Setting intention and retrograde Mars

When Mars is traveling retrograde, or if Mars is retrograde or otherwise afflicted in our birthchart. It can be difficult for us to meet our needs and achieve our desires. This is not necessarily always because those desires are wrong, but sometimes more time and attention is needed for them to blossom.

Patience and focus is required when we are in a gestation period. The moment of conception has passed but the time of birth is a ways off still. This is a time to nourish our idea and prepare for its fulfillment. It’s also useful to ask the Universe to ensure that the goal manifests in a form that is for our highest good.

Retrogrades don’t create blocks like a Saturn or Pluto transit does, but if either of those guys is in a difficult aspect to Mars in our chart we will find ourselves especially blocked now.

This is a good time to cultivate trust in the wisdom of our higher selves as we develop confidence and strength that will aid us in the ability to manifest desires that are wise and serve us on the path to true empowerment.


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Part II: The US Progressed Sun in Aquarius

this article was originally posted in 2007 but was lost in the archives. You can find Part I here

The US progressed Sun left Capricorn for Aquarius in April of 1975. The Capricorn period in the US witnessed a huge post-war building boom and rise of social and economic status for many Americans, both Capricornian attributes. It also marked a more paternalistic relationship with the rest of the world as the US began to take on the role of world protector (Capricorn’s ruler Saturn represents the dynamic of the father).

Usually when the progressed Sun moves from one sign to another there is a major shift since the adjoining signs are so different from each other in element and quality. This is less true of the shift from Capricorn to Aquarius, due to their mutual rulership by Saturn. In Aquarius the Saturnine duty and discipline takes place in the mental realm whereas Capricorn is a sign of action. Aquarius has an ancient ruler (Saturn) and a modern ruler (Uranus), and there is always a pull between these two influences. Uranus seeks to break apart the old structures that Saturn has built and create something new and this is the Aquarian challenge. In Aquarius the strong sense of responsibility that is Saturn’s gift combines with a need for change, creating the famous Aquarian urge for social justice and equality.

As the US progressed Sun shifted into Aquarius, the last soldiers were airlifted out of Vietnam which marked the end of military involvement in that nation. The Watergate scandal had just ended with the conviction of four Nixon administration officials. As Jimmy Carter says, there was a malaise in the country as could be expected under a dual Saturn rulership.

The Uranus rulership is associated with technology, and the […]

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Happy Birthday Uranus!

It was on March 13, 1781 that the patron planet of astrology was discovered by William Herschel. Although Uranus had been seen several times before by various astronomers, it had been perceived as a fixed star rather than a planet, and Herschel originally cited it as a comet. Uranus had to endure the unfortunate name “Herschel” until it was renamed Uranus in the period between 1791 and 1821.

Uranus is the only one of the planets to be named after a Greek god rather than a Roman one, and in fact there is no Roman counterpart to the god Uranus who is the sky god and represented the heavens themselves. This singularity of identity is reflected in the quality of the astrological Uranus to define our individuality and unique attributes.

Uranus was the father of Gaia’s many horrific children, including the Titans and the Cyclops as well as beings with fifty heads and a hundred arms. His disgust for these monsters mirrors the quality of Uranus to show where we seek perfection and where we are disgusted by that which is less than ideal.

As the god of the heavens, Uranus brings us information from beyond in ways that we cannot explain. Like sudden changes of weather that take place in the sky, Uranus brings sudden change and the awakening to new ways of thinking about things.

The excellent has the discovery chart with these comments:

Although Herschel had not initially realised the significance of his sighting, the chart is clearly meaningful. Its most striking feature is the T-square involving Uranus opposite Mars and Saturn, squared by the Sun. One may say that the Sun brought the new planet to light, and […]

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In honor of International Women’s Day

I know many of my readers are women, so I wanted to celebrate today by encouraging you to check out . This is a wonderful way to support women all over the world by sponsoring a woman in a country that is suffering from war and poverty. For $28/month you can help a survivor of war to develop a new business and help to feed her family as well as offer her emotional support to become more fully empowered.

For the past three years I have sponsored four women, two in Rwanda and two in Afghanistan. Each year they graduate from the program and I meet four new ladies. We exchange letters and photos and I am able to learn a little more about their culture. It has really been a rewarding program and I hope that some of you will join. Women are the bedrock of society, and by helping to lift the circumstances of the women, the whole world can begin to change.

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Saturn/Neptune loves a good conspiracy

With my Mercury in Scorpio and Pluto in the third house, I am always looking under the surface to see what’s really going on, looking for connections and information (Mercury/third house) that might be hidden or obscured by powerful authorities (Pluto/Scorpio). Until September 11 the Kennedy Assassination was the primary focus of my quest into conspiracy, but since that fateful day in 2001 a whole host of other mysteries have captured my interest, as my regular readers know.

Under the influence of the Saturn/Neptune cycle, that which has deceived or confused us (Neptune) is forced into physical reality (Saturn) or exposed, and the Saturn/Neptune opposition has brought back conspiracy questions about what really happened September 11. It is not surprising that at the five-year anniversary of September 11 in 2006, during the first phase of the current opposition cycle, the publicized their organization and the film Loose Change became the first conspiracy film on the event to hit the mainstream press.

Now, during the second phase of the opposition, we have news that both Aaron Brown of and Jane Standley of announced that building WTC-7 fell BEFORE it actually did fall. In both cases footage of the event shown simultaneous to the broadcast demonstrates that WTC-7 was still standing. Yet nowhere has this information been covered in the mainstream press. BBC has published a response, claiming that there was an error in the control room. An error that predicted the future? That is hard to believe.

The unexplained collapse of building 7 in the World Trade Center complex is one of the biggest mysteries of the September 11 event. The building wasn’t hit, and physics expert Steven Jones of Brigham Young University famously lost […]

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