From the advice column: I want to get married!

Q: I want to get married. I have had three proposals and never crossed over to the I do. I go from having a committed relationship lasting years to a complete melt down without an explanation. Why has this heart felt desire so eluded me all these years? However, when I was twenty four given an astrology reading that this would be the year if I did not marry early to meet and marry my husband. However, year is almost gone and no one exciting has crossed my path.

A: Your note reveals our lack of ability to accurately predict the future. Often before we can be in a truly successful relationship there is work that we need to do in order to integrate the various aspects of our personality that each need something different. I’m sure you already know from the subject line that with Pluto in the Seventh House and opposite Venus there are issues connecting love and fear that need to be integrated before a relationship will be successful. But it CAN be done!

Your Capricorn Sun falls in your first house of personal identity along with Venus and Mars in Aquarius and Jupiter in Pisces. Capricorn is on the ascendant, reinforcing the strong sense of responsibility and achievement of your Capricorn Sun which is actually within 30 minutes of Aquarius and therefore takes on some of those attributes as well. Planets that are at the end of one sign bleed into the next, but because adjoining signs are so different (we call them “inconjunct”) there is often difficulty […]

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Will Jennifer Aniston find love with Vince Vaughn?

Jennifer Aniston is a mystery to entertainment writers. Is she pining away for Brad Pitt? Will she get back together with Vince Vaughn? Let’s see what the planets say about Jennifer Aniston’s choices in men.

Jennifer’s astrological chart reveals her to be a cool Aquarian (see earlier article for a more complete chart analysis), but with her Moon and Venus both in fire signs (Sagittarius Moon and Aries Venus) she has a passionate side to her nature. She is also extremely independent, as shown by the conjunction of Uranus (autonomy) to Jupiter (adventure) in her chart struggling in opposition to Venus, her desire to forge relationships with others. This dynamic can demonstrate commitment issues, and a difficult aspect (square) from Pluto to her Moon shows an intense emotional nature and fear (Pluto) of rejection. At the same time, Saturn (restriction) is conjunct Jennifer’s Venus, revealing a basic lack of confidence in her own appeal to others.

[Click chart to enlarge] Vince has an Aries Sun, and his Sun sits right on Jennifer’s Venus so it is no wonder they quickly became attracted to each other while filming The Breakup. In addition, their Moons are closely conjunct signifying emotional compatibility and understanding. And with their Mercurys in compatible signs they communicate well which is a keystone of any lasting relationship. Still, Vince has his own issues: he too his fiercely independent and rebellious with the planet of revolutionary behavior (Uranus) opposing his Sun. With four planets in Aries, he can be dominating and a bit boorish. Still, there is a part of him (Mars conjunct Saturn in Taurus) that wants to settle […]

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Study of a Marriage: John and Elizabeth Edwards

I have resisted writing about the recent announcement that the Edwards campaign will continue despite the announcement that Elizabeth Edwards’ breast cancer has returned. Mostly this is because I feel a great deal of judgement about that decision, and I also feel it’s not for me or anyone else to judge the life decisions that anyone makes. But what really interests me is the marriage of Elizabeth and John Edwards and the strong connection that they have which has remained strong through the death of a child and a challenging political career.

You can read my profile of John Edwards here, but essentially :

John Edwards is driven both by a sincere desire to help people and a fierce ambition combined with a brilliant intellect. But with four planets in Gemini, he has difficulty focusing. Gemini of course is the sign of the twins, the sign of communication. Gemini has a thirst for experience, an intense curiosity and a desire to digest as much information as possible. Gemini is the jack of all trades and extremely versatile; they are chameleons who can change their skins frequently and in fact they usually dislike becoming overly involved in one particular project. The career of John Edwards has reflected this trait.

Elizabeth, on the other hand, is a Cancer and her life is focused on nurturing those that she loves. In my workshops on relationships I teach that there is no way to assess compatibility based on Sun Signs, and the Edwards’ are a great example. The Sun shows our quest or our mission in life, and two people can have very different missions yet share the same values and soul connections.

Click here to enlarge) With her Moon […]

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What is Compatibility in Relationships?

soulmateWe have been duped by Hollywood and our own sense of incompleteness into believing that somewhere there is one perfect person who is our “other half,” someone who is our perfect complement and will make us feel whole again.

This fantasy is problematic for several reasons. As any of us who have been in dysfunctional relationships knows, two incomplete people coming together do not form one perfect whole. The goal is to become complete in oneself, to learn and grow and evolve into a fully actualized being. In order for that to happen we often need certain experiences which will teach us and put us in touch with various aspects of ourselves. Some of us do this through our work, some through family, some through romantic relationships.

Compatibility is rarely a factor in attraction, because it doesn’t create that attractive spark. We are more likely to be attracted to mates who stimulate us because they are different, who open doorways into worlds that are new to us. Perfect compatibility is boring – it’s sitting on the sofa watching tv for the rest of our lives. Few of us are really looking for this kind of relationship.

The arena(s) in which we will do most of our soul growth is/are indicated in the natal astrological chart. A soulmate relationship generally begins with a feeling of fatedness and kinship, which signifies that there will be contact on a soul level. This does not necessarily mean that marriage and a lifetime of perfect harmony will follow, but rather than this relationship will provide lessons and growth experiences for you. It is not unusual for this kind of relationship to fall away once the lessons have been learned so that the individual can move on […]

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