An astrology chart for North Korea

There are several charts floating around for North Korea, and none of them are sourced.  Many astrologers use the August 10, 1945 date.  At midnight on August 10-11 member of the US War Department made the decision to divide Korea at the 38th parallel.

Jeff Jawer of Star IQ and Marjorie Orr use a chart for September 10, 1948.   uses a chart for midnight on September 9, 1948 and this appears to be the date that is celebrated by the DPRK.  However, it appears that the constitution for the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea was actually signed on September 5 1948.

I’m continuing my research and have sent out some inquiries to Jeff, Marjorie and Robert, but if any of you have some good information please post a comment!

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More on the astrology of the new Iranian Revolution

Most news reports are now speaking of revolution in Iran.  As I wrote a few days ago, transiting Uranus (revolution and sudden change) is passing right over Mars in the chart of the Islamic Republic of Iran. writes:

Mars in this chart is in the 8th house and ruler of the 9th house (Aries cusp), the Sun (in Aries), and co-ruler of the 4th house (Scorpio cusp). Thus, this transit is shaking up the rulership of the country (the Sun), bringing the feel of deeply hidden rancor coming out into the open and causing transformation (8th house), and convulsing the people and the foundation of the country (4th house). In addition, there is the inflammation, anger, confrontation, and sudden eruption of rebellion and violence inherent in a Mars/Uranus combination. This transit will continue through late August, exact on August 23, and then return in February 2010. It has been intensively activated by the transits of the Sun (25 Gemini) and Mars (10 Taurus) in the past few days, culminating around 7:30 PM local time on June 17 with the exact square of transiting Sun and transiting Uranus.

Looking a little more deeply into the Iran charts, this revolution, if that’s what it becomes, likely has its roots in the conjunction of the progressed Sun (the national identity) in the Iran chart to Chiron (the wound to the soul) back in March of 2008.  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was elected in 2005 as a populist – someone who understood the common people.  Instead, he imposed cultural restrictions on the rights of women and forced university professors and scientists to retire.  His promises have not come to pass, and many Iranians want a change that comes with more personal freedom and liberty.

We see this desire for liberty with the transit of […]

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An astrological look at elections in Iran

Iran electiosnMaybe holding elections in Iran on the day that Mercury (communication and information) was in a challenging square to the big Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune conjunction wasn’t the best idea. During the past few weeks the opposition candidate, Hussein Moussavi, had become wildly popular especially with women, many of whom crave liberation from the oppressive Islamist regime.  News reports claim that the turnout exceeded 82%, but the current president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad appeared to have been elected in a landslide.

The country erupted in riots today as the hopes of millions of voters were dashed and rumors of vote-rigging spread throughout the country.  The main telephone network in Tehran was blocked and access was cut off to numerous websites including Facebook and Youtube.

This is a challenging time in Iran, as transiting Uranus passes over the conjunction of Mars and Mercury in the chart of the Islamic Republic of Iran.  That Mercury/Mars conjunction points to the heated (Mars) rhetoric (Mercury) that has been a staple since the Islamic revolution in that country, and Uranus transiting over those points has elevated this to a new degree.  Uranus is the planet of revolution and change, and when it transits Mars there is generally an upheaval of some kind.  Because of this, I fully expected Moussavi to win this election. But Uranus is also the planet of surprise, and the planet that instigates reaction and it’s possible that the revolutionary fervor that accompanied the news of Ahmadinejad’s win could spark off a resistance in Iran that could eventually lead to long-lasting change.  

“I’ve never had so much fun in my life,” said Nazli Hosseini, a 19-year-old graphics student, who was dancing  with a group of boys and girls to the music of the […]

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Gordon Brown: Will he stay or will he go?

has been following the saga of Gordon Brown from the beginning, and he up from Sunday that reviews the charts not only of Brown but also of the New Labour Party and draws some interesting conclusions.  Regarding the chart of the New Labour Party:

With Jupiter Rising in Aquarius, it believed (Jupiter) it could create a better world (Aquarius). Tony Blair’s Moon in Aquarius harmonised with this, and gave him the ability to connect this vision to the people. The MC in Sag also describes this sense of mission to the world. Mercury retrograde in Taurus square to Uranus and Neptune shows the desire to communicate this vision in a practical way, but not always successfully. Tony Blair’s Sun at 15 Taurus conjoins the New Labour Sun at 11 Taurus (and Venus at 19 Taurus), making him its natural leader (Sun).

When Tony Blair left as leader in June 2007, Neptune had been conjoining the New Labour Jupiter, reflecting the loss of self-belief by the party, the disillusion that Tony Blair had brought about, mainly over Iraq. Brown’s time as leader has seen Neptune finally cross the Ascendant in Feb this year, with 2 more crossings later in the year. Given what has happened so far – and Brown’s leadership has been under question, on and off, almost since the start – this transit looks likely to bring about an almost complete loss of vision by New Labour.

Regarding Brown:

As for Brown himself, what we see natally is a fiery character with vision (Aries Rising and Leo Moon) who is nevertheless unable to give direction to himself or those around him (5 personal planets in 12th House Pisces). As a Pisces, Brown is able to shapeshift, […]

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Obama’s choice for the Supreme Court: Sonia Sotomayor

Sonia SotomayorPresident Barack Obama just announced his pick for David Souter’s seat on the US Supreme Court:  Sonia Sotomayor.  Ms. Sotomayor would not only add another female voice to the Court, but she  would also be the first Hispanic to serve on the highest court of the land.

Originally appointed by President HW Bush, Ms.Sotomayor enjoys wide support on both the Democratic and Republican sides of the aisle and was praised today by the President as someone with “a common touch and a sense of compasion.” A graduate of Princeton University and Yale University Law school, she grew up in the housing projects of the Bronx, New York, and is a second-generation woman of Puerto Rican heritage.

So who is Ms.Sotomayor?  Her astrological chart (born 6/25/1954, time unknown, Bronx NY) shows that she was born under the sign of Cancer which bestows a fierce love for family and a sense of pride for one’s ancestral roots.  Her Sun is in an extremely beneficial conjunction to Jupiter, the planet of expansion, optimism and abundance which is usually a signal of confidence and the success that results from a positive attitude.  Jupiter is also the planet that rules the law through an interest in shared thoughts and ideas, and clearly Ms. Sotomayor is well suited for the field of law.

This Sun/Jupiter conjunction is opposed by the planet Mars,a planetary combination which bestows a forceful personality that can be somewhat combative.  Ms. Sotomayor is obviously a hard worker with Mars (drive) in the responsible and success-oriented sign of Capricorn.  Her Mars forms a harmonious sextile to Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, which enhances her love of discipline and her ability to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Although Ms.Sotomayor’s Mercury (thoughts and the mental process) is […]

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