (Sibley) chart for the United States.  The Midheaven of a national chart represents that nation’s government and its standing in the world.  The US Midheaven has been under pressure since Pluto formed a challenging square to that point shortly after entering the sign of Capricorn which is associated with government structures.  Saturn followed shortly behind, and there’s no doubt that the US government has been in a period of great transformation.

At the same time Chiron and Neptune, transiting through the sky, have been passing back and forth over the US Moon (signifying the mood of the people).  Chiron has been bringing up all of our anxieties, and Neptune has been instilling a longing for something more true and more pure.

All of this is very visible in the changing American political landscape.  No longer are there two political parties with established platforms and party bosses who call the shots.  Not only is there divisiveness now between the parties, the divisiveness has penetrated within the parties.   On the right the Tea Parties have become a political force to be recognized […]

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Who is Elena Kagan?

Elena Kagan has been widely acclaimed after President Obama announced her as his choice to be the next Supreme Court justice, garnering support from conservative lawyers and policymakers.  One of the qualities that has gained her widespread affection and respect is her ability to entertain arguments across the political spectrum.  She is a trailblazer, having been the first woman named Dean of the Law School at Harvard University, and isn’t afraid to challenge the sacred cows of American politics.

Kagan’s shows that she was born with the Sun in Taurus, indicating a desire for peace and harmony but also a stubborn streak and a fixed nature.  Her Sun is in a harmonious trine to Pluto, which reveals her ability to effect change and to transform (Pluto) the world around her.  Individuals with Sun trine Pluto typically possess a great deal of personal power and can be very magnetic.

The planet of rebellion (Uranus) is in a stressful square to Kagan’s Sun, reflecting her iconoclastic nature and her desire to push the boundaries of conventional rules.  As a child of 12  she challenged her rabbi to institute the bat mitzvah in her Orthodox synagogue, and persuaded him to do it.  She fought Big Tobacco for the Clinton administration, yet worked hard to heal fissures between faculty members while at Harvard.

Kagan’s chart shows a conjunction of Mercury and Venus in the assertive sign of Aries.  Her thought patterns (Mercury) and the way that she expresses her affection and seeks relationships (Venus) operate with Aries characteristics of courage, confidence and directness.  Mercury and Venus are in a harmonious trine to the rebel and innovator Uranus, which gives her the ability to embrace different and unusual (Uranus) ideas […]

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The Saturn/Uranus opposition: Hung parliament in Britain

This will be interesting to watch in light of the absolute failure in the United States to have any kind of coalition or consensus between Democrats and Republicans.

Graphic of possible hung parliament scenarios

for this table. Oppositions require balance and integration, and in order to accomplish that each end of the scale needs to take on characteristics of the other.  Finding common ground is an important first step to finding balance in an opposition.  Let’s see if this can actually be done in politics!

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Distrust in the US government deepens

The first phase of the opposition between Saturn and the old order and Uranus bringing in the new swept in a wave of conflict between the desire to change the government and the desire to maintain the establishment and the status quo.   The fact that this cycle began on election day in the US added a particularly political flavor to the opposition.

Now, 18 months later, only 22% of the respondents to trust the government all of the time.   This is still higher than the trust numbers during the end of the Bush administration, which had dipped to 20%.  But there has been a steady decline in trust in the government since the Eisenhower administration enjoyed a trust factor of over 70%.

With Pluto traversing through Capricorn, the sign of the structures that form the underpinnings of society, it’s not surprising that the fissures in these structures are beginning to show.   that government isn’t the only Capricornian structure that isn’t trusted; other institutions such as banks, large corporations and national media are also suffering from this lack of trust.

Again, this is to be expected under Pluto’s travels through Capricorn which follows on the heels of an expansive period since 1995 when an irrational exuberance gripped most facets of public life.  It was perceived that real estate prices and the stock market would continue to rise indefinitely.  It was thought that the US military could invade two countries and conduct indefinite wars on several fronts without having to pay for it.  Then suddenly in January of 2008, Pluto enters Capricorn and the cold reality that is Capricorn’s domain sets in.

Capricorn […]

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