The Optimism of Tim Tebow’s astrological chart

Tim Tebow astrologyNot being a sports fan I had no idea who Tim Tebow was, but as a student of human behavior intrigued me:

Tebow tends to have his worst 45 minutes of play when it matters least and his best 15 when it matters most. And while he makes many mistakes, their cost is seldom exorbitant. These aren’t so much skills as tendencies — inclinations — that prove to be every bit as consequential as the stuff of rankings and record books. He reminds us that strength comes in many forms and some people have what can be described only as a gift for winning, which isn’t synonymous with any spreadsheet inventory of what it supposedly takes to win.


This gift usually involves hope, confidence and a special composure, all of which keep a person in the game long enough, with enough energy and stability, so that a fickle entity known as luck might break his or her way. For Tebow that state of mind comes from his particular relationship with his chosen God and is a matter of religion. For someone else it might be understood and experienced as the power of positive thinking, and is a matter of psychology. Either way it boils down to stubborn optimism and bequeaths a spark. A swagger. An edge.


It’s easy to be pessimistic about optimism. When peddled generically by unctuous politicians, it can seem the ultimate opiate, a cop-out and fallback when there’s nothing more substantive to sustain you. But optimism can have an impact. It’s what radiates from Tebow and fires up the Broncos. And therein lies a lesson about leadership with a resonance beyond football.

Whether Tebow’s optimism comes from […]

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“Astrology may matter” in sports

michael jordan astrologyMore and more, real astrology is beginning to gain a new level of respect.  For example, this:

With Tiger Woods’ seemingly inexorable though not irreversible slide into an abyss, something never before thought possible, more players than usual will have a chance to win the PGA Championship this weekend at Whistling Straits in Wisconsin. …


However, as I scour the top 40 players in the World Golf Ranking, I wouldn’t put money on Paul Casey, Robert Allenby, Sean O’Hair or Dustin Johnson to surprise and take the trophy. The reason? All were born under the sign of Cancer. And since the PGA Championship switched from match play to stroke play in 1958, nary a Cancer has claimed the Wanamaker Trophy.


Even the mention of astrology will likely cause readers to scoff. I count myself as one of the skeptics. But after examining the data closely, there appears to be at least a kernel of truth in the theory that astrology can sometimes help determine sporting greatness.
The signs that have utterly dominated the PGA are Aquarius, Capricorn and Virgo. The three have accounted for more than half the winners of the season’s final major. This is not surprising. Consider that any list of the best golfers of all time starts with Jack Nicklaus, an Aquarius, and Tiger Woods, a Capricorn.


With his Aquarian nature, Nicklaus is in extraordinary company from other sports. It can be argued that the “greatest ever” in each major sport was an Aquarius: Jim Brown in football, Babe Ruth in baseball, Michael Jordan in basketball, Wayne Gretzky in hockey and Bill Tilden in tennis. Any new believers in the truth-telling ability of the zodiac now?  [Aquarius is gifted with the ability […]

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Astrology doesn’t work for French football coach

Raymond Domenech astrologyThe coach of the French soccer team, Raymond Domenech, fancies himself an astrologer and has decided to avoid Scorpios when picking his team.

When Domenech took over from Jacques Santini in 2004 it looked to have ended the international career of Robert Pires.

It was then reported, before the World Cup in Germany, that Domenech had problems with the former Arsenal player because of his Scorpio star sign.

The former Arsenal player said at the time: “I must be annoying him. It’s like being at school. It’s like I’m 20 years old and playing football for the first time.” Pires has not played since, despite his continued for Spanish side Villarreal.

The France coach once admitted that a player’s international career could be at threat thanks to astrogy and it seems that Scorpios are not the only sign under the spotlight.

“When I have got a Leo in defence, I’ve always got my gun ready, as I know he’s going to want to show off at one moment or another and cost us,” he confessed.

It seems that it is not just down to players’ form, as Domenech states that “all parameters have to be considered and I have added one by saying there is astrology involved”.

Domenech has William Gallas, Gael Clichy, Julien Escude and Sebastien Squillaci in his squad, but all four have Leo as their star sign.

First of all, the term “star sign” is erroneous, Leo would be the SUN sign, not the STAR sign.  In any case, as my intelligent readers know, the Sun sign is only one part of the entirety that makes up the birthchart and Domenech’s strategy failed to give him a win in the World Cup tournament.  Ironically, despite […]

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More on Sun Signs and the Olympics

Astrological Signs

Yesterday we introduced the work of statistician Kenneth Mitchell’s analysis of the correlation of certain astrological signs with sports that correspond to those signs.

Moving on to Taurus – Mitchell learned of a sport called Bull Leaping and from the pictures deduced that Pole Vaulting and gymnasts would have similar skills.  Taurus, of course, is symbolized by the bull.  Mitchell found that those born under the Taurus Sun sign had a 128% greater chance of winning medals in these competitions than the average athlete.

Mitchell also discovered that Taurus athletes born in 1985-1987 won 21 medals instead of the expected 8.5, a 200,000 to 1 event.  During this period Neptune was in Capricorn (which is trine, or harmoniously aspecting, Taurus) and it was sextile Pluto in Scorpio (opposing Taurus).

Geminis excelled in sports that required team players (the twins are always striving to complete themselves), but Cancers followed the trends of the general population of athletes and showed no statistical variations in any field.  Leos excelled in sports where they could compete as individuals rather than teams, which we would expect because of the need for Leo to express one’s individual Self.

Virgos excelled in skiing competitions, sprinting and hurdles – sports needing a great deal of discipline.  Mitchell notes that the fast reflexes required by these sports are not known to be a Virgo characteristic, but I would argue that because Virgo tends to be more comfortable in the body than other signs this would make sense.

Gymnastic competitions that require balance were the strength of […]

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Superbowl Astrology: Quarterback Chic

This will not be a post to predict who will win the Superbowl, because frankly I know nearly nothing about who is playing or what factors are involved here.

But an of the New York Times compared the different dating characteristics of Tom Brady and Eli Manning with football heroes from the past Joe Namath and Roger Staubach, that age-old debate between “quarterback chic” and “quarterback geek,” the article quotes writer Mark Kriegel as saying. Joe Namath was the first football superstar, dating models and appearing in celebrity gossip columns, just like Tom Brady who famously started dating Gisele Bundchen after breaking up with his pregnant girlfriend.

A look at their charts shows two powerful corrolaries between Tom Brady’s chart and that of Joe Namath, but also many differences:

  • Tom Brady has the Sun conjunct Saturn square Uranus. Joe Namath has the Sun conjunct Saturn and conjunct Uranus. The combination of these three planets indicates an individual who has low self-esteem as a youth (Sun/Saturn) and rebels against authority (Sun/Uranus), but also a strong drive to succeed (Sun/Saturn) in their own unique way (Sun/Uranus). There is also a lifelong conflict between authority (Saturn) and rebellion (Uranus).
  • Tom Brady has Moon opposite Pluto in a T-square to Venus (meaning both the Moon and Pluto are in square formation to Venus). Joe Namath has the Moon square to Pluto. Squares, oppositions and sometimes conjunctions are all stressful aspects which suggest conflict between the way the planets operate in the chart. Both men have stressful aspects between the Moon and Pluto, denoting a challenging relationship with their mother (represented by the […]
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