Hillary Clinton and the New Moon chart

Reports are mixed as to whether Hillary Clinton will end her campaign after the last two primaries today. On Countdown last night:

Senator Hillary Clinton appears on the verge of suspending her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, and endorsing Senator Barack Obama. That, the widespread reading of the electoral tea leaves today, after a tidal wave of separate reports that add up to the end, in sight, probably by tomorrow night. In our fifth story on the Countdown — the components: She has reportedly personally urged her top backers and financial donors to attend her speech in New York tomorrow night. She reportedly told Senator Obama last night that their staffs should begin to bargain over what to do after Tuesday. Her official schedule, after a morning speech in Washington on Wednesday, is blank…And, perhaps most saliently, her staff has reportedly been urged to turn in all of their expense reports and receipts, before the end of this week. Now the details of what is being perceived as: the final Countdown.

Today would be a beautiful time astrologically for Senator Clinton to end her arguably failed race for the nomination. The New Moon, a time of new beginnings, forms a harmonious aspect (sextile) to the conjunction in her chart of Mars and Pluto in Leo that fuels her dogged determination and refusal to say no.

The New Moon is also very close to a conjunction to Mrs. Clinton’s progressed Moon, stimulating within her a flowering of emotional awareness and an inspiration to recreate herself in some way.

Mrs. Clinton’s natal Saturn is the subject of several powerful aspects right now. Saturn in the chart shows where we build our structures, and where we find ourselves alone creating the business of our lives. […]

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Obama Quits His church: The Mars Factor

Barack Obama quit his longtime association with the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago today. Under the influence of transiting Pluto (destruction) in opposition to Venus (relationships) in Obama’s chart, the longtime association between Obama and Pastor Jeremiah Wright blew up in a very public way.

This bust-up was coming for quite some time, as seen in the progressed chart of Barack Obama which shows his progressed Mars conjunct progressed Mercury in Libra, within minutes of a challenging aspect from this conjunction to the Aries Mars and Libra Mercury in Jeremiah Wright’s chart. The Mars/Mercury conjunction in Obama’s progressed chart indicates a strengthening of his mental (Mercury) will (Mars), and demonstrates his readiness for the fight that is still to come against McCain. Under the influence of Mars we seek independence, and the opposition of Obama’s progressed Mars to Wright’s natal Mars illustrates the separation of Obama’s desire for harmony (Libra) to Wright’s own inner conflict between the ideal of harmony (Mercury in Libra) to his thirst for vengeance (Mars in Aries).

If the new chart for Obama is correct, we also see transiting Mars conjunct his Leo Sun and preparing to cross over his descendant, the cusp of the seventh house of partnership and open enemies. He is ready for battle, and using the sword of Mars to make changes where necessary.

Still, the process is painful for him as we can see from the transit of Saturn (testing his strength) over Chiron (old painful psychic wounds) in his natal chart.

Personally, I wish that Obama had stood his ground on this issue rather than cave in to the pressure of the campaign because there is an opportunity here for white America to learn about black America. But realistically I realize […]

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Scott McClellan: The Emperor Isn’t Wearing Any Clothes!

Scott McClellan is not the first Bush insider to write an expose of the disaster that is the Bush presidency, but he is the most surprising. James Hoopes, author of Hail to the CEO: The Failure of George W. Bush and the Cult of Moral Leadership says that Bush is the target of more tell-all books than any other American president including books by former terrorism czar Richard Clark, Treasury secretary Paul O’Neill, and David Kuo, former head of Bush’s faith-based initiatives.

Scott McClellan was the ultimate loyalist: the good soldier who admired the way George Bush had drawn together a bipartisan government in Texas and began serving as deputy communications director back in 1999 when Bush was still Governor. As press secretary he dutifully did his job as presidential spokesliar (® Stephanie Miller) but if you looked carefully you could see he wasn’t cut out for that job. Unlike Ari Fleischer, who was smooth and silky as he delivered the cooked-up messages given to him by the Bush White House, McClelland was stiff and visibly uncomfortable.

This week his new book, What Happened, was released. The book reveals his inner struggles as he grew to realize that he was being used as an unwitting pawn in the White House game of power and deception.

Scott McClellan (2/14/1968) was born with the Sun conjunct Mercury in Aquarius, the sign of the radical – the revolutionary. The seeker of justice who desires a change of the status quo. McClellan talks about wanting in the early years to be a part of the change that Bush said he would bring to the White House and admired the bipartisanship that […]

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Ted Kennedy Diagnosed With Brain Tumor

photo reprinted without permission from the Boston Globe

Ted Kennedy was rushed to the hospital last weekend after suffering a seizure in his home, and today his doctors announced that tests had revealed a malignant brain tumor in the left parietal lobe of his brain. As he is one of the most respected elder Democratic statesmen as well as the last giant in a family of political giants, this is a sad day for Democrats and for the political world in general.

Ted Kennedy’s astrology chart shows that his Sun is in Pisces, which is widely known to be the sign of the saint and the drunk because of the urge within the Pisces soul to transcend the dull and ordinary mundane reality and experience something more transcendent. However, Kennedy’s achievement-oriented Capricorn ascendant ensures that he is brought back to reality time and time again.

To complicate matters further, Mars and Mercury in his chart are conjunct in Aquarius – the sign of the visionary and a fervor for social justice and equality, as we have seen during Kennedy’s long years of service. However, the Aquarian tendency towards rational intellect does not integrate well with the Pisces longing for redemption and transcendence, and because his Sun opposes Pisces’ ruler Neptune (a double whammy connecting his Sun to the Pisces archetype) this longing stirs powerfully within him. Kennedy is well known for his long battle with alcoholism and this is not uncommon in the charts of strongly Piscean individuals, especially if they have a hyper-critical Virgo Moon and the relentless pressure of the Capricorn ascendant and first house Saturn which strives for achievement and the fulfillment of one’s destiny.

Kennedy’s seizure occurred […]

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A new birthchart for Barack Obama!

Evidently astrologer Joni Patry announced at the UAC conference this week that she had obtained an accurate birthtime from a client who is closely involved in the Obama campaign. :

The time is 7:11 pm, and the date (as known previously) Aug. 4, 1961 in Honolulu. The chart gives 14+ Aquarius rising.

Patry told me that since it was obtained from a “private government website,” a copy of the document would not be available. It cannot, therefore, be authenticated and under the Lois Rodden rating system, which sets the industry standard, it is “dirty data” or DD rating because there is not documentation, and there are conflicting times. By contrast, a birth certificate in hand gets an AA rating and “from memory” gets an A rating. DD is the lowest rating.

Sources at the conference told me that people from the late Rodden’s company, Astrodatabank, were working with Patry and others to verify the authenticity of the documentation involved.

The Aquarius ascendant (see new chart) makes a lot more sense than the Scorpio ascendant which has been floating around, and reflects the universal appeal that Obama has. Aquarius is the sign of change – radical, revolutionary, innovative change. No wonder his slogan is “Change we can believe in.” Aquarius desires social justice and liberty and equality for everyone. Moreover, Aquarius tends to be rather impersonal and detached and Obama has developed a reputation for being cool and somewhat aloof, both Aquariuan characteristics.

Obama’s history of reconciliation and compromise, a Libran characteristic, was not reflected in the solar chart using just the birthdate or any of the other birthtimes proposed for him, but this 7:11 pm time shows […]

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