Watch the lunar eclipse tonight!!

The lunar eclipse occurs tonight as the Moon is rising, and will be particularly visible for those in Europe, western Africa and the eastern parts of the US and Canada. For those of you in the western US, the Moon will be eclipsed as it rises above the horizon.

For those of us who can see the eclipse it will be quite a show, unless obscured by cloud cover. Light from the Sun refracted through the Earth’s atmosphere will turn the moon shades of amber and crimson. The eclipse is scheduled to occur at 5:44 pm est, just before the astrological Full Moon.

Eclipses have long been reputed to bring periods of crisis and calamity, and while very few people consciously embrace crisis as a lifestyle, there is benefit to a crisis point that brings about change. In an eclipse we are symbolically blinded as both luminaries become darkened by the earth’s shadow, and in that blindness we find ourselves reaching for the light that shines within us. This is an opportunity to seek that which is real, and learn to let go of our dependence on that which is false.

In transformational astrology, hidden in every crisis is an opportunity for growth and transformation. With faith and attention to truth, each difficult situation becomes an alchemical laboratory in which the base metal of our life is transmuted into the gold of conscious awareness.

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Skywatch is posted! And the Full Moon eclipse

From the March Skywatch, here’s my take on the Full Moon eclipse on March 3.

The Full Moon on March 3 (at 6:21 pm est) is a lunar eclipse at 13 degrees Virgo. In a typical year there are typically two eclipse seasons, occurring every 173 days when the new or full moon is within five degrees of the moon’s nodes. The nodes of the Moon symbolize our evolutionary journey – they are like signposts that point to our past and our future development. Consequently, eclipses are often significant events that instigate change and transformation, especially if they hit a sensitive point in your own individual chart.

The Virgo Full Moon deals with issues of material reality. Virgo is associated with the mundane world-the small details that weave the fabric of our life. In Virgo we focus our attention on our personal ecology – our health, fitness, cleanliness and integration of body, mind and spirit. At its worst, Virgo can be petty and nitpicking, overcautious and afraid. The Virgo Moon is opposite the Pisces Sun now, and the nodes follow the Virgo/Pisces axis as well. The Moon conjuncts the South Node, or the past, with the Sun conjoining the North Node (our future evolutionary direction). The South Node in our own chart shows what is familiar and comfortable, but also what holds us back, so this Full Moon eclipse is a good time to look at where we are held back by our negative Virgo qualities, and how we can use the more positive Pisces elements to accelerate our personal growth. Every sign has positive and negative attributes, and in Pisces our hearts begin to open up to unlimited compassion and empathy. We find in Pisces an experience of divine love and inspiration that […]

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US and China markets takes a dive

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell over 416 points yesterday, a 3% drop that is said to be the worst since the day the markets opened after September 11. The drop came in reaction to a massive sell-off in Chinese equities, but this is probably a natural correction to the “irrational exuberance” fostered by last year’s passage of Jupiter through Scorpio, the sign that rules equity investments, followed by the current relentless optimism of Jupiter in Sagittarius.

I know I’m sounding like a broken record (Saturn/Neptune all the time), but Saturn is nearly exactly opposite Neptune now in the second phase of this cycle. Typically, when a planetary cycle includes multiple phases due to the phenomenon of retrogradation in which one or both of the planets appear to be moving backwards from our perspective on earth, the first phase of the cycle is like a wake-up call. We’re rustled from our sleep, wake up and say “Huh???” The second phase is often when the work really begins. We can’t go back to sleep now, we’re wide awake and having to deal with the energy of the planetary influences.

It seems to me that the market crash has more to do with the confrontation of our illusion (Neptune) and the need to face reality (Saturn) than any particular market fundamentals. In addition, Mercury being retrograde means we have to go back and correct some of the mistakes from the past.

Still, this may be a good time to pick up some stock bargains, but I would wait until after the eclipse on March 3 and Mercury’s direct turn on March 7, just to be on the […]

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Mercury retrogrades back into Aquarius

Mercury has been traveling through Pisces for the past few weeks, but as it retrogrades it is now moving back into Aquarius. The passing of retrograde Mercury back through a sign it has completed tends to bring back issues of that sign that are not yet complete. In Pisces Mercury is creative, there is an emotional softening and powerful empathy. Mercury in Pisces is flexible, but Mercury in Aquarius can be somewhat dogmatic.

Mercury in Aquarius is the sign of reason, and there is a return to practicality now. Any fuzzy- headed decisions made while Mercury was in Pisces, particularly while it retrograded through that sign, may have to be revised or reworked now. In Aquarius Mercury wakes up, there is an electrifying awareness that sees clearly. Creative projects inspired by Mercury in Pisces may wither in the Aquarian light of day, or they may be seen for the brilliant piece of magic that they are. Retrograde periods bring us closer to truth as errors are corrected, but we are asked to be more flexible, more adaptable, and more willing for change.

Update: Mercury is also making a sextile now to Pluto, an aspect that will be exact on the 28th but is in effect now. The harmonious combination of Mercury’s communication function with the transformative power of Pluto can add energy and depth to any projects where communication or the processing of information is involved and can add the intensity we may need in order to complete outstanding commitments. Pluto also helps us to get the most out of our daily life since Mercury governs how we process those experiences. This aspect will be in orb for another day or […]

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Eclipses are coming!

I’ll be adding my point of view on the upcoming March eclipse series as we get closer to the event, but meanwhile Jeffrey has written a great article on the subject:

Anticipation of eclipses tends to bring out a “sky is falling” mentality in many people, especially if the eclipse closely conjuncts the Sun in one’s natal chart. There are some doom-and-gloom websites out there — which I find irresponsible, but I also understand that the nature of consciousness has changed since old times. Astrology seems less deterministic than when a royal astrologer could predict accurately that a king would die from a head wound by a spear [although I frankly doubt that astrologers could ever make this kind of prediction – I believe most of the stories about exact predictions to be legends rather than history].

Eclipses are powerful events, indeed. Their impact lasts longer than your typical lunation, as the Sun and Moon are conjunct the Lunar Nodes. The Nodes relate to our spiritual progress, our karmic past, our fated connections with people.

::Bernadette Brady quotes snipped::

Thus, the best advice for someone who will be directly impacted by an eclipse — meaning that the Moon makes a conjunction or hard aspect to a major point in one’s chart — is to be open to whatever major overhaul your psyche requires. To fight against this energy is to court a destructive earthquake. Change will happen regardless — whether it is smooth or turbulent is, at least to some extent, under your control. Not completely under your control, because there are cosmic forces at work, gods who have their own plans for us. The best use of astrology is to understand our charts and these forces so that we can be […]

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