Your 2018 Planetary Calendar

Here is a calendar of the important planetary events of 2018. I will be writing about these events as they occur so check back for more details and explanations about what these events mean for you. You can read the overview of 2018 major planetary cycles here which includes more information about some of these cycles.

Astrology of 2018JANUARY

1/1  New Year Supermoon! 11 Cancer
1/2  Uranus turns direct
1/11 Mercury enters Capricorn
1/15  Jupiter sextile Pluto
1/16  New Moon 26 Capricorn
1/17  Venus enters Aquarius
1/19  Sun enters Aquarius
1/31  Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse 11 Leo
Mercury enters Aquarius


2/10  Venus enters Pisces
2/15  New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse 27 Aquarius
2/17  Mercury enters Pisces
2/18  Sun enters Pisces


3/1  Full Moon 11 Virgo
3/6 Mercury enters Aries
Venus enters Aries
3/8 Jupiter retrograde
3/17 New Moon 26 Pisces
3/17  Mars enters Capricorn
3/20 Sun enters Aries
3/22  Mercury turns retrograde
3/31 Venus enters Taurus
Full Moon 10 Libra


4/14  Jupiter sextile Pluto
4/15 Mercury turns direct
New Moon 26 Aries
4/17 Chiron enters Aries
Saturn turns retrograde
4/19 Sun enters Taurus
4/22 Pluto retrograde
4/24 Venus enters Gemini
4/29 Full Moon 9 Scorpio


5/13 Mercury enters Taurus
5/15  New Moon 24 Taurus
5/15  Uranus enters Taurus
5/16  Mars enters Aquarius
5/19  Venus enters Cancer
5/20  Sun enters Gemini
5/25  Jupiter trine Neptune
5/29  Full Moon 8 Sagittarius
Mercury enters Gemini


6/12  Mercury enters Cancer
6/13  New Moon 22 Gemini
Venus enters Leo
6/18  Neptune turns retrograde
6/21 Sun enters Cancer
6/26  Mars turns retrograde
6/28  Full Moon 6 Capricorn


7/5  Chiron turns retrograde
7/9  Venus enters Virgo
7/10 Jupiter turns direct
7/12  New Moon partial solar eclipse 20 Cancer
7/22  Sun enters Leo
7/26 Mercury retrograde
7/27 Full Moon total lunar eclipse 4 Aquarius


8/6  Venus enters Libra
8/7  Uranus turns retrograde
8/11 New Moon partial solar eclipse 18 Leo
8/12  Mars retrogrades back into Capricorn
8/19  Mercury turns direct
8/19  Jupiter trine Neptune
8/23  Sun enters Virgo
8/26  Full Moon 3 Pisces
8/27  Mars turns direct


9/5  Mercury enters Virgo
9/6  Saturn turns direct
9/9  Venus enters Scorpio
New Moon 17 […]

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The Astrology of the Summer of Love

It’s hard to believe for anyone who is old enough to have lived through the summer of 1967 which was called the Summer of Love, but this marks the 50th anniversary of that fertile and creative time when traditional values of love and community were turned on its head and some of the best music ever created was born.

Astrologers have a name for what happened in the 1960s: We call it the “Uranus Pluto conjunction.”  During this time Uranus, planet of revolution and radicalism, conjoined Pluto, planet of transformation through destruction and regeneration, in the conservative sign of Virgo.  This cataclysmic planetary dynamic changed forever the social order (Virgo) and laid the groundwork for the recent upheaval which occurred during the period between 2010 and 2017 when Uranus formed a square (90 degree) aspect to Pluto for the second phase of that revolutionary cycle.

While the first exact conjunction of Uranus and Pluto didn’t occur until October of 1964, the two planets began to align in 1963 and beginning in the early 1960s one could hear the whispers of revolution all over the world.  In 1961 Timothy Leary took his first LSD trip and began researching the effects of psychedelics on mental health.  By 1965 the revolution was in full swing, with the assassination of Malcom X, the Watts riots, the formation of the Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane and so many other great bands, and with them the emergence of the “hippie” archetype. After the San Francisco Examiner wrote an expose of the migration of young Americans to its city, the swarms of youth increased and by 1967 the Human Be-In in San Francisco brought about all […]

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Outsmart Facebook and receive my updates in your news feed

Facebook AstrodynamicsFacebook continues to tweak its algorithms, making it difficult for business pages to be seen in the news feeds of their fans.  However, they have added a couple of features that will make it possible for you to receive all Astrological Musings updates and important planetary notification.

These tips will only work in the desktop version of Facebook – the mobile version lacks some of these features.

Go to the and be sure that the “Liked” box is checked.  Click on the “Liked” box and you’ll see a dropdown arrow with some options.  Click “Get notifications” to receive notifications of every post.

You can also now create lists of “interest pages” that you like.  Click “add to interest list” and then “add a new list.” Then click on Pages and add the pages that you want to be able to access easily (make sure Astrodynamics is one of them!).  Click on “next” and name the list.  You can create different lists for different topics, making it easy to stay updated with your favorite pages.

Let me know if you have any problems with it!

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Happy Birthday Uranus!

It was on March 13, 1781 that the patron planet of astrology was discovered by William Herschel. Although Uranus had been seen several times before by various astronomers, it had been perceived as a fixed star rather than a planet, and Herschel originally cited it as a comet. Uranus had to endure the unfortunate name “Herschel” until it was renamed Uranus in the period between 1791 and 1821.

Uranus is the only one of the planets to be named after a Greek god rather than a Roman one, and in fact there is no Roman counterpart to the god Uranus who is the sky god and represented the heavens themselves. This singularity of identity is reflected in the quality of the astrological Uranus to define our individuality and unique attributes.

Uranus was the father of Gaia’s many horrific children, including the Titans and the Cyclops as well as beings with fifty heads and a hundred arms. His disgust for these monsters mirrors the quality of Uranus to show where we seek perfection and where we are disgusted by that which is less than ideal.

As the god of the heavens, Uranus brings us information from beyond in ways that we cannot explain. Like sudden changes of weather that take place in the sky, Uranus brings sudden change and the awakening to new ways of thinking about things.

The excellent has the discovery chart with these comments:

Although Herschel had not initially realised the significance of his sighting, the chart is clearly meaningful. Its most striking feature is the T-square involving Uranus opposite Mars and Saturn, squared by the Sun. One may say that the Sun brought the new planet to light, and […]

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In honor of International Women’s Day

I know many of my readers are women, so I wanted to celebrate today by encouraging you to check out . This is a wonderful way to support women all over the world by sponsoring a woman in a country that is suffering from war and poverty. For $28/month you can help a survivor of war to develop a new business and help to feed her family as well as offer her emotional support to become more fully empowered.

For the past three years I have sponsored four women, two in Rwanda and two in Afghanistan. Each year they graduate from the program and I meet four new ladies. We exchange letters and photos and I am able to learn a little more about their culture. It has really been a rewarding program and I hope that some of you will join. Women are the bedrock of society, and by helping to lift the circumstances of the women, the whole world can begin to change.

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