Book Review: Phil Brown’s Cosmic Trends

You probably already know Phil from his blog , he is one of my favorite astrobloggers. I am late in posting this review of his excellent book Cosmic Trends which is now available in bookstores. Or order it on this site (see link to the left) which will send a few sheckels in my direction.

Over the past 30 years I have probably read over 200 astrology books, and it takes a lot to excite me. Philip Brown’s new book Cosmic Trends: Astrology Connects the Dots did just that. This is a book that truly does connect the dots between seemingly unrelated events, drawing a beautiful picture of the ebb and flow that connects our popular culture with our inner worlds and gives life a new sense of meaning.

In this book, Phil brings the complex symbols of astrology down to earth in a way that anyone can find useful. This book truly does make connections between astrology and our everyday lives that provide a window ino the workings of astrology and open up the mystery for all to enjoy.

Newbies to astrology will love the way Phil demonstrates the way the planets operate astrologically by using every day examples such as describing the way Neptune cycles have affected fashion trends. Astrology experts will find a new way of thinking about the way astrology connects to our mundane reality. There are profiles of famous people that are entertaining but also offer insight into the role of those individuals in the public culture and astrological cycles.

On every page there is a new surprise that is both educational and enlightening, as well as just plain enjoyable. This is […]

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Ice circles

Found via , what an interesting phenomenon (click to enlarge photo):

from the report:

As I was checking out Amasa salt shed a nearby resident pulled up to me and asked if I wanted to hear an interesting story. He went on and said that last night his neighbor was coming home from work at 12:45 am and noticed pulsating lights coming from the area were the Townline Road crosses the Hemlock River. He noticed these lights as he turned off US 141 onto Townline Road. As he approached the hill which breaks into the river basin, the lights disappeared. Thinking he was just going crazy he went home and went to bed.

The next morning he called the man I was talking to and told him what he had seen. Curious, he drove down to the bridge and found a perfect circle about 50′ in diameter cut into the ice and it was rotating in clockwise rotation.

As Shakespeare said, there are more things in heaven and earth than our dreamt of in our philosophy.

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Making Money with Astrology

I am a big believer in the abundance of the universe, and I’m very comfortable with the prosperity that my hard work brings into my life. I do charge for my astrological services, and my clients don’t seem to object. For those with limited funds I offer free mini-readings and hourly sessions at reduced rates. But when I see something like this it turns my stomach.

I came to this site from a link titled “Ascension Astrology” in Dermod’s astrology link feed. I am personally undergoing some interesting effects arising from excursions into multidimensional consciousness and many of my clients are experiencing something similar, so I thought this site might offer clues into the process of expanding consciousness. Instead I find this:

Ascension Astrology
Make 50%, = $22.62, selling reports on customers highest potentials with ascended unique astrological aspects in the new energy!

In my view, this goes beyond the boundaries of astrological ethics. Although I don’t charge for the astrological information that I share with the public I don’t object to other professional astrologers that support themselves in this way, but this kind of blatant exploitation should be avoided.

We are experiencing a global time shift, and incidences of anxiety and panic attacks as well as other psychiatric disorders are on the rise. Along with the consciousness changes it appears another dimension of scam artists is opening as well.

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Housework fights breast cancer

I can’t wait til the evangelicals get their hands on this. At first I thought was at the very least a joke, or at worst a conspiracy on the part of the patriarchy to send women back to the dark ages of household drudgery:

The researchers analysed data on work, leisure and housework activity levels among 218,169 women aged 20 to 80 from nine European countries including the UK.

They followed the women for an average of 6.4 years, during which time 3,423 developed breast cancers. When all forms of activity were combined, being active appeared to offer a protective effect only to post-menopausal women.

However when the results were examined in more detail it was found that women who did the most housework had significantly reduced risks while work- and recreation-based activity had less effect.

From a psychospiritual viewpoint, the breasts represent nurturing and caring for children and loved ones. In astrological symbolism the Moon represents both the way that we nurture others as well as the way we were nurtured ourselves, there is no separation between the two. In my work with clients I have seen women with breast cancer history who have a stressed Moon in their chart, although I have seen a greater number of women with stressed Moons that do not have breast cancer.

Metaphysicians like Louise Hay have suggested that breast cancer is connected to care of others and neglect of the self but I wonder in light of this study whether the connection may have more to do with an imbalance in the nurturing process rather than simple self-neglect. The fact that it was housework in particular and not just physical activity or exercise that reduced […]

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The Passing of Gerald Ford

The death of Gerald Ford is bringing up a lot of interesting emotions. Ford was ridiculed frequently for his habit of falling down, a quirk memorialized by Chevy Chase in Saturday Night Live) and he brought us the dreaded twosome Cheney and Rumsfeld, but the incompetence in the White House of the last six years has made Ford look good. Now it appears that he told journalist Bob Woodward that the invasion of Iraq was a mistake and that Cheney was a good Chief of Staff but made a bad Vice President. (An interesting revelation considering that Mercury (information) was conjunct Pluto (secrets) when the contents of this interview was disclosed.)

Unfortunately, Ford wanted his comments kept secret until after his death. Ford was a Cancer who cared for those he loved, and his Mercury was opposed by Uranus and squared by Mars which shows that he kept his own counsel and was not easily swayed by others. Perhaps his advanced age (he was 93) kept him from speaking out against the current administration or perhaps it was the Cancer loyalty to his party. Either way, it’s tragic to think how different the world would be if those who now disagree with the present White House would have spoken up sooner.

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