The Astrology of Lost

All of the astrological signs are represented in the TV program Lost. Our astrological makeup is much more complex than just one astrological sign, but just for fun let’s take a look at these fascinating characters. Many of them are wounded souls on a healing journey, so we tend to see the shadow side of the signs but we can also see the direction they are headed in their evolution:

AriesSawyer is our Aries character. Primarily concerned with self-preservation, he is headstrong like the Ram and doesn’t work well in a group. Aries has to be a leader, and if he can’t be a leader he will want to operate alone. Sawyer originally set up his own camp and supplied himself with everything he would need. He is direct and not always tactful, and is not a good liar. He is passionate when stimulated, but can be cold as ice. As we see him begin to evolve we will see him take on more of the positive Aries characteristics: he may take on a greater leadership role in the group, and a possible relationship with Kate may soften his hard edges.

Taurus – we don’t know Mr. Eko very well yet, but he is a classic Taurus with his strong bull neck and deep rich voice. His comment “don’t confuse coincidence with fate” is representative of Taurus’s desire for a practical experience of reality, unfettered by confusion. Eko has in his brief appearance on the scene demonstrated the famous stubborn quality of Taurus and also the ability to remain calm and unruffled during a crisis. He makes decisions deliberately and is not impetuous, but once he’s decided on […]

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