Steve Irwin and Suri Cruise

One of the coolest things about the astrology blog world is the fact that we are all so different – each one with our own point of view and own voice. I’ve just found from Nina Gryphon, which seems to use a more classic perspective. Nina has some fascinating articles that I just had a chance to breeze through, but check out her site for several detailed articles about Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, and a profile of Suri Cruise.

I’m going on vacation and may be posting less frequently. I’ll still be checking in, but meanwhile if you need a fix visit some of my friends in the links section.

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Life is a Rhythmic Dance

Robert Wilkinson has a on mastering the changes that life brings on the road to personal evolution. Here’s an excerpt:

Each of the parts of our lives, inner and outer, has a rhythm of its own. Our bodies, feelings, mind and higher Self all have their rhythms of appearance and disappearance, increasing and decreasing, ebbing and flowing. Our relationships have their own rhythms of coming and going, merging and doing one’s own thing. There is no part of our lives that doesn’t have fluxuation, except for our Inner Flame. Astrology is the art and science of examining these changes, and noting what is happening and when, one is able to estimate the next time we will be in major change and what factors are involved. This helps us evolve our response-abilities, and lead to a more natural and perfect self-expression.

Every major change we confront in our life is showing us what is ending, and what is beginning. Even in the middle of a larger process, every significant change in any area of our life affects other areas. These changes show us how we must change to restore harmony in our life. Ultimately every part of our being is seeking to be in harmony with every other part of our life. That’s what we call “happiness.” When everything works in harmony in our lives, when our inner self is in harmony with our world and our relationships, we feel that harmony and want it to continue. Our heart’s deaire for our lower self is for it to have abundance, love, and perfect self-expression. Major changes show us the way to these things, but our lower self has habits and opinions and fears […]

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Beyonce and the Yod: Destiny’s Child

National Ledger has my profile of Beyonce Knowles up on their site (turn on your popup blocker!
I’ve snipped part of the article here, you can read it there if you’re interested. But her chart has some fascinating configurations which may help to explain her starpower.

Venus in Beyonce’s chart is part of the Libra stellium, a placement that with Venus in its own sign virtually always confers exceptional beauty. However, her Venus is conjunct Pluto, the god of the underworld with its compulsions and fears. The Venus/Pluto combination indicates an insecurity at a deep level about her own value and her tendency to choose relationship partners that may be dangerous or have an edge in some way. However, Neptune makes a favorable aspect to this combination which adds inspiration and creativity (Neptune/Venus) and a strong sense of social justice (Neptune/Pluto).

On a deeply personal level, Beyonce’s Moon is in Scorpio, showing that she is intensely emotional and private about her emotional life. The Moon shows our emotional nature, and in Scorpio there is a depth of feeling not found in other signs as well as a need for privacy and even secrecy. Her Moon conjuncts Uranus, the planet of rebellion and radical ideas which identifies her as someone who needs a great deal of independence and autonomy. The Moon/Uranus combination can create resistance to establishing a deep emotional connection with another person as there is always an urge to flee with Uranus. It is probably not likely that Beyonce will marry until she is older, despite the strong Libran pull towards relationships and partnership.

Chiron opposes the Moon/Uranus conjunction, normally a stressful pattern that can indicate a painful history in the relationship with the mother. […]

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Lunar eclipses, dragons, and the Nodes of the Moon

Lunar eclipses occur when the Full Moon (Moon opposing the Sun) occurs close to the nodes of the moon (the point at which the sun’s path and moon’s path meet). Molly at North Node.com has a lovely animated graphic that shows how an eclipse works.

The nodes of the moon describe our evolutionary journey, with the North Node (also called the Dragon’s head by the Chinese and other ancients) demonstrating the direction in which we are heading and the South Node (the Dragon’s tail) identifying the karmic past and issues best left behind. The involvement in the eclipse phenomenon perhaps gives a clue to the effect of an eclipse, where the Sun and Moon are aligned in tandem with the evolutionary lunar nodes but the earth blocks their light. The symbolism to me is clear: The eclipse marks a turning point, but the significance may not be obvious as both the solar conscious principle and the lunar instincts are obscured and we journey in darkness.

Some individuals experience lunations (moon events) more than others – the more “lunar” types (watery signs, conjunctions of the Sun or Moon to Neptune, or Moon near the ascendant or midheaven) will experience the New and Full Moons more intensely than others and be more affected by the eclipses as well. In addition, if the eclipse (the one on September 7 occurs at 14 degrees Pisces/Virgo) aspects a sensitive point in your chart you will be more affected than otherwise.

The symbolism of the legends from China and other ancient cultures of the Dragon (North Node) eating the Moon in a lunar eclipse would seem to tell us that eclipses are times when our instincts (lunar light) and conscious mind (solar light) are temporarily sacrificed (obscured by […]

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We’re heading into the shadow of the Full Moon which will be a partial lunar eclipse. (Although the Full Moon doesn’t occur until September 7, its effects will begin to make themselves known in the next day or two.) There is a lot of energy here the Moon making a tight conjunction to Uranus as the earth slips between the Sun in Virgo and Moon in Pisces, obscuring the Moon’s light. During the Full Moon emotions are often at peak intensity and the eclipse generally tends to bring unsettled issues to a crisis point where they can be activated and transformed. Often this occurs when subconscious elements break through to the conscious mind and force a resolution.

Pluto, having traveled retrograde for the past 5 months turns direct September 4, and change is inevitable. The Plutonian intensity will begin to effect changes in a way that requires surrender.

During this Pisces/Virgo Full Moon the details of everyday life (Virgo) are overcome by a magnified sense of the majesty of life and the experience of cosmic consciousness (Pisces). The eclipse will tend to obscure our awareness and bring confusion, and the tight conjunction of the Moon to Uranus will stimulate our nervous system and keep us from sleeping well. Uranus demands that we break free of patterns that are holding us back, and the emotional need for change (Uranus/Moon) will be stronger than the Virgo Sun will be comfortable with. Expect some emotional dissonance during this eclipse period, and prepare to be awakened!!

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