Brightest comet in 70 years

Comet McNaught is the brightest comet visible from earth in a generation – at magnitude -5 it is the brightest comet since Ikeya-Seki in 1965 according to Universe Today. It is six times bigger than Hale-Bopp in 1997 and 100 times brighter than Halley’s comet as it last appeared in 1986 according to NASA scientists.

Humans have been fascinated by comets for thousands of years. Unlike planets, comets are unpredictable which led many cultures to believe that the gods were sending a message through the comet. Not every single thing has meaning and significance, but it makes sense to me that if planets and stars have symbolic significance, and if Chiron, officially classified as both a comet and an asteroid, has meaning, then intermittent comets must have meaning as well.

Ancient cultures feared comets, but they also feared Saturn and we now know that every aspect of astrological symbolism has both a positive and negative manifestation. Perhaps comets are indeed intended to get our attention and cause us to look at the sky; to look for meaning in life and experience the wonder of the natural world.

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Comet McNaught now visible in daylight!!

From :

Comet McNaught is now visible in broad daylight. “It’s fantastic,” reports Wayne Winch of Bishop, California. “I put the sun behind a neighbor’s house to block the glare and the comet popped right into view. You can even see the tail.”

This trick is best performed around local noon: Go outside and stand in the shadow of a building. Face south. The comet lies 5 degrees to the left of the sun. (Five degrees is the width of your fist held at arm’s length.)

You may not see anything at first, but don’t give up. Scan the blue sky until your eyes alight upon the comet. Once seen, you’ll wonder how you could’ve missed it.

This weekend is a special time for Comet McNaught because it is passing close to the sun. Solar heat is causing the comet to vaporize furiously and brighten to daylight visibility. At magnitude -4 to -5, McNaught is the brightest comet since Ikeya-Seki in 1965.

Binoculars dramatically improve the view of the comet, allowing you to see structure within the tail. But please be super-careful not to look at the sun. Direct sunlight through binoculars can cause permanent eye damage.

Daylight comet at the same time as Mars conjunct Pluto conjunct Galactic Center. That’s quite a few simultaneously occurring rare astronomical events! George Bush says he talks to God, perhaps he should pay attention.

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Israel needs an astrologer

Thanks to the Townleys for this tidbit from the Jerusalem Post:

Hebrew University Prof. Moshe Idel opened the panel by relating how, several years ago, he was asked to attend a Knesset committee meeting on astrology.

“At first I could not understand why I was there really, but soon I learned that hundreds of political figures, [including] many, many prime ministers all over the world, regularly use astrologers in their decision-making processes,” said Idel. “When the prime minister decided to go to war last summer, what’s to say that among other advisers he consulted there shouldn’t have been someone involved in less traditional methods?”

Rabbi Isaac Batzri, whose father, Rabbi David Batzri, is a world-renowned Kabbalist, couldn’t have agreed more with Idel’s recommendation for the second Lebanon war. In fact, he told the panel that Defense Minister Amir Peretz met with him and his father recently to discuss IDF operations.

“Actually we told him that the dates he chose for the operation had been completely unsuitable for the war, so it was not surprising how we fared,” said Batzri. “If [Peretz] had met with us before the war, we could have told him that in the Jewish faith there are days for everything.”

This is so cool! Everywhere people are beginning to take astrology seriously.

Pluto has just begun a harmonious cycle affecting Jupiter and Mars in the chart of the Israeli nation. This is a time when Israel can grow truly powerful and protected if as a nation they seek the higher path. Saturn is simultaneously in a challenging cycle to the Sun/Chiron opposition in the chart, creating restriction (Saturn) and forcing confrontation of areas that need healing (Chiron). The next year will be an interesting […]

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Who is Keith Olbermann?

My sister who has been a fan of Keith Olbermann long before it was fashionable, compares him to Max Headroom. For those of you who are too young to remember, Max Headroom was an early invention of the Cinemax network. Max was, quite literally, a computer- generated “talking head” talk show host. Like Keith, Max was always impeccably dressed in a fashionable suit. And like Keith, very little was known about Max Headroom, the man.

adds in a comment: Keith Olbermann may actually BE Max Headroom…in from the film database site IMDB on Keith: “Doesn’t drive because of a loss of depth perception caused by a head injury. In 1980, he hit his head on the top of a subway door while running into the waiting car.” Straight out of the TV series, except in the original, it was an overpass…

Keith Olbermann became a hero to the left in the early days after the invasion of Iraq when he dared to speak out against the war and the repressive atmosphere that reviled dissent while the rest of the news media pandered to the White House. Now that the rest of the country is beginning to wake up to the debacle that is the Bush presidency, Olbermann’s ratings are soaring. Still, Olbermann is but a clearly independent radical thinker who makes fun of just about everyone. His taste for gossip and natty dress has led to rumors that he is gay, but the rumor mill reports that he has moved in with his 22-year old girlfriend who is a fellow journalist.

Keith’s astrological chart […]

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Galactic Age of Capricorn

Dharma always has a unique take on astrological cycles that I just love. With the Galactic Center at 26 degrees Sagittarius (and moving VERY slowly), in a few hundred years it will move into Capricorn. about that transition:

So what might characterise the Age we are moving into, the Galactic Age of Capricorn? The GC is nearing the end of Sag, so we might expect to see a few signs of what GC in Capricorn might be, even though it’s 200 years away. What immediately springs to mind is the religion of materialism. I don’t think there was ever a Golden Age when humanity was not materialistic. It’s just that we’re a lot better at it these days, to the point where the creation of wealth for wealth’s sake has become a sort of widespread religion, an ultimate value that gives meaning to many people’s lives, or so they think. Even the creation of the wealth we need to live on is given an inflated moral value, particularly in the USA. (So you can take care of yourself – good, now do something interesting!) All this is a relatively recent phenomenon, and may therefore signal the Age to come: the Age of Mammon! It may be that we ain’t seen nothing yet when it comes to mankind’s ability to worship material wealth. More positively, it may be an age when people with real wisdom, based on age and experience, will come to be valued more – hierarchy in the best sense. Sagittarius, with its bias towards the ‘puer’ archetype, reflects our modern youth culture that does not know how to value old people. And the tendency of organised religion to worship dead images of perfection instead of valuing […]

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