Keith Urban’s latest setback

This saddens me – I feel this guy has so much potential but he’s locked in a prison of pain. National Ledger has my post on this (turn on your popup blockers!).

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Looking back at 2006: An Astrological Perspective

2006 offered some powerful astrological challenges that were reflected in the world around us. Beginning in late 2005 a powerful Grand Cross involving Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and Mars in fixed signs created explosions, tensions, riots and conflicts that continued into January.

Then in February Saturn and Chiron moved into opposition, forcing a crisis (Saturn) of healing (Chiron) that exposed fissures in the US government, the Islamist movements, the immigrant populations all over the world. This opposition was the culmination of a series of oppositions between these two that occurred between 1986 and 1994 – 27 in all!! Chiron exposes the wounds in the structures of our society (Saturn) and encourages us to heal these wounds rather than run from them.

Saturn was also connected by square to Jupiter throughout 2006, beginning in December and ending in October. The struggle between Jupiter’s expansion and optimism and Saturn’s restriction and need for discipline created an erratic political season as well as a roller coaster in the world’s financial markets. This was exacerbated by the continuing square between Jupiter and Neptune between January and September created confusion (Neptune) between our hopes and optimism (Jupiter) and the realities that we faced via Saturn and Chiron.

Fortunately during this period Jupiter also made a trine to Uranus, helping to add a new dimension (Uranus) to our ideas and the way we find meaning in our lives (Jupiter). Rather than get bogged down in explosive violence there has been a slow but steady move towards progress in global issues.

Over the summer we had six planets in retrograde motion, creating a need to continually look back and re-do projects we thought were completed; reinvestigate situations that […]

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Christmas Links

Merry Christmas everyone! May you enjoy the best of what Christmas has to offer: peace on earth and good will throughout the world.

Here’s what is going on elsewhere in the astro-blogosphere:

April digs out an article from her archives on the interesting conundrum of Capricorn and the Winter Solstice in the southern hemisphere.

to track Santa.
the transformation alchemy of A Christmas Carol.

A Cosmic Christmas video.

May all beings be healthy, happy, free and at peace.

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Capricorn and the Winter Solstice

The Sun enters Capricorn tonight at 8:06 pm EST, bringing with it the Winter Solstice Under the tropical zodiac system*, the Sun enters Capricorn on the date that coincides with the shortest day of the year which we call the Winter Solstice. Associating the sign of Capricorn and its ruler Saturn with the time of year, the ancient Romans celebrated the Saturnalia festival which marked the end of darkness and a return to light.

There are many “dying and resurrected” gods that are associated with the Winter Solstice, most likely due to the short day and long night. In the Celtic Old Religion, the Holly King and the Oak King are two faces of the Greenman, or nature deity. The Holly King rules over the half of the year when the sun wanes, and at the Winter Solstice he dies and the Oak King is reborn and rules during the waxing sun.

The Winter Solstice is associated with a number of different dying and resurrected gods: Osiris, Dionysus, Mithras, Attis, Tammuz. The cults of these gods knew that the god must die in order to be resurrected and assure the continuation of mankind.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, called in ancient times the “Greater Malefic” (with Mars being the “Lesser Malefic”). Saturn, called Kronos by the Greeks, is the god of time and therefore the god of death. In modern times we view Pluto as the Lord of the Underworld, of death and rebirth, but Saturn reminds us that our life is short, that death awaits. Capricorn carries some of this burden as well with a deep awareness of the seriousness of life and the burden of time […]

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