Neptune and Chiron turn direct, and other planetary news this week

Chiron and Neptune turn directNeptune and Chiron both change direction in a few days after traveling retrograde since earlier this year, which means their (apparent) motion has slowed to a virtual standstill as they prepare to move forward again.  These two have been tied together since early in 2009, and although the exact conjunction was complete in 2010, since then the two have been within three degrees of each other. When the Soul Healer (Chiron) and the Soul Teacher (Neptune) get together, you know there is some serious internal work to be done and we are likely to find that to be true over the next week or so when both planets change their apparent direction (planets don’t really move backwards, but because we observe the movement of the planets from earth they sometimes appear to change direction).

Over the next few days we have another smaller, but still important planetary cycle involving the opposition (180 degrees) of Mars to both Chiron and Neptune.  Mars represents our drive and our desires; it inspires and motivates us to achieve our wishes and dreams.  It’s the aggressive force, and when blocked it can turn angry and frustrated.  Mars is in Leo now where it particularly wants to have its own way and resists losing control, but over the next few days Mars will be opposed by Neptune.

Neptune is the transcendent urge – it inspires us to seek experiences that go beyond the boundaries of our day-to-day reality, and it tends to blur and soften the urges of Mars.  This can be confusing if we are determined to get our way, but if we use this time to seek the wisdom of the soul instead of the ego during this time […]

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Lynn’s Skywatch for November is posted

You can find the whole article here.  Meanwhile, here’s a tidbit for the first part of November:

During the month of November three planets will change direction to move forward again and we will begin to feel a shift as energy is freed up for more movement.  When there is a high number of retrograde planets (in October five planets were retrograde) our attention is turned backwards into the past as we reconsider and re-evaluate our path.  In November the path unfolds before us.

The relative peace after the summer’s intensity continues, although if you are experiencing a powerful personal transit this of course will be less true for you.  Chiron and Neptune are about as close as they can get right now without coming to an exact conjunction so the influence of this intensely soul-healing planetary cycles is still affecting us as it has been since early 2009, especially since both planets are stationary in preparation for their change of direction early in the month. Under the conjunction of Chiron and Neptune we have been confronted with ourselves at the deepest level in order to hasten the healing of the soul, and by the end of November as the two begin to separate the intensity will ease as well.

Jupiter is stationary as well as it prepares to turn direct on November 18th, so its influence of optimism and confidence will permeate every action that we take.  Jupiter rarely hits us over the head like the more challenging planets do – we usually have to keep our eyes open to recognize his beneficence.  When you’re looking for the open door you are more likely to find it.

We are lacking the element of Earth right now, with only Pluto in […]

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Lynn’s Skywatch for October is posted

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Meanwhile, here is the information for the first few days of the month to get you started and you can find the entire article here.

October is in many ways the month of Venus – a time when our attention is focused on our relationships and the way we interact with others. First, Venus is at a virtual standstill as October begins in preparation for its retrograde turn which occurs on October 8 th. Mercury enters the sign of Libra which is ruled by Venus on October 3 rd, at which point the mind (Mercury) is focused on relationships of all kinds, including the mental relationship we create between various individual ideas or elements. Venus conjoins Mars that same day, energizing our attractions and the force of our connections with others, especially since both planets are in the intensely emotional sign of Scorpio. Then the New Moon occurs in Libra on October 7 th, with four planets in Libra inspiring us to create a new beginning in our relationships and our ability to experience greater harmony and balance in our lives.

Let’s first discuss the retrograde turn of Venus. When a planet changes direction and appears to move backwards from our perspective on earth, its influence becomes more internalized and we often are forced to look back into the past and see where mistakes were made that can be corrected with new information and wisdom. Venus is generally a benign influence, and her […]

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Lynn’s Skywatch for August is posted

Here’s the link to the Planetary Illuminations for August 2010, and here is a tidbit to get you started for the month:

August begins in the middle of the second wave of the Cardinal Drama, as I’m calling it. Mars has entered Libra, conjoining Saturn and opposing Jupiter and Uranus. The effect of these four planets alone generates a “stop/start” effect: Jupiter and Uranus in Aries are all about getting things going and yearning for change and a fresh new energy to come into our lives.

Uranus has been particularly powerful since it is virtually stationary, having traveled only one degree since May. It has been lingering at zero degrees Aries since the end of May, and on August 13th it will finally move off that degree and retrograde back into Pisces where it will remain until March 2011.

Both Jupiter and Uranus oppose Mars, the ruler of Aries, and Mars adds fuel to the fire and intensifies the flames. However, Saturn is also tightly enmeshed in this planetary combination, restricting and solidifying and demanding accountability, creating a “two steps forward, one step back” effect. Mars and Saturn are both in Libra, where the aggression of Mars tends to become more passive and less openly assertive as Mars needs to be.

This sense of a “herky jerky dance” as one person put it will last throughout the first week of August and is exacerbated by a square from Jupiter to Pluto that culminates on the 3rd of August but is felt a week or so beforehand. Jupiter seeks expansion and positive good fortune, and also helps us to construct a sense of meaning in our lives. The square from Pluto challenges all of our assumptions and forces us to face […]

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Lynn’s Skywatch for June is posted (finally)

I was unable to write the June Skywatch article before I left for my trip, but if you were on my mailing list you would have received a summation of the first week’s planetary events to tide you over.  The newsletter also includes a translation of the month’s planetary events into English which is simpler and easier for novices to understand. To sign up, simply enter your email address in the sidebar!

The full article is posted here, and here is a snippet of planetary news for this week:

As June begins, there is a great deal of planetary energy that is urging change and evolution. We are being forced to pay attention to areas in our life where we have been too lax, and at the same time we are inspired to move forward and change the things that need to be changed and transformed. Any wounded areas in our hearts and minds that may be holding us back from our spiritual growth are emerging into our awareness so that we can breathe deeply and release them.
Saturn and Neptune have both changed direction – Saturn has turned direct (forward) and Neptune has turned retrograde (backward). Saturn is creating pressure to wake up to reality, and Neptune is calling us beyond the material world. Uranus has changed signs, moving into fiery Aries, and Jupiter moves into Aries on the 7th. Both form a square to Ceres on the 6th-7th. These two planets demand expansion and radical new ways of thinking about our life. Finally, Chiron is stationary at zero degrees Pisces. The stages of healing the soul are evolving in a new direction, but before that occurs, with Chiron retrograding on the 4th, we have to revisit the old wounds before moving […]

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