Obama-Biden: My Dream Ticket!!

Barack Obama & Joe Biden

I have to insert a disclaimer here:  I have been a huge fan of Joe Biden since he ran back in the ’90s, but I’ll attempt to be as neutral as possible under the extremely exciting circumstances.

(Note: There is an 8:30 am birthtime floating around for Joe Biden, but until this is confirmed I have used the noon chart and discount any mention of ascendant and midheaven.)

There are a lot of nearly exact aspects between the charts of these two men, something which often indicates a strong karmic connection.  If I had compared these two charts before, something that I kept meaning to do, I would probably have predicted that they have a destiny together for this reason.

There are a lot of nearly exact aspects between the charts of these two men, something which often indicates a strong karmic connection.  Joe Biden is a Scorpio, with a triple conjunction of Mercury, Sun and Venus all in Scorpio.  Mars is in Scorpio also, but outside of the conjunction.  With Sun conjunct Mercury he is extremely bright, and the strong Scorpio qualities show an individual with a powerful personality.  I would expect that Biden’s ascendant would have a much lighter quality, perhaps Gemini or Sagittarius, that masks the intensity of the Scorpio personality.

These Scorpio planets form a square, or challenging aspect, to Obama’s Leo planets.  Most particularly, Biden’s Mars is in an exact square to Obama’s Sun, which shows that Biden will energize and inspire Obama, but also piss him off.  This can be a very exciting aspect if managed well and if the […]

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Psychology, Rush Limbaugh and the Faith Forum

John McCain/Barack Obama

With Pluto making its final swing through Sagittarius where it has transformed (Pluto) all aspects of the way we construct our theology of the meaning of life (Sagittarius), Obama and McCain joined televangelist Rick Warren for what may be the first of its kind forum for US Presidential candidates.  The fact that candidates feel it is important to share their faith with the country is an unusual development in itself, as this has not in the past been a highlight of Presidential campaigns.  John F Kennedy, famously the first Catholic candidate, minimized the importance of faith in his campaign.  Even Ronald Reagan, darling of the Religious Right, rarely attended church before he was in the White House, during or afterwards, though privately he was said to be devout in his adherence to the Bible.

Reading the candidate’s answers to the questions posed about issues like abortion and faith and the responses in the news from left-wing and right-wing media, I draw this conclusion:  Those on the right side of the aisle prefer a black and white approach to life, while those on the left prefer shades of gray and nuance.  Left-wing bloggers criticized McCain’s pat and rehearsed responses to pastor Rick Warren’s questions, while those on the right admired his clear and concise answers.  Conservative writers found Obama’s answers confusing and evasive, while more liberal writers extolled the virtues of his thoughtful and considered approach to the issues.

I’ll step out on a limb here and suggest that those with more conservative views are more security-minded and dislike change, so the lack of a strong stance that’s rooted in established tradition might be frightening.  On the other […]

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The John Edwards Matter

John Edwards

Out of respect to the Edwards family and in response to the comments of my thoughtful readers, I have edited this post.

I confess that during the Presidential campaign I became disillusioned by John Edwards, beginning with his sudden passion for populism.  Having observed him during his time in the Senate, I knew that Edwards had never shown any interest in the working poor, and this sudden crusade rang false to me. The Edwards’ live in a famously huge mansion on 100 acres outside of Chapel Hill on a property that is ringed with “no tresspassing” signs, and their children attend the prestigious Chapel Hill schools even though they live outside of the district.  To me, this is the very two Americas that Edwards spoke so passionately against.

Last week I read in the news that Edwards had ended a a scholarship program that he began during lead-up to his presidential run now that his presidential aspirations had failed which appears to me to be a confirmation that the passion for the poor was a passing fancy.

I first heard of the National Enquirer rumors about Edwards’ supposed affair last winter but in view of Elizabeth Edwards’ battle with cancer I, like other writers, chose not to address these rumors.  Today Edwards admitted to ABC News that he had an affair back in 2006 with Rielle Hunter.  Ms. Hunter had a baby in February of this year that was rumored to be Edwards’ but campaign officer Andrew Young claimed paternity.  Young has since moved, with his wife and family, out to California to be with Mr. Hunter.

Last year I wrote this profile of John Edwards:


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John McCain’s Planetary Problems

John McCain

John McCain’s Virgo Sun is undergoing a transit of Saturn which began last November, took a second hit in February, and just concluded.  Because of Saturn’s tendency to create limitations and challenge, the transit of Saturn to the Sun can make it difficult for any individual to express themselves in the best light.

McCain’s greatest weakness is his inability to relate well to others, as shown in the opposition between Saturn and Venus (love and relationships) in his birthchart.  To exacerbate the situation even more, Saturn in his chart is retrograde, showing that he is particularly self-critical, and both Saturn and Venus are squared by Chiron (healing and wounding) which shows that this has been a lifelong challenge for him and a painful one.

Currently, Uranus is beginning a challenging transit to this T-square of planets including Venus, Saturn and Chiron in McCain’s natal chart, an event that began in May as transiting Uranus collided with McCain’s Saturn, and coming to a head in June, July and August with Uranus changing direction in what we call a “station” (where the planet virtually stands still) in an exact opposition to Venus and square to Chiron.

Uranus is the Awakener, the Disrupter.  It brings about change and a radically new way of doing things.  Often when we are undergoing a planetary transit, the planet in question appears in the form of a person who exhibits the traits of that planet to introduce its influence into our lives.  Uranus is personified in this transit by Barack Obama, the cool cat with Aquarius rising (ruled by Uranus) who is all about change. And Obama’s popularity and newness (Uranus) is bringing out all of […]

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Obama, Neptune and Me

Barack Obama has a square from Neptune to the Sun in his chart.

Neptune, the planet that is shrouded in mists and mystery, is a difficult planet to have in challenging aspect to one’s Sun, the essential Self. I know this for a fact, because Neptune sits right on my own Sun in Libra. The challenging aspect from Neptune to the Sun makes it difficult for others to see you as you are; those Neptune mists obscure the rays of the Sun/Self and create a situation where others can easily create fantasies and ilusions (Neptune) about who they think you are. Later they may decide that the Neptune/Sun person was false, rather than admit to their own misconceptions and failure to see clearly what was there all along.

There is no better example of this than a man I knew quite a few years ago when I was single. I knew him for about five years before he asked me out. We dated for a couple of months, and then, in a fury, he said to me, “For five years I’ve had a fantasy about you, and you’re nothing like I imagined.”

Many of us have done the same thing with Barack Obama. Despite the fact that Obama’s positions were clear in position papers on his website, we fell in love with his beautiful voice and the inspiration of coming together for change. It never occurred to us that in uniting the country compromises would have to be made to our cherished principles.

Gail Collins had a great column in the New York Times last weekend called “She writes,

I know, I know. You’re upset. You think the guy you fell in love with last spring is spending the summer flip-flopping his way to the right. […]

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