Happy Inauguration Day! A look at the chart for the US

inaugurationNo matter what side of the election you were on, there’s no denying that this is the beginning of a new era in American politics.  One of the major planetary cycles occurring for the United States right now is the challenging transit (square) of Pluto (death and rebirth) to the Midheaven of the US chart (I use the Sibley chart), signifying the government and position of the nation in relation to the rest of the world.

The last time Pluto made a challenging transit to the US Midheaven was beginning in December of 1971 when Pluto in Libra was conjunct the US Midheaven (at 1 Libra).  At the time, the US was engaged in a bloody and relentless quagmire of a war in Vietnam, and as Pluto began to move across the US Midheaven the US government began withdrawing troops from Vietnam, and by the time Pluto moved off the US Midheaven the War in Vietnam was over.

The Watergate burglary occurred during this period, and after the burglars were convicted the coverup by the Nixon administration was revealed under the auspices of the second hit of Pluto over the US Midheaven.  Previous to the Watergate burglary, with Pluto hovering within two degrees of the US Midheaven, the Pentagon Papers were released, revealing years of government deception.   Pluto, in its guise as Lord of the Underworld, takes us into the darkness of closely held secrets and reveals them, and the American people have not trusted their government since then.

Here we are today, with the next Pluto transit affecting the US Midheaven, and we are in an eerily similar situation to the previous Pluto cycle – stuck in a quagmire of a war, with the secrets of theBush administration […]

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The astrology of Inauguration Day

In the field of astrological study known as “mundane astrology,” events and countries also have birthcharts that can be analyzed. The chart for Inauguration Day is also the chart for the Obama administration, because it is the moment of birth of the new government.  Although many astrologers have called for a change of the time of the Inauguration to permit the Moon to enter Sagittarius and thereby avoid the dreaded “Void of Course” period, the Noon time is mandated by the twentieth Amendment of the Constitution and would require an act of Congress to change.

I am less concerned by the Moon being void of course (making no aspects to another planet) than I am interested in the fact that the Moon on Inauguration Day sits right on the Midheaven of Barack Obama’s chart.  The Moon here represents the heart of the People, and it sits on the point where Obama fulfills his desire to serve the People (the Midheaven shows not only career, but where we fulfill the destiny of our Life Path).  He certainly begins his term with the full support of the American people: his approval rating is somewhere between 75 and 80%.  That is not surprising given the fact that transiting Jupiter is conjunct Jupiter in Obama’s chart, something we call the “Jupiter Return” that is associated with abundance and good things.

The Inauguration Day chart has a triple conjunction of Mercury, the Sun and Jupiter in Aquarius, all sitting right on Jupiter in Obama’s chart.  Jupiter here brings its expansion of opportunities to the realm of ideas (Mercury) and the very essence of the Administration (Sun) which is very auspicious.  These planets also oppose Obama’s Mercury, however, which suggests that there will be […]

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Obama and the Void of Course Moon (again!)

It appears that Obama, who announced his candidacy when the Moon was void of course (which has been a topic of much discussion in the comments here at this site and elsewhere) is poised to take the oath of office under a void Moon as well.  The Moon is said to be void of course when it has completed aspecting other planets and is on its way to the next zodiacal sign. Some astrologers (me, for instance) do not put much stock in the effects of the void moon.  For others, it’s a sure sign that Obama will drive the country into a disaster.  (Fortunately, the Moon was not void at the time of Obama’s nomination.)

is begging the President-Elect, “PLEASE put off the Oath of Office until 12:30 pm when the Moon goes direct.”  (Thanks for the link.)

Astrologers all over the Internet have been chatting and posting for months about the alignment of the planets at 12 noon on January 20, 2009. Many, myself included (I’ve been writing about this long before Obama secured the Democratic nomination) strongly feel that delaying the oath for 30 minutes is a very good idea.

Why not wait a half hour, and let the Moon align in a more favorable spot? PLEASE humor the astrologers who care so much about the success of your presidency, Mr. President-Elect, and let the bugles play, the poets read, the dancers dance, the clerics pray and have Aretha sing an encore, but stall in any way you can and say “I do” at 12:30 pm. The Moon will be exalted in Sagittarius in a nice aspect to lucky Jupiter

MIDEAST ISRAEL PALESTINIANSIsrael is continuing its attacks in the Gaza strip for the third day today, striking at a security  compound, a mosque, a university, and a network of smugglers’ tunnels, Israel was apparently reacting to rocket strikes by Hamas forces, but the cycle of violence is all too familiar.  Israel reacts with overwhelming force, attempting to squelch the power of the Palestinian military capabilities and restrict the freedom of the Palestinian people to move about the territory.  The Palestinian military wing, Hamas in the current situation, reacts with calls for more suicide attacks on civilians in Israel.  Israel says there will be no peace talks until attacks by Hamas end, and Israel continues to expand its settlements into Palestinian territories.  Meanwhile, rage against Israel and the West in the surrounding Arab nations continues to grow.

Whatever side of this argument you are on, there is no denying that neither side wants peace.  They are locked in a battle that has no end – a battle where the lines are blurred between victim and perpetrator.

I’m just finishing an interesting book by Liz Greene entitled There is a chapter on the scapegoat pattern as a psychological complex.  In the story of the scapegoat, the ancient Hebrews sent a goat, designated as the carrier of the sins of the collective, into the wilderness to perish and thereby save the collective from punishment.  The story of the Christ as the sacrificial lamb who perished for the sins of the collective perhaps comes from the […]

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Caroline Kennedy’s Journey of Healing

Caroline Kennedy astrologyThis is not an evaluation of Ms. Kennedy’s qualifications for the New York senator seat, but a look at what motivates a private person to seek a very public office.

Caroline Bouvier Kennedy has led a life that has been at once charmed and full of tragedy. The only survivor of the political era fondly remembered by some as “Camelot” for its beautiful illusion of perfection, she has long shied away from publicity and preferred to work behind the scenes as a writer and as a board member of various nonprofits.

Ms. Kennedy (born 11/27/1957, 8:15 am, NY)  has the Sun in Sagittarius and, if the 8:15 am birthtime is correct, Sagittarius on the ascendant. Normally a Sagittarian Sun and Ascendant denotes an individual of jovial (Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter/Jove) temperament and character.  But here we also see a 12th House Sun, describing the longing for privacy and a need to be hidden, and Saturn conjunct Mercury, illustrating a serious (Saturn) mind (Mercury) that perhaps leans towards depression despite the naturally buoyant Sagittarian influence.

Pluto forms a square (challenging aspect) to Ms. Kennedy’s Sun, a dynamic which often (but not always) denotes a familiarity with either death or abuse at some level.  Pluto’s intensity can exhibit many forms, and while the Pluto/Sun square does sometimes reveal a violent victimhood, it can also describe the death of a parent or a lifetime associated with death.  We have certainly seen this with Ms. Kennedy, whose father was killed when she was only six, and who also lost her uncle at a young age.

Ms. Kennedy also has a tight conjunction of Chiron (the Wounded Healer) to her Moon (emotions), suggesting […]

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