Nicole Richie, Little Girl Lost

Nicole Richie in 2003

Nicole in 2006

Nicole Richie is one of those celebrities famous for not much other than being famous, but there’s something about her that moves me, particularly now that she is unraveling at a rapid pace. Abandoned by her mother, raised in opulence but with no firm structures, she has struggled to find herself yet I feel she has an inner strength that will carry her through this difficult time.

If it weren’t for Paris Hilton, no one would have heard of Nicole Richie. The adopted daughter of Lionel Richie, Nicole was born to one of his band members and then later turned over to the Richie family for financial reasons. Lionel and his then-wife adopted Nicole and gave her their name but divorced shortly thereafter when Nicole was 10. She attended the University of Arizona for two years after graduating high school and dabbled in rock and roll before she was chosen for the reality show “The Simple Life” with Paris Hilton, her friend from grammar school.

Nicole Richie was born with the Sun in modest Virgo. Virgos typically shun the limelight, preferring to spend their time perfecting their craft and their lives in general. Where Virgos can sometimes become stuck due to their cautious approach to life, Nicole’s Sun is in a harmonious aspect (sextile) to Uranus, the planet of individuality and innovation, showing that she approaches life as an individualist and isn’t afraid to do things differently.

Nicole’s Cancer Moon gives her a deep affection for family and shows that she is extremely sensitive and protective of those that she loves; however, her Moon is squared […]

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Michael Lutin on Pluto in Capricorn.

Thanks to Marianne for sending a link to , astrologer best known for his Vanity Fair sun sign columns. I love Vanity Fair but as you know if you read this column, I have a prejudice against astrological sun sign columns as being oversimplistic and misrepresenting the complex beauty of the astrological art.

At any rate, it’s good to see Vanity Fair publishing a real astrology article by Lutin on the entry of Pluto into Capricorn and how it will affect the United States with its Cancer Sun. There are a few incorrect details, such as a statement that the Uranus-Pluto square will begin in 2015 (it begins in 2012 but its effect will be felt as the alignment approaches as soon as Uranus enters Aries in 2010). But overall it’s a great article and very exciting that information like this is getting into the mainstream.

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More on the “Sagittarian Convergence” and Litvinenko’s death

Art Gianfermo always has an interesting perspective on astrological events, and I was sad to see that he stopped posting in May. I just noticed he’s been back since October. Here’s what Art has to say about the:

[I’ve snipped and added some punctuation for ease of reading] In the past 17 days we have gone from the climax of a dark Scorpio Convergence on a Cold Winter’s Day to an explosive Sagittarian Convergence starting at 9:52PM PST and set for November 20th. This lunation which had Sun-Jupiter-Mercury-Venus-Mars-Jupiter-Uranus-Neptune-Pluto all in South Declination and only Saturn-Leo in the north presaged wild and cold weather – this is also the precursor for covert and spying scandals to be settled.

Scorpio is about spies, detectives and research and Sagittarius is about adventure, sporting attitudes, out of doors and literary lives. Scorpio cherishes privacy, even darkness to create in a slower more fixed modality which eventually erupts in some time of powerful reacion. Sagittarius is explosive, more changeable, and tends to get what they want off their chest.

Our past new moon mirrored the previous year’s Jupiter in Scorpio obsessions with poisons and spies like this most famous victim of radiation (Pluto, modern ruler of Scorpio, poisoning Alexander Litvinenko (born 12-4-62), [who had] mutable wounded Chiron-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces opposing Pluto-Uranus in Virgo. He was buried today in London where officials believe he was probably infected with polonium-210 last month when he met with several people. During the Scorpio Lunation the ancient ruler Mars was applying in a highly dangerous square to the most malefic Saturn.

Investigation into the causes of Litvinenko’s death (at 9:21PM UT 11-23-06) has Pluto conjunct Fixed Star Aculeus telling of Enduring Attacks that are Successful in killing him, […]

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Venus enters Capricorn today

The first planet to leave the Sagittarius stellium is Venus, which entered Capricorn today shifting the focus to our responsibilities in relationship to others. Relationships serve a purpose under Capricorn, and this is a good time for business associations. Venus in Capricorn could also be good news for corporations and perhaps therefore the stock market.

Venus also describes the way we value ourselves as well as others; our self-esteem and sense of self-worth. In Capricorn there is a practical element and a need to establish something of material value in order to become more confident and secure.

Venus is sextile Uranus now, a harmonious relationship between the planet of love and beauty (Venus) and the planet of radical new ideas and change (Uranus). The influence of Venus is not usually very powerful, but if we pay attention we will be able to sense a new understanding between people and an opening in the way we experience our relationships with others. For just a few days we are more tolerant of people that are different (Uranus) from ourselves, and we may find ourselves in a surprising (Uranus) encounter with someone new.

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Mars, Mercury and Jupiter in alignment

Not since 1925 have three planets been aligned so tightly in the sky, and it won’t happen again until 2053. Early Monday morning (EST) Mars and Jupiter will be aligned within 7 minutes, and Mercury will be just one degree away. This is a tight conjunction that fuses the energies of these three planets and will make for a beautiful sight in the pre-dawn sky.

Mars, Jupiter and Mercury are all in Sagittarius now: the sign where we find ourselves open to new ideas, to exploring other cultures to gain a greater understanding of ourselves. In Sagittarius we feel more optimistic and perhaps a bit overconfident; we strive to find a sense of meaning in our lives. Learning becomes more important and we may have a deeper desire to study philosophy or perhaps the law.

Mars is the god of action, he motivates us to accomplish our desires. Jupiter gives us the optimism and the faith that we can accomplish those things, and Mercury aids in the thought process that creates the plan. An alliance of Mars and Jupiter can bring an aggravated sense of self-righteousness, and Jupiter with Mercury can believe that one is always right. All three planets are operating in tandem now, and in Sagittarius there is some danger that overabundance of enthusiasm could become like a bubble which becomes too full of air and then bursts. Watch for some harsh words (Mars/Mercury) and arrogance (Mars/Jupiter) but take advantage of the beautiful energy that is available now.

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