Obama’s Announcement Chart

To me, the jury is still out on the void moon (the moon is said to be void after it makes the last aspect to another planet before entering the next sign), but today I received an email from a reader quoting a newsgroup post that said

“Please help me with the astrology of Obama’s campaign. He announced his run on Feb 10, 2007, 10:13am CST, Springfield IL. Asc 8TAU42. Source – BBC covered the event live with a local time ticker which froze at the moment of the announcement. I was watching.

At first glance there are serious problems. A voided waning Moon in Scorpio – void in the classical and modern sense. In fact, it is very seriously void, with the next ptolemaic being a square to radix Mercury 14 degrees later.

The V/C tables that I consulted indicate that the moon was not void of course until the following day, but looking at the chart of the event it certainly does appear that the moon had made its last aspect before passing out of Scorpio.

Astrological lore instructs us not to enter into any ventures when the moon is void of course. Astroprofile, a great resource for all kinds of data, says “It is a time of the minutes or hours of chaos, disruption, nothing works right…times when we make bad decisions.”

It’s interesting then that Obama, with an announcement chart that includes a void of course moon, has shot from last place into a strong lead in the presidential campaign. Perhaps what the void of course moon has done, rather than doom him to a bad decision, is to offer up results that have broken all of the rules of political campaigns.

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Dharmaruci on Obama as Medicine Man

Dharmaruci evidently hasn’t been swept away by Obamania as I have, so his post on Obama as “” is a clearer-headed one than any you will find in this column:

The man creates a very strong impression on people. One of the strengths of astrology is that it can stand outside of strong impressions and look at the chart as an entity in itself, and reflect that back to the person. Whatever time he was born, he has Sun in Leo square to Neptune. And in the 1.06 chart (and for much of the day) he has Moon square to Pluto, and I want to run with this. This is HOT. The 2 most powerfully transformative planets – Pluto and Neptune – in challenging relationships with the 2 planets most central to the personality, the Sun and Moon.

He’s working at a heat that most of us could not withstand. Squares are very challenging and very creative, if you can handle them. And has the 2 most challenging squares of all. What you need to get them right is to have a healthy and steady Sun and Moon, to be aware of yourself, so that you can then be a channel for something bigger that has its own purposes. Obama is a channel, the squares give a strong dynamism and responsiveness in relation to the collective needs and desires of the USA. People sense this very strongly: here is someone deeply tuned into the collective.

The most powerful leaders will tend to have this. Hitler, for example, had the Pluto-Neptune conjunction of his time unaspected in his chart, in his case making him an undiscriminating channel for the desires of the collective: the lack of aspects […]

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Pluto in Capricorn and the Urge for Change

quote is from Margaret Mead

There’s no doubt that we are seeing a shift on the world stage along with the shift of Pluto into Capricorn last month. It seems that people all over the world are thirsting for change – to break down (Pluto) the old establishments (Capricorn) and rebuild something better.

  • Fidel Castro has stepped down as dictator of Cuba after 50 years of rule.
  • Kosovo has declared its independence from Serbia, deepening the rift between the West (led by Russia) and the East (led by the US) as nations take sides.
  • Pakistan elections ousted Musharraf’s cronies and installed new Parliament members that will change the balance of power in that country.
  • In the US, a call for change by Barack Obama is sweeping the nation.

It makes sense with Pluto in Capricorn that the desire here is for change simply for the sake of change. Capricorn builds the structures that society depends on: schools, governments, marriage, housing. Pluto seeks to transform those structures, and this hunger for change at this time is not very well directed. This is frightening to those who are entrenched in those structures that are about to change because with Pluto there is no way to control the rising tide. Change happens – the tornado lifts the house and you don’t know until the storm is over where the house will land.

In my work I have seen that Pluto acts as the “will of the higher self.” When we are in a Pluto transit, our higher self takes over and shows the way. We can’t control what is happening, but like the tornado experience we must simply let go and create an intention that the result be for our highest good.

In 1995, when Pluto entered Sagittarius, […]

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The Eclipse and the unmasking of John McCain

Last night’s eclipse was spectacular! We had a thick blanket of clouds here, but the clouds parted long enough to expose the eclipsed Moon through a smoky light. I wish I had decent nighttime photography equipment. Of course it kept me up all night – recently I find I don’t sleep during the Full Moon and this eclipse had a power all its own.

You may remember from my article here a few days ago that the eclipse would conjunct both John McCain and Mike Huckabee’s Virgo Suns. I didn’t make much of it because McCain is undergoing a transit of Saturn to his Sun of which this is the second phase, and it has only strengthened his candidacy. But eclipses can bring about sudden changes and as one reader wrote, the “unmasking” and revelation of Truth.

John McCain wants to be president so badly that after Karl Rove spread whisper campaigns that his adopted Bangladeshi daughter was an illegitimate black child, and that his wife Cindy was addicted to prescription drugs, he still sold his soul to President Bush in exchange for his support (see photo).

Last night’s Keith Olbermann program featured a story on new revelations to come out of the New York Times today that John McCain had had an “improper” relationship with a lobbyist during the 2000 election. Olbermann is a great gossip, but his reporting of this story focused on the tittilation of the possible relationship. Reading the reveals other long-forgotten aspects of John McCain that are in my view more damaging:

  • In 1989 the Lincoln Savings and Loan Association collapsed, and its CEO, Charles Keating, turned out to be a major […]
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The Candidates and the Lunar Eclipse

Two weeks ago we looked at how the solar eclipse on February 6th would affect the remaining presidential candidates; today let’s take a look at what effect tomorrow’s lunar eclipse could have.

Tomorrow’s eclipse shows the Sun and Moon opposed at 2 degrees Pisces/Virgo, with the Moon conjunct Saturn, trined by Pluto which is very close to a tight aspect to a difficult opposition of Pluto to Chiron in the chart of Barack Obama. Obama is in the middle of a challenging cycle of transiting Saturn conjunct Pluto in his chart which began back in October. As I mentioned in the last article, this is a cycle that can bring great tests but also an increase in stability and power, and it seems to be having the latter effect for Obama. This eclipse will bring a challenge for him, and he could lose several states during this period. However, the eclipse also makes a sextile to Venus in Obama’s chart and it is likely that he will forge several new alliances during this period.

Hillary Clinton was hard hit by the February 6 eclipse, but tomorrow’s eclipse will have little effect on her other than a square of the lunation (Sun and Moon opposition) to her natal Jupiter. Jupiter shows our confidence level and how strong our sense of our own abilities is, and Jupiter squares can inflate our sense of our own importance and make it difficult to see reality. This is a minor problem overall, and Mrs. Clinton has survived some very ugly planetary cycles over the past few years. She’s not going anywhere any time soon.

I’m still getting over the fact that John McCain is still in the race. But like Clinton, he […]

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