McCain’s Transits and the Palin Family Values

I know I said I was going to take a short break from politics, but this is just too wild.  Sarah Palin, John McCain’s pick for Vice President, announced today that her 17-year old daughter Bristol is pregnant.  This is a bit ironic in light of Governor Palin’s support for funding only abstinence education in schools.  Bristol Palin is not married.

Barack Obama says, “Back off these stories,” that families are off-limits.  He reminds us that his mother was 18 when he was born.  Still, when family issues become signals of hypocrisy, are they not important to investigate?  The right wing is calling these investigations “misogynstic.”  But as I recall, the same investigations were carried out when John Edwards betrayed his family and his campaign, and the last time I looked he was a man.

And more importantly, could we have seen this in Palin’s chart?  My reader Jay asked this question a few days ago, and said she had a feeling that something might happen to cause her to drop out of the race.

Transiting Saturn is beginning a transit over Palin’s Pluto and opposite Chiron in her chart, and certainly that suggests a stressful couple of weeks.  But it’s a one-hit transit, and not a major life change.  Neptune is exactly conjunct her Sun right now, which can create some confusion, illusion and delusion (the Neptune trio).  Neptune transiting the Sun can cloud the issues and erode one’s confidence.   I have more often seen clients fall victim to delusion than perpetrate it under this transit.  Would I predict her downfall here?  Not necessarily.

We can actually see a greater degree of trouble in McCain’s chart. McCain has Saturn (reality, discipline, structure) opposed by Neptune’s dreamy misty rose colored classes.  This gives him difficulty in seeing the reality of any situation, and because […]

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The McCain-Palin Ticket: An Astrological Perspective

John McCain & Sarah Palin

Note: This will be my last political post for a short while – politics is fascinating but too much of anything is not always a good thing. An obsession with politics can too easily take us away from our own internal process and a life that is grounded in a greater reality.

(If you missed Friday’s article about Sarah Palin, catch up here.) One of the most interesting tools that astrology provides is a glimpse into the inner workings of interpersonal relationships.  Evidently McCain only met Sarah Palin once, at a governors meeting, before choosing her as his running mate, so their chemistry is untested.

I’ve updated the original profile of Sarah Palin to reflect my (educated) guess that Palin’s Moon is in Capricorn, and if that is true it harmonizes with McCain’s Moon, also in Capricorn.  The Capricorn moon has a deep-rooted drive for success and achievement of one’s goals – there is a strong sense of responsibility and respect for the establishment.

McCain and Palin share a conflict in their charts between this need for the established structure.  McCain’s Virgo Sun respects rules and requires order, and the Capricorn Moon and Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) retrograde in his chart depict a never-ending struggle to live up to one’s own regulations.  On the other hand, Mars (in volatile Leo) squares Uranus in his chart revealing his notorious temper and rebelliousness.  Palin’s Saturn conjuncts her Mars, suggesting that she must channel her drive and desires (Mars) through the rigidity of Saturn, and this combined with her Capricorn Moon is a strong indicator for someone who adheres to the rules and regulations of the status quo.  On the other hand, her strong Aquarian nature makes her a […]

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The Astrology of the Democratic Convention

The two overriding planetary aspects shadowing the Democratic National Convention over the next few days ia a long-term conjunction of Chiron (wounding and healing) to the North Node (the ascending point where the path of the Moon crosses the path of the Sun around the Earth, from our perspective on Planet Earth).  The North Node is not a planet, but in astrology it symbolizes the path of our future evolution. The conjunction of Chiron to the North Node began back in June and will continue through October.

The North Node opposes the South Node (the descending point on the path of the Sun), so an aspect to one point affects the other point as well.  The South Node denotes the past – issues and ideas that hold us back from evolving towards our destiny.  Chiron right now is therefore opposite the South Node, where it is challenging and opening old wounds from the past that are keeping us from moving forwards towards our soul’s true purpose.

This conjunction takes place in Aquarius, the sign of the collective and the urge for change, social justice, and living a life of authenticity and freedom.  One could argue that the Democratic party is ruled by these Aquarian principles of change and equality, so it is not surprising that the Convention, falling under this Chiron/Node conjunction, is opening old wounds of party issues.  The Clinton/Obama rivalry which many hoped was behind us is now heating up to a boiling point, and questions of rivalries between men and women, between those of different races, and between generations are rupturing as old wounds fester and come to the surface.  This is Chiron’s work: to bring the old wounds to the surface of our awareness so that they can be […]

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Obama-Biden: My Dream Ticket!!

Barack Obama & Joe Biden

I have to insert a disclaimer here:  I have been a huge fan of Joe Biden since he ran back in the ’90s, but I’ll attempt to be as neutral as possible under the extremely exciting circumstances.

(Note: There is an 8:30 am birthtime floating around for Joe Biden, but until this is confirmed I have used the noon chart and discount any mention of ascendant and midheaven.)

There are a lot of nearly exact aspects between the charts of these two men, something which often indicates a strong karmic connection.  If I had compared these two charts before, something that I kept meaning to do, I would probably have predicted that they have a destiny together for this reason.

There are a lot of nearly exact aspects between the charts of these two men, something which often indicates a strong karmic connection.  Joe Biden is a Scorpio, with a triple conjunction of Mercury, Sun and Venus all in Scorpio.  Mars is in Scorpio also, but outside of the conjunction.  With Sun conjunct Mercury he is extremely bright, and the strong Scorpio qualities show an individual with a powerful personality.  I would expect that Biden’s ascendant would have a much lighter quality, perhaps Gemini or Sagittarius, that masks the intensity of the Scorpio personality.

These Scorpio planets form a square, or challenging aspect, to Obama’s Leo planets.  Most particularly, Biden’s Mars is in an exact square to Obama’s Sun, which shows that Biden will energize and inspire Obama, but also piss him off.  This can be a very exciting aspect if managed well and if the […]

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Psychology, Rush Limbaugh and the Faith Forum

John McCain/Barack Obama

With Pluto making its final swing through Sagittarius where it has transformed (Pluto) all aspects of the way we construct our theology of the meaning of life (Sagittarius), Obama and McCain joined televangelist Rick Warren for what may be the first of its kind forum for US Presidential candidates.  The fact that candidates feel it is important to share their faith with the country is an unusual development in itself, as this has not in the past been a highlight of Presidential campaigns.  John F Kennedy, famously the first Catholic candidate, minimized the importance of faith in his campaign.  Even Ronald Reagan, darling of the Religious Right, rarely attended church before he was in the White House, during or afterwards, though privately he was said to be devout in his adherence to the Bible.

Reading the candidate’s answers to the questions posed about issues like abortion and faith and the responses in the news from left-wing and right-wing media, I draw this conclusion:  Those on the right side of the aisle prefer a black and white approach to life, while those on the left prefer shades of gray and nuance.  Left-wing bloggers criticized McCain’s pat and rehearsed responses to pastor Rick Warren’s questions, while those on the right admired his clear and concise answers.  Conservative writers found Obama’s answers confusing and evasive, while more liberal writers extolled the virtues of his thoughtful and considered approach to the issues.

I’ll step out on a limb here and suggest that those with more conservative views are more security-minded and dislike change, so the lack of a strong stance that’s rooted in established tradition might be frightening.  On the other […]

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