Who is the real Stephen Colbert?

Stephen Colbert, political satirist and star of Comedy Central’s show “The Colbert (pronounced Colbear) Report (pronounced Repor) has announced his candidacy for president of the United States. He will be running as both a Democrat and a Republican, a “Favorite Son” candidate in South Carolina. His announcement for candidacy defied any other candidate to pander to South Carolina more than he will:

Stephen Colbert’s astrological chart is a fascinating combination of extremely stressful planetary configurations combined with a series of harmonious ones indicating severe challenge in life combined with great ease and success. He was born with the Sun in Taurus in an exact opposition to Neptune, a signature of an individual who has an excess amount of creativity and a vivid imagination to the point where one’s fantasy life (Neptune) can interfere with one’s sense of reality (Sun). There can be a sense of a loss of self with this placement which is common in the charts of actors who utilize this quality to slip in and out of character. Many comedians have adopted alter egos (just watch Saturday Night Live for a few examples), but Colbert has adopted a duality of his own identity instead as an expression of this Sun/Neptune opposition.

The stabilizing but stubborn Taurus influence has probably been instrumental in keeping Colbert’s feet firmly on the ground. Along with the Sun, Colbert’s chart shows Jupiter (good fortune), Mars (aggression) and Mercury (communication) in a fairly tight conjunction in Taurus, the sign of perseverance and security. Jupiter in Taurus requires a solid base from which to explore one’s life, there is a need for beauty and comfort in one’s surroundings as well as a natural gift for accumulating wealth. Mars […]

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Astrology chart for Russia

RussiaWith the sudden chill in relations between the US and Russia I went on the hunt for a birthchart for modern Russia and found this is a complicated question.

December 8, 1991 is the date that Belarus, the Russian Federation and the Ukraine announced the Minsk Declaration which dissolved the Soviet Union, but the agreement wasn’t ratified by the Russian Parliament until the 12th of December that year at 13:22 according to Nick Campion. On the other hand,  uses the chart of December 25, 1991 when the flag for the new Russia began flying at the Kremlin.

The late Zipporah “Zip” Dobyns, one of the world’s most celebrated astrologers, uses yet another chart: the chart of  in August of 1991. Her reasoning in using this chart is because “it works” to explain subsequent events better than the other dates. With all due respect to the memory of Ms. Dobyns, this doesn’t seem a very scholarly way to approach the birth of a nation.

To me the date that makes the most sense from a historical point of view is the date that the Russian Federation declared its independence from the Soviet Union which was June 12, 1990. This is the date that the First Congress of People’s Deputies of the Russian Federation adopted the Declaration on Russia’s National Sovereignty which seems to me to be a very formal declaration of statehood and a strong basis for an astrological chart. This is the day that is celebrated as the Day of Russia and is identified by modern Russians as the birth of their nation.

This chart is a very interesting one, with a 26 degree Virgo ascendant which has been squared by Pluto over the past […]

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Russia and Vladmir Putin


In yesterday’s post I reviewed the reasoning behind the various charts for “modern Russia,” the nation that emerged after the fall of the Soviet Union. The one I have selected is the chart from the declaration of independence by the Russian Federation.

The Gemini Sun, showing a tendency towards change and a facility with different roles, sits right on the Midheaven which in traditional astrology is considered a symbol of great power. This is a singleton Sun, meaning it makes no traditional aspects to any other planet (other than a square to the ascendant). This reflects the isolation of modern Russia which stands alone without any real allies. Russia is linked to China and to Iran, but those relationships are tenuous at best and primarily serve the purpose of opposing the US (more on that later).

The Moon in this chart is in Aquarius, illustrating that the political entity that we know as modern Russia is concerned primarily with matters of reason rather than emotion. With Virgo rising in the chart there is a focus on details and a dislike of blatant expressions of ego. This is also interesting because the South Node of this chart is in Leo, showing that a focus on the ego of the nation is in the past. We no longer see the loud declarations of power coming out of Russia as in the cold war; instead there is a quiet and strategic attention to the details (Virgo) which has brought about a significant improvement in the economics of the country.

That quiet Virgoan strategy is offset somewhat by the placement of Mars, denoting the aggressive instincts of the nation, in its own sign of Aries and in the seventh house of partnership. Mars makes […]

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A Look at Mitt Romney

MittMitt Romney is gaining a bit of a reputation as a flip-flopper, but with three planets in Pisces (plus Ceres) it’s his nature to be adaptable. Pisces is the most watery of the water planets: Cancer is an earthy water and Scorpio is a fiery water, but Pisces is pure water in the sense that it tends to take the shape of whatever container it finds itself in. Pisces longs for peace and an understanding that there is more to life than this material world. There is a strong sense of empathy and sensitivity in someone who has a strong Pisces nature, but there is also a dislike of confrontation and a tendency toward escapism that can lead him to take the easy path rather than the one that is more true to his nature.

Mars and Mercury fall in Pisces as well as his Sun, giving him a strong Piscean nature. Mercury in Pisces shows that his mental function is very watery and intuitive, as well as being flexible and adaptable. If something isn’t working, he has no problem changing his mind to fit the current circumstance. And Mars in Pisces is the peacemaker – the god of war in the sign of surrender. Mars, as the planet that expresses our will and desires, cannot find its full expression in the sign that seeks to merge with the great beyond and this further weakens Romney’s ability to assert himself strongly in any situation.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and opportunity, and in Romney’s chart is makes a trine (harmonious aspect) to his Sun which is a very fortunate placement indicating that he will be blessed by good fortune. Jupiter falls in Scorpio which is the one strong […]

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Burma’s Astrological History

photo from BBC News

Burma is a country where the art of astrology is a respected tool in national affairs, and the date and time of the founding of Burma took into consideration the astrological influences at the time. A look at the Burmese chart provides insight into the recent protests in that country which have suddenly erupted into the news.

Jupiter (abundance and opportunity) is ascending in the chart in Sagittarius, the sign which it rules, generally considered a fortunate placement. Mars is featured prominently in the 9th house conjunct the Midheaven, suggesting rule by generals and military might rather than democracy. Pluto (death and rebirth) opposes Venus (partnerships) in the chart which in a national chart could indicate the presence of open enemies and interpersonal conflict within the country as well as from those outside.

The Moon (security) is conjunct Neptune (idealism) in Libra (relationships) and both square exactly the conjunction of the Sun (Self) to Mercury (experience) in Capricorn (hard work). Sun conjunct Mercury often indicates frequent moves or changes of personality and Neptune square to the Sun creates confusion with respect to the identity. We have certainly seen this in the case of Burma’s 1948 chart, and the Moon/Neptune conjunction shows a tendency toward deception in service of the dream. Subsequent to Burma’s independence from the British Empire in 1948, a military coup in 1962 ended democratic rule there. Later it became the Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma in 1974 and then reverted to the Union of Burma in 1988 before becoming the Union of Myanmar in 1989.

In 1962, when the coup d’etat instituted military rule in Burma, Pluto was in exact conjunction to Mars in the Burma chart and it was in a tight […]

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