October Skywatch is posted

You can read here all about what October has in store for us. I also pulled my thoughts on Saturn/Neptune into one article which is posted here.

From Skywatch, here’s what’s coming up next week including the Full Moon in Aries:

Mercury (communication and thought process) will leave Libra for Scorpio on October 2, intensifying all matters of information processing. Scorpio does not share Libra’s concern for harmony but instead seeks to probe to the bottom of an issue in order to achieve a final resolution. Mercury is approaching a square to Chiron now, where it may bring about some conversations (Mercury) that open old wounds (Chiron). There is potential for healing here, but only if we face the difficulty head on and work towards a resolution. At the same time, Mars is approaching a harmonious aspect (trine) to Neptune as well as to Saturn (sextile), fueling our creativity (Neptune) and applying the discipline (Saturn) that we need in order to use that creativity in order to manifest our goals and dreams. This occurs as we head into the shadow of the Full Moon, making this a powerful time for manifestation. Although we may be feeling a bit destabilized by the Saturn/Neptune energy, we have an opportunity now to bring in a new focus and energy with the Mars interactions which peaks at the Aries Full Moon on October 6 at 11:13 pm EST.

Aries of course is the sign ruled by Mars, and at this Full Moon the Sun in Libra conjuncts Mars as it opposes the Moon in Aries, highlighting the duality between our own individual needs (Mars/Aries) and our relationships with others (Libra). The addition of Mars increases Martian energy of Aries which can […]

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Owen Wilson and Commitment Conflicts

You can tell Owen Wilson is unusual the first time you see him in a film. Shaggy hair, crooked nose: he doesn’t look like your everyday film star. And even though the parts he plays are typically the sophomoric doofus, his presence lingers and suggests a deeper and more complex character lies beneath. His chart suggests that the same is true for Wilson himself. Recent gossip reports have suggested that Kate Hudson has left her husband for a romance with Owen Wilson, so I looked into their charts for the National Ledger entertainment column.

Owen Wilson has the Sun in Scorpio, along with three other planets (Neptune, Mercury and the Moon), giving him an exceptionally strong intensity and passion in everything he does. Scorpio is a fiery water sign that is anchored in the realm of the emotional underworld; the dark and deep underbelly of our feelings that others may fear to witness. There is a great deal of courage in the Scorpio personality, since they are the ones willing to face their inner demons and become transformed by them. This doesn’t sound like the Owen Wilson that we see in films, but this is due to the fact that it is actually the sign that is rising in the chart, the ascendant or rising sign, that describes the outward personality. The rising sign is determined by the time of birth, and this is rarely available for celebrities so all we can do is make a guess, and in Wilson’s case I would guess his rising sign to be something fiery such as Leo or Sagittarius. Wilson himself has said that he is surprised he ended up in comedy, because he was so serious in high school.However, the inner Owen Wilson is strongly Scorpio.

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The Sharks are Circling

As noted here a few days ago, President Bush is having a major planetary crisis in terms of his relationships. Saturn with its tests and challenges is affecting Venus in his chart, creating limitations and restrictions in his relationships with others as demonstrated by Venus. But that’s not all: Chiron with its tendency to wound as well as heal is transiting his descendant, the cusp of his seventh house. The seventh house is known as the marriage house, but it is much more than that; it deals with all kinds of one-on-one relationships. Not just marriage or love relationships, the seventh house also relates to “open enemies,” another kind of partnership.

Suddenly it seems Bush is being attacked from all sides. Two of his sworn enemies, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran last week signed more than 20 trade and investment deals and both spoke openly against Bush at the United Nations where Bush received little respect despite his attempt to reach out to the people of Iran.

Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan, a tenuous ally in the “war on terror” yesterday accused the Bush White House on the television program “60 Minutes” of threatening to bomb Pakistan “back to the stone age” after September 11. Today he revealed that the CIA has paid millions of dollars in payment for AlQaeda prisoners creating additional embarrasment for the administration.

Colin Powell, Bush’s loyal soldier who took the case for the Iraq War to the UN and betrayed the trust of the American people (for which he later apologized) came out publicly against Bush’s anti-terrorism proposal to permit torture of detainees.

Meanwhile President Bush’s only ally, Tony Blair, has been forced to […]

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The Astrology of Grey’s Anatomy

The twelve astrological signs represent twelve archetypes of personality, and representations of these archetypes can be found virtually everywhere. The television show Grey’s Anatomy, which I’m embarrassed to say I watch religiously each week and which premiered its second season last night, is no exception. Remember that the outward persona is really the ascendant, so the signs described here are more likely to be the ascendant, or rising sign, of the characters.

Aries – The Aries archetype is represented by Dr. Callie Torres, the strong female orthopedic surgeon who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to get it. Like the Aries archetype, Callie is courageous, independent, and doesn’t really care about creature comforts. She relishes a challenge and isn’t afraid of losing. Typically the Aries woman craves a relationship with that rare man who is stronger and more powerful than she is, helping her to bring out her more feminine side. This leads me to suspect that Callie’s passion for George O’Malley is driven more because she sees that feminine aspect within him and she feels that she can be safe with him. This relationship is doomed to failure because it is not based on a true compatibility but instead on a desire to become something which one is not.

Taurus – Dr. Richard Webber is the Taurus at Seattle Grace. Taureans tend to be solid and reliable, patient and persistent. They don’t like change, and despite a torrid affair with Ellis Gray Dr. Webber remained with his wife Adele. Like most Taureans, Dr. Webber can be counted on to be calm and unruffled in the midst of the most terrible crisis and is slow to anger, but once his limit is reached is not […]

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