A new birthchart for Barack Obama!

Evidently astrologer Joni Patry announced at the UAC conference this week that she had obtained an accurate birthtime from a client who is closely involved in the Obama campaign. :

The time is 7:11 pm, and the date (as known previously) Aug. 4, 1961 in Honolulu. The chart gives 14+ Aquarius rising.

Patry told me that since it was obtained from a “private government website,” a copy of the document would not be available. It cannot, therefore, be authenticated and under the Lois Rodden rating system, which sets the industry standard, it is “dirty data” or DD rating because there is not documentation, and there are conflicting times. By contrast, a birth certificate in hand gets an AA rating and “from memory” gets an A rating. DD is the lowest rating.

Sources at the conference told me that people from the late Rodden’s company, Astrodatabank, were working with Patry and others to verify the authenticity of the documentation involved.

The Aquarius ascendant (see new chart) makes a lot more sense than the Scorpio ascendant which has been floating around, and reflects the universal appeal that Obama has. Aquarius is the sign of change – radical, revolutionary, innovative change. No wonder his slogan is “Change we can believe in.” Aquarius desires social justice and liberty and equality for everyone. Moreover, Aquarius tends to be rather impersonal and detached and Obama has developed a reputation for being cool and somewhat aloof, both Aquariuan characteristics.

Obama’s history of reconciliation and compromise, a Libran characteristic, was not reflected in the solar chart using just the birthdate or any of the other birthtimes proposed for him, but this 7:11 pm time shows […]

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Possible danger coming up for Obama

We still don’t have a verified birthtime for Obama so I am using a solar chart which makes it difficult to offer specific predictions, but there are a few interesting planetary cycles coming up for him that will be interesting to watch.

First, regarding Obama’s relationships, the first and second phases of the opposition of transiting Pluto to Obama’s Venus blew up (Pluto) Obama’s longtime spiritual partnership with Jeremiah Wright. The third and final phase of that cycle won’t occur until December and January, safely after the election. Meanwhile, earlier this month as transiting Saturn (discipline and commitment) prepared to turn direct it made a station in a harmonious aspect (sextile) to that very same Venus (relationships) and will be sitting there for another week or so. This appears to be coinciding with the increasing solidity (Saturn) of his alliances (Venus) in the same Democratic Party establishment (Saturn) that courted Hillary Clinton just a few months ago.

Obama is no doubt energized and superconfident right now, as well as lucky, with transiting Jupiter having just turned retrograde in a trine to Obama’s Mars. Mars is our individual drive, and anger, and physical energy; transits of Jupiter open doors of opportunity and expand our ability to achieve our desires.

There is, however, a dangerous aspect looming on the horizon: a “double whammy” combination of transits from Mars to Uranus and from Uranus to Mars. When these two conflict, there are fireworks and danger from accidents or violence of some kind, and the opposition from Uranus to Mars in Obama’s chart occurs as transiting Uranus is at its most powerful, between now and early August. Transiting Mars will hit Uranus in his chart around the 23rd of June, […]

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Barack and Hillary’s Tarot Profiles

Beth Owl’s daughter has posted some very interesting profiles of the two candidates (still two, as of this writing!!) based on their Tarot profile. The Tarot profile come from the numerology of the birth date and is quite interesting!

For example, Obama’s Tarot profile is derived from the Judgment, High Priestess, and Justice cards. Beth writes:

As a lightning rod for America’s racial divisions, his Justice card challenge is to deal with the problems of racism while also remaining impartial and distancing himself from being defined by them. Tapping into his gifts of the High Priestess, he truly can become a bridge across the abyss – between the past and the future. Like her, he sits between the columns of black and white.

Because they seem so self-contained, yet enigmatic, people with this profile naturally engender profound trust, and often, even casual acquaintances will confide their innermost secrets and longings. High Priestess/Judgment/Justice people are world-class listeners, and exude a sense of serene acceptance, often simply mirroring back to those around them, but seeming as if they know their thoughts. This quality of enabling people to feel heard and seen is a rare and great gift.

It is no surprise that Barack Obama has sometimes been characterized as aloof or even messianic. The High Priestess/Judgment/Justice profile is someone who walks his talk. He is deep, not easy to know, and is rarely casual or chummy. He is on a mission, a sacred calling, and is someone to whom compromise may seem like excuse-making. The energy that flows around his profile is such that he would always be deeply sensitive to the possibility of imminent, apocalyptic change.

Hillary’s profile is based on the World, the Empress and the Hanged Man. According to Beth,

Hillary Clinton would never doubt that anything is […]

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The New Moon and the May 6 Primary

The New Moon occurred yesterday at 17 degrees Taurus. At the New Moon, the Sun and the solar principle of conscious awareness conjoins the lunar principle of instinctive reaction. The New Moon is the beginning of the solar cycle, in which the Moon rejoins the Sun to begin a new phase of life.

The New Moon on May 5 closely preceded an important primary in the US presidential race and fell in the tenth house of Barack Obama’s chart. The tenth house is the house of career but more than that, it identifies where we find our true life path. We may have a career as an accountant but feel our life path is as a bodyworker – in that case the accountant job falls in the sixth house of work rather than the tenth house which would house the bodywork practice.

This is the primary that turned the corner once and for all and cements Obama’s candidacy, despite the transit of Pluto opposing Venus in Obama’s chart that ended his long-time relationship (Venus) with his former pastor, the egomaniac Jeremiah Wright. (Wright, incidentally, is going through a transit of Pluto in square to his Neptune/Sun conjunction.) Except for the Pluto/Venus transit, this is a good planetary time for Obama with transiting Jupiter at a station on his natal Saturn over the next few months and bringing opportunities (Jupiter) for success (Saturn), rewarding his hard work and discipline. The New Moon also formed a trine to Mars in Obama’s chart, energizing him to continue his battle (Mars) for the White House.

This has not, however, deterred Hillary Clinton who, as we’ve noticed many times in this column, is exhibiting the dogged determination typical of Scorpios. The Taurus New Moon formed a […]

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John McCain: President Hothead?

A couple of years ago I wrote a post entitled “John McCain will never be president,” and followed it up with “John McCain will never be president Part II.” I never posted a complete profile of McCain on my website because it never occurred to me that two years later he would be the Republican nominee for president. I don’t like to be wrong, but I sure called it wrong this time. So I have now posted that McCain profile on my site here.

Jill had a very interesting post yesterday about the psychology of John McCain’s legendary anger, citing this article in the UK Independent which quotes McCain:

Right up to his twenties, he remained a strikingly violent man, “ready to fight at the drop of a hat”, according to his biographer Robert Timberg. This rage seems to be at the core of his personality: describing his own childhood, McCain has written: “At the smallest provocation I would go off into a mad frenzy, and then suddenly crash to the floor unconscious. When I got angry I held my breath until I blacked out.”

Jill suggests that these behaviors point to a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder, a categorization of mental illness that has only been widely known since 1980 when it was officially classified as a disorder. Biographies of McCain have noted his extreme recklessness and rage going back to his school years where he was nicknamed “Punk” and “Nasty.” By entering the military he not only followed in the footsteps of his father, but also gave himself an outlet for his legendary anger.

I’ll refer you to the new article for the complete profile of McCain, but this is the part that is most relevant to the anger piece:


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