Can Hillary Clinton Win? View from the asteroids

Rollan McCleary sent me to an article he wrote that is quite fascinating. Some excerpted tidbits:

Opposite Hillary’s name asteroid and conjunct her so called Nadir angle,( the home base in any chart) is of all things asteroid, Whitehouse! I accept with the Bible that the skies “utter knowledge” (Ps 19:2) and this seems as near as the heavens could get to telling us where Hillary’s truest home would one day be. Granted George Bush’s natus by comparison doesn’t show Whitehouse on the same angle. Instead it’s minutes off the degree of a world point perhaps reflecting someone who can rule the world from the Whitehouse while preferring to be absent from it and perhaps not thinking of it much as home. However, both Hillary and Bush have Whitehouse in retrograde which for astrology can signify a return factor. Bush was returned to the Whitehouse for a second term, might Hillary now return home more gloriously ?

Inside Hillary’s career house we find not only Hillary and Fama (Fame) but asteroid, Washingtonia (i.e. Washington because asteroids were originally registered in feminine form) and this Washington is making close aspects, one hard, one easy, to Hillary C’s Mercury and Saturn respectively. Since Hillary has already been First Lady this combination, though suggestive, cannot by itself guarantee winning the Whitehouse race for which her chances must be analyzed by other means as I do in conclusion.

The article is quite lengthy and has a very compelling comparison of the charts of President Bush and the USA. However, I do not agree with his use of the Scorpio rising chart for the USA; I instead use the Sibley chart which I find to be much more accurate.

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Jupiter-Pluto and the End of the War on Terror?

Posted by On 12th December there will be an exact conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius. It relates to all sorts of things, such as the sub-prime scam and the bursting of the credit bubble. But it also has a lot to do with the War on Terror: Pluto is war and secret attacks, Sagittarius gives religious fundamentalism as the motive, which Jupiter can also suggest, as well as expanding it out of all proportion.

But conjunctions are beginnings/endings of cycles, so we may well see some new phase in the War on Terror. I use the chart for 9/11 for this war – 8.46am 11 Sept 2001, New York – and what I have been aware of this year is that the 9/11 chart had a Progressed New Moon in August, which again suggests the beginning of a new phase.

I think that this war takes place as much inside of George Bush’s head as anywhere else. It was him who first used the term, and he has since used it as a single category for any person/country who he considers to be an enemy of America. To start with, it was a war against those who had brought about 9/11. But none of the resulting military activity has actually had much to do with 9/11. And he’s fudged it, drawing in Iraq, Iran and North Korea, his ‘Axis of Evil’, as all somehow connected to this ‘war’.

The only attack America has had on its home territory in this ‘war’ was 9/11 itself; the only attack the UK has had (America’s main ally in this war) were the July bombings of 2005. Yet this ‘threat’ has been used to justify rafts of measures in both countries that undermine […]

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A crisis for Pakistan

Benazir Bhutto was killed yesterday in a suicide bombing widely attributed to the Taliban and Al Qaeda although some suspect the work of Pervez Musharraf while government officials report that no bullet or shrapnel was found in her body and that instead she was killed when she ducked trying to avoid being hit.

At any rate, the attack occurs when transiting Pluto is within seven minutes of the final exact square to the Virgo ascendant and opposition to the Gemini midheaven in the chart of Pakistan, changing the face of the image (Ascendant) as well as its public role (Midheaven) of that country forever. Transits of outer planets to the angles (Ascendant and Midheaven) demonstrate life-changing periods of crisis. Reactions by supporters to Bhutto’s assassination could help to continue to destabilize that already tenuous country which would have ramifications around the world if the hardline Islamists gain even more power there than they had already taken.

Pluto first opposed the Pakistan ascendant back in February through April of 2007, stationing right on the descendant point which governs the polarity between the effect of relationships on the national identity. At the same time, Pluto was exactly square the chart’s Midheaven which includes a conjunction of Mars and Uranus right on the Midheaven point. It is no mystery as to why this is such a volatile period in Pakistani history.

Wherever Pluto appears we are always dealing with issues of power as well as of death of an old order and the rebirth of a new one. In early March of 2007 when Pluto was within 10 minutes of an exact opposition to the ascendant, Musharraf suspended the chief justice and shut down the media, setting off a firestorm of opposition to Musharraf’s rule.

 gives a comprehensive timeline for […]

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Vladmir Putin claims a moral right to stay in power

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Vladmir Putin  that he had a moral right to continue to wield influence in Russia. It has long been suspected that he would take steps to stay in power after his term as president runs out next year, and to many these words are confirmation of that intention.

Though Vladmir Putin is a Libra with four planets in that sign of harmony and beauty, the intense sign of Scorpio is rising in his chart. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, and Pluto is concerned with matters of power. Pluto in Putin’s chart is prominently placed at the Midheaven, the highest point in the chart that reveals our highest aspirations and goals, so it is clear that for Putin, the desire for power is a guiding force that motivates his career and his life.

The Libran influence is made even stronger by the placement of Venus, Libra’s ruler, in the first house of personal identity. Venus shows a facility with personal relationships and in Scorpio there is a charisma with a sexual undertone that is clearly visible to the casual observer from its placement in the first house. Jupiter in Taurus (ruled by Venus) in the seventh house of partnership and open enemies (also ruled by Venus) expands this Venusian theme, and the fact that Jupiter is opposite Venus provides yet another Venusian signature. This guy is as lucky as you can get, but Venus is not all sweetness and light. Venus can also be self-indulgent, especially when opposed by Jupiter in Taurus, greedy and fickle, and in her form of Aphrodite she was legendary for the wrath that she exhibited to those who failed to worship her.

The combination of Libra and Scorpio is a potent […]

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Who is the real Stephen Colbert?

Stephen Colbert, political satirist and star of Comedy Central’s show “The Colbert (pronounced Colbear) Report (pronounced Repor) has announced his candidacy for president of the United States. He will be running as both a Democrat and a Republican, a “Favorite Son” candidate in South Carolina. His announcement for candidacy defied any other candidate to pander to South Carolina more than he will:

Stephen Colbert’s astrological chart is a fascinating combination of extremely stressful planetary configurations combined with a series of harmonious ones indicating severe challenge in life combined with great ease and success. He was born with the Sun in Taurus in an exact opposition to Neptune, a signature of an individual who has an excess amount of creativity and a vivid imagination to the point where one’s fantasy life (Neptune) can interfere with one’s sense of reality (Sun). There can be a sense of a loss of self with this placement which is common in the charts of actors who utilize this quality to slip in and out of character. Many comedians have adopted alter egos (just watch Saturday Night Live for a few examples), but Colbert has adopted a duality of his own identity instead as an expression of this Sun/Neptune opposition.

The stabilizing but stubborn Taurus influence has probably been instrumental in keeping Colbert’s feet firmly on the ground. Along with the Sun, Colbert’s chart shows Jupiter (good fortune), Mars (aggression) and Mercury (communication) in a fairly tight conjunction in Taurus, the sign of perseverance and security. Jupiter in Taurus requires a solid base from which to explore one’s life, there is a need for beauty and comfort in one’s surroundings as well as a natural gift for accumulating wealth. Mars […]

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