The astrology of the Tony Parker/Eva Longoria split

longoria-parker.jpgJust one day after both parties denied split rumors last week, actress Eva Longoria has filed for divorce from basketball star Tony Parker after three years of marriage.  Ms. Longoria found hundreds of text messages on her husband’s phone from the wife of another NBA player.The Longoria/Parker relationship is a great example of how unhelpful Sun Sign compatibility is when it is considered as the most important factor in a relationship.  Longoria’s Pisces Sun is in a nearly exact sextile, an extremely harmonious aspect, to Parker’s Taurus Sun, suggesting a high degree of compatibility between them.  But people are complex, and these two are no exception.

In Eva Longoria’s astrological chart her Pisces Sun conjoins Jupiter, the traditional ruler of Pisces and the planet of good fortune and optimism.  She definitely has a sensitive side, but she has a strong and forceful personality with her Aries (the warrior) Moon and Venus and Mars, planet of aggression, in a challenging aspect to Uranus, planet of radical behavior.  Her chart shows that she is very like the fiery character she plays on the Desperate Housewives program – a powerhouse of energy with a sweet and sensitive side.

Tony Parker’s chart is also sensitive with his Moon in the dreamy and empathic sign of Pisces, but he lacks the fire that Longoria’s chart reveals.  His Mars is in Libra, demonstrating a drive (Mars) to please others and find harmony in relationships (Libra), and while his Venus is in that fiery sign Aries, suggesting that in his relationships (Venus) he needs to be the one in charge (Aries), Saturn opposes Venus which can create a great deal of self-doubt and hesitation.  I suspect that over the course of their relationship he became overwhelmed by her assertive […]

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Saturn in Libra: Testing the boundaries of marriage

Sister WivesSaturn as we know presides over structures that we create in our world and in our society, such as the institutions of government and marriage, which is a formalized relationship that is sanctioned by the State.  Libra is the sign of relationships between things, ideas, and people.  So when Saturn travels through Libra, the limits (Saturn) of relationships (Libra) are tested.

My generation has Saturn in Libra, and we were the first generation to question the need for marriage – much to the consternation of our parents, the Pluto in Cancer generation who saw their biggest fear come to pass:  the virtual destruction (Pluto) of the nuclear family (Cancer).  Saturn entered Libra in late 1950, a time of post-war prosperity and low divorce rates.  The solid commitments exemplified of the Ozzie and Harriet-type nuclear family became the American Dream: a happy family living in their own homes, enjoying a life of safety and security within the confines of the eternal commitment of marriage.

Saturn entered Libra this time around back in the fall of 2009, and we have seen a resurgence of the discussion over who has the right (Saturn) to wed (Libra).  Gay people?  Polygamists?

A new reality series called “Sister Wives” is bringing the practice of polygamy by fundamentalist Mormons into the light of day, and Utah police have begun investigations into the lives of the Browns, a family practicing polygamy under the auspices of the Apostolic United Brethren, the largest polygamous group in Utah that has worked hard to separate itself and its image from the FLDS, the group headed by Warren Jeffs and depicted in the television series “Big Love.”

Kody Brown believes that his family has not broken any polygamy laws because […]

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Venus prepares to retrograde, 2010

Venus will turn retrograde on October 9th and is at a virtual standstill now as it prepares to change direction.

Don’t believe all of the negative hype you read about Venus turning retrograde; as planets go Venus is generally a beneficial one.  But when retrograde, Venus forces us to look into our past and see where changes need to be made in current relationships and sometimes urges us to look into past situations that we thought were long gone.

From an article I wrote after the last retrograde period:

The Venus retrograde period (March 5 to April 17 2009) was greeted with great trepidation by some astrologers and the readers who follow them. Venus is generally known as a beneficial planet, but when retrograde she can challenge our relationships and force us to look below the surface at what motivates us in our interactions with others.
There was a large number of mass murders (eight?) during the Venus Rx period, and most of those were connected to disappointment and resentment of family members and spouses. Fortunately, it’s a very small number of people who experienced the self-examination of the Venus Rx period in this manner, but many people wrote to me of their experiences dealing with friends and loved ones.
I was not exempt from this process, and much of my Venus Rx experience was facilitated by Facebook which I joined after much resistance (I already spend way too much time online!!). But through Facebook I found a couple of old friends who I had just lost touch with because we never found each other and as it happened, both of them made visits to where I live during the Venus Rx period so we were able to reconnect.

There were some challenging moments, such as the time I asked […]

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Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry call it quits

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry ended their relationship last week, although there are indications that the relationship actually ended weeks or months ago.

Unfortunately there is a discrepancy on birth dates for Gabriel Aubry which makes it impossible to analyze his chart; some sources say January 4 1976, others say August 30 1976.  Not enough is known about him to make an educated judgment about which date of birth is accurate, but I am leaning towards the August 30 date because of the transits involved.

Aubry lived in five different foster homes when he was growing up which suggests a certain amount of trauma and both charts reflect difficulties in the emotional area.  The August 30 chart shows Saturn square to the passionate Scorpio Moon indicating isolation and loneliness, and a square from Neptune to the modest Virgo Sun suggesting a challenge to developing a clearly defined sense of self.

At the time of the breakup a number of different transits were at work in this chart: Transiting Uranus (freedom and change) in a challenging square to Venus (relationships); transiting Saturn (restriction) and Pluto (endings) in a challenging square to both his Mars (will and motivation) and Mercury (thought process).  The January 4 chart shows no major challenging transits unless there is something going on with the ascendant or midheaven which we can’t know without a birth time.

The January 4 chart includes a challenging square from Pluto to the Capricorn Sun which generally is an indicator for someone who continually reshapes their life as old patterns die and need to be replaced with new ones,  and a detached Aquarian Moon that is squared by Chiron, planet of wounding and healing.  This is a challenging dynamic because the Aquarian Moon […]

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Elizabeth Edwards has her say

Elizabeth EdwardsMy sister Jill is nearly never wrong, so it pained me greatly when she fell for the slick posturing of John Edwards in his presidential campaign last year.  Now she is really mad, and who can blame her. I am generally a pretty tolerant person, but the one thing that I can’t stand is phoniness, and I have watched this in Mr. Edwards ever since he burst suddenly onto the North Carolina political scene.  You can learn more about how his astrological chart describes his personality here.

Elizabeth Edwards is another story – she is the kind of “Everywoman” that nearly everyone can relate to.  She is gritty and real, and when she fearlessly appeared before the TV cameras with her hair falling out from chemo to talk about health care reform she warmed the hearts of women everywhere.  These same women also loved John Edwards for his loyalty to Elizabeth.  I suspect that it was really Elizabeth that won Jill’s admiration, and John Edwards was merely basking in the reflection of Elizabeth’s glory for Jill and many other women.  You can read more about the astrology of the marriage of John and Elizabeth Edwards here.

When it was discovered that John Edwards was having a serious affair during the campaign, and that Elizabeth Edwards knew about it and encouraged him to run anyway, her supporters were shocked and furious.  But you can take one look at Elizabeth’s birthchart and see that she is a desperate romantic for whom family and her relationships are the most important foundation of her life.  Her Sun in Cancer, with a focus on nurturing and family ties, is squared by Neptune (planet of transcendence and illusion) which shows that she […]

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