Super Tuesday and the Eclipse

Tomorrow voters in 24 states plus American Samoa will go to the polls to express their opinion about the presidential election. Most of us know by now that we don’t really get to vote for our president (maybe this is something Pluto in Capricorn can fix) – we just get to express our opinion and hope that the delegates in our state vote the way the state requests.

This Super Tuesday event falls in the shadow of the upcoming (annular) solar eclipse at the New Moon on February 6 with the Sun and Moon conjunct at 17 degrees Aquarius. The New Moon is part of a stellium (grouping) of Aquarian planets which includes Chiron, Mercury and Neptune as well as the Sun and Moon. Aquarius is associated with invention, technology, originality, and humanitarian goals but can also be emotionally detached and quirky. Venus also makes a sextile (harmonious aspect) to Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) during the New Moon which accelerates the radical revolutionary energy of the time. All of this Uranian/Aquarian energy is perfect for an election which is all about change.

Let’s compare the charts of the four major presidential candidates with the eclipse chart. Remember that in the lunar eclipse it is the Moon’s light of instinct and emotion that is kept in darkness.

Barack Obama – the Aquarius stellium (including the New Moon and North Node) falls in his seventh house of partnerships and open enemies, suggesting that he will pick up new key endorsements and forge new alliances. The North Node in the eclipse chart opposes Obama’s own North Node within 1 degree, suggesting a challenge (opposition) in his ability to perfect his destiny (North Node). Surprisingly, none of the other Aquarius planets oppose Obama’s Leo planets except for a separating opposition of […]

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Bill Clinton, Anger and the Eclipse

Our Bill (as I fondly call him) is widely noted for the charm of his Libra ascendant (and an astonishing five planets in Libra!!) and his ability to schmooze with just about anyone. He is also widely known for a bad temper (Mars conjunct Neptune in Libra on the ascendant). In his biography, he wrote of his anger as quoted in the New York Times:

“I was a little disturbed by my anger, the currents of which would prove deeper and stronger in the years ahead,” Mr. Clinton wrote. “Because of the way Daddy behaved when he was angry and drunk, I associated anger with being out of control and I was determined not to lose control. Doing so could unleash the deeper, constant anger I kept locked away because I didn’t know where it came from.”

Clinton’s anger has been in the news over the past year as Mrs. Clinton’s run for President and the increasing competition from Barack Obama has become more and more intense. Reporters sense that Clinton’s anger is growing, so I had to take a look at his chart.

The progressed chart shows what we are like in the present moment, and Clinton’s progressed chart shows Mars very tightly (within 5 minutes) conjunct Mercury in the passionate sign of Scorpio. The conjunction will be partile (exact) in early February just as the Aquarius lunar eclipse on February 6 makes an extremely tight aspect (square) to this conjunction. I expect we’ll see some big fireworks then!

Clinton has also been in the “Progressed New Moon” cycle, with his progressed Moon conjunct his Sun back in December. This is a new beginning, an opportunity to begin something new, and it was at that point that Bill Clinton began to take on his wife’s campaign responsibilities with a […]

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China: The face of Pluto in Capricorn

If you have any question about where the balance of power in the world is heading, check out entitled “The Last Empire: Can the world survive China’s rush to emulate America’s way of life?”

The grander astonishment is the most massive and rapid redistribution of the earth’s resources in human history. In a mere two and a half decades, China has awakened from Maoist stagnancy to become the world’s manufacturer. Among the planet’s 193 nations, it is now first in production of coal, steel, cement, and 10 kinds of metal; it produces half the world’s cameras and nearly a third of its TVs, and by 2015 may produce the most cars. It boasts factories that can accommodate 200,000 workers, and towns that make 60 percent of the world’s buttons, half the world’s silk neckties, and half the world’s fireworks, respectively.

China has also become a ravenous consumer. Its appetite for raw materials drives up international commodity prices and shipping rates while its middle class, projected to jump from fewer than 100 million people now to 700 million by 2020, is learning the gratifications of consumerism. China is by a wide margin the leading importer of a cornucopia of commodities, including iron ore, steel, copper, tin, zinc, aluminum, and nickel. It is the world’s biggest consumer of coal, refrigerators, grain, cell phones, fertilizer, and television sets. It not only leads the world in coal consumption, with 2.5 billion tons in 2006, but uses more than the next three highest-ranked nations—the United States, Russia, and India—combined. China uses half the world’s steel and concrete and will probably construct half the world’s new buildings over the next decade. So omnivorous is the Chinese appetite for imports that when the […]

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Barack Obama Shines in Iowa

(Disclosure: Obama is my pick for President in 2008).

One year ago I wrote an astrological profile of Barack Obama when it appeared he had some real staying power for the Democratic party. Previously he had been little known other than as a junior senator from Illinois and for an exceptional keynote speech he delivered at the party convention in 2004. It appeared possible that Obama was more hype than substance, but a year on the campaign trail has dispelled all notions that Obama is a passing phase.

Since then, astrologers have worked diligently to try to find a birth time for Obama. Astrology has come a long way, but not to the point where our political leaders provide birth times to astrologers. Michael Wolfstar uses the 1:06 pm birth time which presumably came from the late Frances McEvoy, but that chart, with Scorpio rising, does not ring true for me and you can find out why here. So I continue to use noon for Obama’s chart rather than take a chance with an unverified birth time.

Obama’s progressed Moon has just changed signs, entering Aquarius after a 2-1/2 year stint in hardworking Capricorn. The shift from Capricorn to Aquarius is a transition from the Capricornian hard work and discipline to the vision of Aquarius that simply opens up the mind to receive insight from the higher planes. This reflects the fact that the slogging through the campaign trail may be over, and now Obama is merely shining a light and asking people to follow. The American people are looking for not only change – they want something completely different and we see this coming to a head with the election chart in November that has […]

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More on the Pakistan crisis

Thanks to Joe for the heads up on of the situation in Pakistan. I have left her a comment to see where she obtained the data for the partition chart is midnight of August 15, 1947. The chart usually used (and the one I have used for my analyses) is for August 14, 1947 at 9:30 am when the republic of Pakistan was declared, and some astrologers use the 1956 birth of the Islamic Republic.

At any rate, JM as always has a very interesting take on the situation:

The departure of Benazir Bhutto is an auspicious event metaphysically. And she was fully prepared. It occurred with Mars retrograde in Cancer indicating that Pakistan cannot go back to the past and that the Islamic worldwide revolution can proceed. People think the religious struggle on the planet now is primarily among Christians, Jews, and Moslems, but this is not the case. The conflict among Moslems, Hindus, and Buddhists is a basic part of the situation and the separation of Pakistan from India is intrinsic to the story. The partition was a terrible event in Asia’s history and is still causing problems, symbolic of the global separations people are dealing with now as Pluto slowly leaves Sagittarius.

The partition of Pakistan and India along religious lines resulted in the largest migration in human history, with 17 million people fleeing across the borders in both directions to escape the accompanying sectarian violence.
Civil division has caused some of the worst difficulties known to humanity. If you want to see some amazing astrology take a look at this chart. The birth of Pakistan as a republic was later in 1956, but that’s not the important chart. The partition tells the tale, in terms of the Pluto exit and the ethnic wars.

The […]

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