Political Advertisement: Spiritual Leaders for Obama

In this blog I try to present as balanced a viewpoint as possible when analyzing the astrological charts of public figures.  But we are facing a historic election and I am unabashedly using this pulpit for a political message:  Vote for Barack Obama on November 4.

Today’s spiritual leaders have gathered together to present the case for Obama.  Deepak Chopra, Pema Chodron, Shiva Rea, Jon Kabat-Zinn and many others write:

As spiritual leaders signing this letter we are stepping forward
to say: “We can make a difference” As our spiritual practice
empties, opens and strengthens us, we are naturally moved to
engage in the world with compassion, equanimity, and the
dedication to live our values.
We know many of you are already both concerned and
involved in this year’s Presidential election. Yet, in the past
weeks, many of us have heard friends in the spiritual
community expressing ambivalence about voting. When
asked why they wouldn’t vote we heard things like: “It doesn’t
make any difference”; “I’m more interested in spiritual
practice than politics”.
This election, we have an opportunity to create a paradigm
shift in the nature of politics. Senator McCain has voted with
President Bush over 90% of the time leading to policies that
have increased violence the world, furthered environmental
destruction, tried to force religious views on the country, and
shown a staggering lack of compassion for those most in need.

Play a role in bringing peace and justice back to the planet.  Vote for Barack Obama on November 4.

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US Has Attacked Syria

This comes as Saturn approaches within one degree to an opposition of Uranus. Mars today is in an exact square to Chiron which just turned direct and this event is certain to push with aggression (Mars) old wounds (Chiron) in the Middle East.

A U.S. military official said the raid by special forces targeted the network of al-Qaida-linked foreign fighters moving through Syria into Iraq. The Americans have been unable to shut the network down in the area struck because Syria was out of the military’s reach.

“We are taking matters into our own hands,” the official told The Associated Press in Washington, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the political sensitivity of cross-border raids.

The attack came just days after the commander of U.S. forces in western Iraq said American troops were redoubling efforts to secure the Syrian border, which he called an “uncontrolled” gateway for fighters entering Iraq.

A Syrian government statement said the helicopters attacked the Sukkariyeh Farm near the town of Abu Kamal, five miles inside the Syrian border. Four helicopters attacked a civilian building under construction shortly before sundown and fired on workers inside, the statement said.

The government said civilians were among the dead, including four children.

This was the first large-scale US raid conducted within Syria by air and eight people were killed, including four children. were canceled as a result of the raid and it is feared that diplomatic efforts by Syria towards Israel […]

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Power to the (Working) People!!

Ray Merriman about Saturn in Virgo and the Saturn/Uranus opposition. Ray writes:

Saturn in Virgo … relates to the growing frustration of those who do the work – the working class, the middle class. They look around and they see that they do all this work. Yet when the business fails, it is they who suffer, not the management that made the decisions that led to the failure. The workers are the ones who lose their jobs or give up benefits. And oftentimes when those in management make these failed decisions, they leave the company and receive huge financial bonuses, known as “Golden Parachutes.” And even while they are there, if the company prospers, it is these decision-makers who also receive huge end-of-year bonuses – at least huge in comparison to the much smaller bonuses given to those who did the hands-on work. It is not that these conditions have not existed forever between management and labor, between the wealthy and the middle class. It is just that now, in the first decade of this new century, the rate of growth and rewards between management and the work force has widened to its largest distortion ever.

I might add that it is largely the Pluto in Virgo generation that is suffering at the hands of the power elite, and I think it’s also noteworthy that this executive compensation issue went to the extreme under Saturn’s ride through Leo, the sign of ego and kingship.

Ray believes that the opposition from Uranus to Saturn will lead to an uprising (Uranus) of the working people against the power structures (Saturn).  I would like to think that’s true, but I don’t believe […]

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Obama’s Grandmother and the South Node

A reader wrote to me the other day about an article she had read where a Vedic astrologer predicted that Obama would be assassinated because Ketu (the South Node of the Moon) would be conjunct Obama’s Sun.

I dearly want to respect my colleagues, but I feel that when we predict death of any kind we are stepping over the line.  First, I’m not sure how possible it is, and second, I’m not sure how useful it is to have that kind of information.

The conjunction of the South Node to the natal Sun is something that occurs for all of us every 19 years or so.  I looked up my own last transit of the South Node to my Sun, and since my Sun conjuncts Saturn, another “malefic”, a Vedic or traditional astrologer might predict terrible things for that day.  As far as I know, nothing horrible happened although I did post an article on Lindsay Lohan’s “annus horribilis.”  Maybe that was the way the South Node expressed itself.

The South Node represents our past and things we must learn from the past.  The conjunction of the South Node to the Sun, our Essential Self, may put us in touch with something unfinished from an earlier part of our life that needs resolution.  Obama’s grandmother IS his past – she raised him and is credited for helping to shape him into the man he is today.  The timing of the transiting South Node across his Sun at this time appears significant in light of the failing health of his grandmother, and the fact that she may not survive to see him elected which would coincide with the exact hit of the South Node to the Sun.

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A New Birth Certificate for John McCain

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