Venus enters Capricorn today

The first planet to leave the Sagittarius stellium is Venus, which entered Capricorn today shifting the focus to our responsibilities in relationship to others. Relationships serve a purpose under Capricorn, and this is a good time for business associations. Venus in Capricorn could also be good news for corporations and perhaps therefore the stock market.

Venus also describes the way we value ourselves as well as others; our self-esteem and sense of self-worth. In Capricorn there is a practical element and a need to establish something of material value in order to become more confident and secure.

Venus is sextile Uranus now, a harmonious relationship between the planet of love and beauty (Venus) and the planet of radical new ideas and change (Uranus). The influence of Venus is not usually very powerful, but if we pay attention we will be able to sense a new understanding between people and an opening in the way we experience our relationships with others. For just a few days we are more tolerant of people that are different (Uranus) from ourselves, and we may find ourselves in a surprising (Uranus) encounter with someone new.

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Mars, Mercury and Jupiter in alignment

Not since 1925 have three planets been aligned so tightly in the sky, and it won’t happen again until 2053. Early Monday morning (EST) Mars and Jupiter will be aligned within 7 minutes, and Mercury will be just one degree away. This is a tight conjunction that fuses the energies of these three planets and will make for a beautiful sight in the pre-dawn sky.

Mars, Jupiter and Mercury are all in Sagittarius now: the sign where we find ourselves open to new ideas, to exploring other cultures to gain a greater understanding of ourselves. In Sagittarius we feel more optimistic and perhaps a bit overconfident; we strive to find a sense of meaning in our lives. Learning becomes more important and we may have a deeper desire to study philosophy or perhaps the law.

Mars is the god of action, he motivates us to accomplish our desires. Jupiter gives us the optimism and the faith that we can accomplish those things, and Mercury aids in the thought process that creates the plan. An alliance of Mars and Jupiter can bring an aggravated sense of self-righteousness, and Jupiter with Mercury can believe that one is always right. All three planets are operating in tandem now, and in Sagittarius there is some danger that overabundance of enthusiasm could become like a bubble which becomes too full of air and then bursts. Watch for some harsh words (Mars/Mercury) and arrogance (Mars/Jupiter) but take advantage of the beautiful energy that is available now.

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The Astrology of Blogging

Jeffrey posted a link to a post on a new astrology blog by Twilight analyzing her motivation in writing about astrology. Jeffrey has made this a “meme,” which I suppose is a dare for bloggers (“I dare you to expose yourself the way I have done”). Anyway, it’s an interesting supposition and I invite you to witness a rare exposition of Jeffrey’s inner workings and I’ll take him up on the meme/dare.

As Twilight writes,

Mercury must be the foremost influence in blogging, as in any form of writing and communication in general. We all have Mercury somewhere in our charts, but those with Mercury aspected by Saturn and/or positioned close to one of the angles would be more inclined to enjoy writing. Mercury will come through loud and clear in Gemini, Virgo, or in 3rd, 11th, or 7th houses where he feels “at home” but that in itself might not incline a person to writing, especially writing a blog. There is need for a certain amount of Saturnian discipline to sit at the computer and write on a regular basis, with no incentive other than the love of doing it, or the satisfaction of receiving comments.

I have a fair amount of Mercury/Gemini in my chart: Gemini rising, Moon/Pluto conjunct in the 3rd house and Mercury in Scorpio – a “double whammy” emphatically linking Mercury (communication) and Pluto/Scorpio (intensity). For me astrology blogging is all about probing (Pluto/Scorpio) under the surface to see what lies there and how everything is connected. Mercury in the sixth house (service, work environment and day-to-day life) tends to like to be helpful, and I very much like that the blog seems to be helpful and useful to the people who read it (my Venus is there as […]

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Jupiter in Sagittarius and other planetary news

Mars left Scorpio for Sagittarius yesterday, and with Mercury and Jupiter moves into position to form a sextile, a harmonious aspect, to Chiron that has the potential to open up new possibilities (Jupiter) for healing (Chiron). Mercury provides the ideas and Mars the energy to accomplish this.

Five planets are now in Sagittarius and tomorrow Mercury will enter Sagittarius making a whopping six planets in this sign of ideals, philosophy, religion, adventure. John and Susan Townley write in their excellent article on Jupiter in Sagittarius:

You would expect anything passing through a mutable sign to have the effect of, well, mutability. The whole meaning of that is not change itself, but the shift toward it – not ultimate developments, but penultimate ones. So, it may not be surprising that Jupiter in Sagittarius has often marked a final pause, a year of hanging on the edge before pitching forward into a new dispensation, a hesitation before the final lunge into the next step forward, good or bad, which comes when Jupiter subsequently goes cardinal. There’s almost a feeling of helplessness, like you can see it coming but can’t really do much to stop it.

Accompanying this there also is another theme which is very typical of Jupiter and Sagittarius, and that’s declarative bluster. It’s a time when history is on the march but hasn’t quite reached its objectives so there are a lot of declarations of independence and intent before those intentions turn into final moves.

They offer a timeline to prove their point, and it’s a good one. Next year both Jupiter and Pluto enter Capricorn and we’ll start to see some real changes. Perhaps the Jupiter in Sagittarius period (ending at the end of 2007 […]

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Saturn turns retrograde today!

I hope you have enjoyed the breather over the past couple of weeks with no retrograde planets – Saturn turns retrograde today and will appear to travel backwards from our perspective on earth until April 19. When planets appear to move backwards their influence is somewhat stronger as they revisit sensitive points in our chart and cause us to re-do and re-think various aspects of our lives.

Saturn is the god of restriction and discipline, and also the bringer of material wealth and success. Cesar Millan on the show “The Dog Whisperer” always to “rules, boundaries and limitations” as being beneficial to dogs, and they are beneficial to us as well. Without these rules, boundaries and limitations we are likely to grow lazy and complacent.

With Saturn traveling retrograde we become more acutely aware of those limitations and restrictions, and this can be difficult for those of us who have very airy or fiery charts who crave freedom and inspiration above all else. Saturn bestows rewards on those who work hard; when you bump up against one of Saturn’s restrictions (car wrecks, spinal injuries, joint problems, difficulties at work, financial issues) step back and make a plan for overcoming the difficulty. You will see tremendous results during strong Saturn periods.

Saturn is nearly trine Pluto now, and Pluto’s ability to create transformation harmonizes well with Saturn’s urge to create form. This is a beautiful time for manifestation and creating a new vision for your life. With Saturn retrograde it could take time for your vision to take root, but discipline in watering and nurturing the seeds of creation will result in a new flowering of your life’s possibilities.

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