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Happy Birthday Libra!

Art by Thomas Hamann

The Sun entered Libra yesterday (see yesterday’s article for the connection between Libra and the Autumn Equinox). The sign of the Scales, Libra is the sign that seeks balance, harmony, truth and beauty above all else. Libra is a sign representing the air element, and therefore operates in the realm of ideas. For Libra, everything is balanced against its opposite. Libra can usually see both sides of an argument, making the Libra person well suited for a career in the legal field where the truth is multi-dimensional. Although Libra is often accused of intellectual relativism, this multi-dimensional approach to Truth makes for a good diplomat or negotiator. However, Libra is famously known for difficulty in making decisions since all options are seen as having advantages and disadvantages.

Venus rules Libra, and generally bestows an attractive look to individuals with a strong Libra or Venus influence; a mechanism for ensuring that these Venusians participate in relationships which are Libra’s testing ground. Libra is known for their charm which can be used to manipulate as well as to soothe: “the iron fist in the velvet glove.” From the Libran point of view, the manipulation of the outside world in order to achieve balance and harmony is not hypocritical but instead is just the right way to be. The pursuit of a life of beauty and serenity is paramount for Libra, and like the other Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer and Capricorn) the ends justify the means.

The principle of balance often gives Libra a blurring of the gender identity. Libran women take up traditionally masculine interests, and Libran men may display an artistic sensitivity. Libra is acutely aware of the principal of balance, and is sensitive to situations where emotions are […]

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Happy Birthday Virgo!

Virgo is one of the least respected signs of the zodiac. Virgo gets blamed for being perfectionistic, critical and cautious yet rarely receives accolades for its exceptional attributes: service to others, , attention to health and self-improvement, and practical application of the mind. The symbol for Virgo is the Virgin, but not the celibate definition of virgin that we use today. Rather, the virgin in ancient times was an unmarried woman, and individuals with Virgo prominent in their chart tend to be self-directed and concerned primarily with the development of their spirit and perfection of the body.

Virgo, being an earth sign, is grounded in earthly matters. Like the sixth house with which it is associated, Virgo deals with the rituals of everyday physical reality. In its effort to keep life organized into manageable segments, Virgo can be cautious and easily worried if things seem to be going out of control and this can cause emotional difficulties that sometimes result in physical ailments. Virgo is naturally attuned to the delicate balance of the body/mind connection and often is very careful about the foods used to fuel the physical engine. There is often an affinity for creative work of a practical nature (such as pottery or sculpture) as they are good with their hands, as well as skills repairing virtually anything (taking things apart and seeing how they work is a classic Virgo trait).

Virgo can be frugal to the point of stingy, part of the caution with which they approach most aspects of their life. They need to be prepared for every eventuality which often requires hoarding of financial assets as well as the odd bits of string and other remnants of their past. But where Virgo may be less than generous with […]

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Happy Birthday Leo!

The Sun enters the sign of Leo today. Leo is a fire sign, and one of the most dramatic of the twelve signs. All fire signs are visionaries, idealists, and futurists, but Leo connects these traits to the development of the Ego and desires to manifest those visions through the personal development of one’s own will and personality. Leo is primarily concerned with his or her Self and the creative expression of that Self.

Leo is symbolized by the Lion, King of the Jungle, and there is always a sense of royalty or entitlement with Leo. Perhaps there was a royal bloodline in an earlier lifetime, perhaps in the genetic history. In any event, Leo needs respect and admiration from others in order to feed the internal need to develop self-confidence and self-esteem. It is not uncommon to find individuals with a strong Leo influence in the acting profession where the attention of others can be constantly focused on them.

Because Leo’s motivating force is to learn to recognize his own importance and achieve the confidence that comes from within, he or she often will instead seek this sense of importance from others. In doing so, Leo often will perform deeds of such heroism and generosity that are rarely found elsewhere. Leo strongly adheres to their own moral code and often requires others to adhere to these values as well. Leo is a fixed sign, and not flexible when it comes to morality or ideology. Like the Knights of medieval times, Leo follows a romantic and idealistic pursuit of the highest possible aspirations (Leo is, after all, ruled by the Sun).

Leo comes with an enormous amount of personal power and charisma, and when Leo is shining with positive light they have […]

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Happy Birthday Cancer!

The Sun enters the water sign of Cancer (the crab) this morning, harkening the first day of summer. If you watch the way crabs move on the beach, you’ll notice that they are cautious and sidle up to that which interests them, they never approach anything head on. They have a soft shell (the sensitive inner nature of the Cancerian individual) which in later life can turn hard as a protective device, just like the soft shell of the crab that later in the season becomes hard and impermeable. Unlike the more vulnerable Pisces, you will rarely see the vulnerability in your Cancer friend but be assured that it is there. That hard crusty shell hides a soft and sensitive individual who is very easily hurt.

Ruled by the Moon and its changing phases, those born under the sign of Cancer or with Cancer rising in their charts may have a tendency to be a bit moody or cranky (which may be how the term “crabby” came to be!). Cancers are nurturing, and being a cardinal (or active) sign, their nurturing comes through action. Your Cancer friend will be the first one to bring you soup when you are sick, or to find just the right gift on your birthday. They tend to be family oriented and fascinated by geneaology and history, particularly the history of their “tribe”. Cancer is the sign of the mother archetype, the womb and emotional security. Cancer individuals seek emotional stability and safety above all things. Like a mother Lion, Cancers are fiercely protective of those they love and exhibit a strong empathy to those they care about.

Because their extreme sensitivity is hidden, a Cancerian […]

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Happy Birthday Gemini!!

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(Honoring the Sun’s entry into Gemini late Saturday night.) Gemini is the sign of the twins, and ruled by Mercury which entered Gemini yesterday. This gives us a strong Mercurial focus for the next month or so, dealing with issues of communication and information.

Those born under the sign of Gemini or with Gemini rising in their birthchart tend to be somewhat Mercurial in nature – they crave change and seek out a wide variety of activities. Though others may call them dilettantes because they may not stick to one thing for very long, Geminis know that their pathway to transformation is through their life experiences. They are curious and changeable, with a facility for languages and mimicry. Actors often possess the Gemini skill of being able to copy exactly the language and demeanor of another – to shapeshift from one character into another.

Mercury/Hermes in mythology was not only the messenger god, he was also celebrated for his cunning and quick mind. A thief from an early age, he was able to charm the gods into forgiveness (the character Frank Abagnale Jr. as played by Leonardo diCaprio in the film “Catch Me If You Can” was probably a Gemini). Mercury/Hermes was also known as the god of the crossroads and the giver of charm.

Gemini is symbolized by the Twins, and in this archetype we see the two sides of Gemini: one dark and one light. Astronomically, one of the twin stars of Gemini is often inside the Milky Way while the other lies outside it. There are two faces to Gemini and they are rarely seen at the same time. As a result, there is a part of the Gemini individual that may […]

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