President Obama’s solar return

You can read my profile of Barack Obama here.

The Solar Return occurs at the moment that the Sun returns to its place in the birthchart.  That is often the birthday, but sometimes it is a day or two off.  More than just a time to celebrate the time of your birth, it’s actually a planetary cycle that begins a new when the Sun returns to its natal place.  The Sun illumines the Self and inspires us to fulfill the destiny that was given to us in the Sun sign, and the Solar Return shines a window into the manner in which that process might happen over the next year.

President Obama’s Solar Return occurred at 3:33 pm today (August 4).  This is an interesting number, but that’s for another story.  The Sun in the SR chart is in the Eighth House, the house of power, death, sexuality and taxes.  The President is clearly in charge of two of those aspects of the Eighth House, and I suspect that the other two will come into play at some point as well.  In the Eighth House we learn to read and understand the balances of power that pervade our every experience, but the Eighth House also calls on us to dive deep below the superficial.  Obama sailed into office on a sea of popularity which has been diminishing as the reality of the challenges the country face sets in.  This will be the year that tests his ability to hold and distribute the power of the Eighth House.

The only aspect to the Sun is a harmonious sextile from Mars that suggests that he will have a degree of success in achieving this.  Mars provides energy and passion to get […]

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More on the astrology of Sonia Sotomayor

has posted an interesting comparison of the chart of Sonia Sotomayor with the chart for the US.  An interesting point in Mary’s excellent article is that Ms. Sotomayor was born with Mercury having just turned retrograde.  Because it had just changed direction, Mercury was moving slowly at the time of her birth, As Mary writes, “The very slowly moving Mercury at birth shows a deliberate turn of mind.”  However, Mercury conjoins Uranus which tends to denote an original thinker, one who is not encumbered by rules or what others think.

Ms. Sotomayor’s Cancer stellium lines up rather nicely with the Cancer stellium in the US chart, suggesting a deep connection and a loyalty of Ms. Sotomayor to the US.  However, her Sun/Mars opposition, which gives her an outspoken personality and the courage to speak her mind, puts her Mars (aggression) exactly opposite the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in the US chart.  She is sure to create some controversy and tension (Mars) in the court, and by extension, in the way that some Americans view the traditional values (Venus/Jupiter) upon which they have come to rely.

You can read my

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Kim Jong Il and the Chiron Neptune conjunction

photograph from Reuters. News reports from South Korea say that Kim Jong Il, the despotic leader of North Korea, is suffering from pancreatic cancer and was diagnosed last summer.  Rumors of health problems have been swirling around him for months.

For background, you may find it interesting to read my  from back in 2006, and here is the noon chart (no birthtime is available).

Kim’s chart shows that he has a deeply revolutionary nature, with the Sun in the sign of Aquarius, sign of the rebel and the eccentric, in a challenging square to Uranus, the planetary ruler of Aquarius.  We call this a “double whammy” which connects Kim’s Sun, or his Essential Self, to the principle of radical change and innovation.

Mars in his chart is in the expansive sign of Sagittarius, a symbol of a love of freedom and adventure and a dislike of being tied down.  However, his Mars is in a challenging square to Neptune which clouds and confuses (Neptune) his desires (Mars) and erodes his confidence and inspiration.

It is these two astrological combinations that are being stressed right now by current planetary transits.  The triple conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune has been sitting right on his Sun for the past six months and making a square aspect to Uranus in his chart, activating his rebellious tendencies and creating significant disturbances in his energy system.  The presence of Neptune here exacerbates the tendency towards delusion and confusion.  It is no wonder he has ramped up the violence of his rhetoric over the past year under these influences.

The square of Neptune to Mars can cause depletion in the body’s vitality, and last year transiting Pluto was passing over Mars in Kim’s […]

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Why did Sarah quit?

Sarah Palin has resigned as Governor of the state of Alaska, effectively dooming any hopes she has to run for President in 2012. This announcement came as a shock to political watchers and to conservatives whose support remained consistent despite the teen pregnancy of her daughter and ethics violations.

The resignation comes on the heels of a dramatic and very public feud between Palin and David Letterman who made some bad jokes that were in very bad taste about Palin’s daughter Bristol, who bore a child out of wedlock.  But this was just the culmination of a media frenzy that dogged her from the moment she was chosen by John McCain to run as his vice-presidential candidate.  Some say that  just tipped her over the edge.

You can read more about Sarah Palin’s astrological chart here, and the noon chart is here. (There is a 4:40 pm birth time floating around but that has never been verified by any legitimate source. However, Leo is rising in that chart and Uranus, ruling surprise and sudden change, was transiting the progressed Midheaven of that chart at the time she was nominated last year.)

I suspect that Palin’s husband Todd may have been behind her resignation.  He has evidently been her greatest supporter and played an active role in the care of their children, and transiting Pluto (death, rebirth and transformation) has been in a challenging square formation to Venus (relationships) in her chart since January (it came very close last summer at the time she was nominated), and the second phase of that cycle is coming to a head now.  A transit of Pluto to Venus can be very difficult for a marriage that is not in good shape, and any unsettled business is sure to come […]

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The astrology of North Korea

Before you can have an accurate astrological profile, you must have an accurate date of birth.  In a mundane chart of a nation this gets a little tricky.  What is the moment of birth?  Is it the moment that the nation is announced?  Is it when the constitution is signed?  Ratified?  New leaders elected?

In my online research today I found several different dates used by astrologers for North Korea.  There is a chart for August 10, 1945, the date that the US War Department decided to partition the country at the 38th parallel.  There is a chart for September 10, 1948 which appears to have come originally from Nick Campion’s Book of World Horoscopes and is incorrect.

In my view, using the August 1945 date for North Korea is a bit like using the time of conception for a birthchart.  Information from the US State Department and several Korean websites confirm that the actual birthing of the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea (DPRK) was proclaimed by Kim Il Sung on September 9, 1948, and this is the day that is celebrated by the North Korean people as the founding anniversary.

Chiron in the comments section suggested that we must also look at the revision of the North Korean constitution, but additional research reveals that the constitution has been revised many times including in 1992 and 1998.  Because the government did not change, I’m inclined to disregard these charts.

I have not been able to find a suitable time for the North Korea chart so I will use noon as Robert Blaschke does in  for The Mountain Astrologer.

The Sun in the  is in Virgo where it is in the final stage of a transit of Saturn. […]

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