Happy July Fourth! (And Mercury Retrograde Alert)

Mercury turns retrograde today, so begin taking extra care in clarifying all communication. Don’t be surprised if documents are lost, appointments are missed, and equipment stops working. Mercury retrograde periods are good times to do everything twice, just to be sure. Mercury is in Leo, where it finds creative ways to express the ego and personality. While retrograde (through July 26), Mercury tends to bring up unresolved issues, presenting them for review and reexamination. Because Leo tends to be dramatic and ego-centered, until July 10 when Mercury retrogrades back into Cancer, we may experience miscommunication and hurt feelings resulting from a lack of sensitivity to the needs of others. Mercury in Leo can be generous and kindhearted, but when retrograde the generosity may not be communicated in the manner in which it was meant. As with any retrograde period it’s important to take extra care with the way information is transmitted and keep very good backup notes.

In honor of the July Fourth holiday, I refer you to Jude Cowell’s analysis of the Solar Return chart for the USA. Some of it is a bit technical for non-astrology geeks but it’s quite extensive and compares the t to the USA chart. I’ve done a modified version of the Solar Return chart itself, but read her and . Quoted portions are from Jude’s article.

A Solar Return chart is done the day of the birthday when the Sun returns to its place in the birthchart, and shows the themes for the following year. The Solar Return for the USA shows Leo rising in the chart “and Sun is placed in the behind-the-scenes 12th house of karma and self-undoing. It’s the perfect placement for politicians who […]

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HGTV show a disappointment

I watched “What’s Your Sign Design” today, and am sorry to report that real astrology did not survive the editing floor. This first episode attempted to reconcile the design style of a Scorpio and a Pisces. The first clue that things were not going well was when the show referred to the Scorpio as “playful” and the Pisces as “grown up.” Astrologer Greg Tufaro brought charts and did readings for both participants that were mostly off-camera, but the show basically referred to the Scorpio and Pisces characteristics. One oddity is that Greg identified the Pisces partner as having Capricorn on the fourth house, which he described as indicating someone who needs items from their family history in the home. This is erroneous – that would be a description of Cancer on the fourth house. The Capricorn sign on the fourth would refer to the “grownup” element that the Pisces was trying to establish in the home.

I guess they were limited in what they could cover in the 30 minute show, but I wish there had been more in-depth discussion of the astrology and a little less of the shopping. Still, it can’t help to have more mainstream coverage.

Update: about the show.

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Skywatch for July now posted!

Skywatch, the monthly astrological forecast for July is now posted on my website. An excerpt:

As July begins, the difficult patterns of the June cycles are behind us, but with five planets in retrograde motion (Jupiter, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto), we are still looking backward to make sense of it all. When planets appear to move backward from our perspective here on earth, the issues associated with that planet become more pronounced and require greater attention. When Mercury turns retrograde on July 5, there will be six planets retrograde which is a rare event! Mercury retrograde periods come with their own challenges (see this article for more details), but with this number of retrograde planets we may feel somewhat stuck and find it difficult to move forward.

Since Venus left the grounded sign of Taurus for Gemini in late June, no planets have been in earth signs and therefore there has been little earth energy available to us. In early July there is a strong fire and air influence, creating much dialogue and a flurry of activity, but without an anchor to lend a sense of practicality to our endeavors. The combination of the lack of earth energy combined with the retrograding outer planets may make it difficult for us to find our footing. When Jupiter (retrograde since March 4th) turns direct on July 6 we will begin to encounter more opportunities and possibilities.

read more…

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More on Israel/Palestine tomorrow

Today I’m working on the July Skywatch article, so watch for that to be posted tomorrow as well.

Meanwhile, I found covering the attack of one galaxy by its neighbor that sounded eerily apropo of what is happening in the middle east, including this quote:

When galaxies interact, it’s never a pretty picture. But it can be a source of rebirth and renewal. The tidal forces between galaxies cause huge clouds of gas and dust to compact, creating nurseries of giant, hot stars….

Life is not easy, even for galaxies. Some indeed get so close to their neighbours that they get rather distorted. But such encounters between galaxies have another effect: they spawn new generations of stars.

This is the lesson of Pluto and transformation if we can maintain a longer view when confronted with stress and tension.

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Astrology hits HGTV

Thanks to news section for this tidbit:

“What’s Your Sign? Design,” a show premiering at 9 p.m. Saturday, looks to the zodiac to bring harmony to star-crossed couples, roommates and homeowners. Hosted by Steven Lee, the show features interior designer Nicole Facciuto and astrologer Greg Tufaro, all Manhattanites, and who together will demonstrate that the solution to decorating dilemmas may lie in making your space more Aries than airy, adding pieces of Pisces or letting your inner Leo roar.

Each week, Tufaro reads the chart of each household member, based on his or her date, time and location of birth and maps a customized chart. Facciuto listens for style clues as Tufaro breaks down each individual’s likes and dislikes, based on planetary positions in the charts, highlighting the shared traits between the signs they’re dealing with and looking for elements that will please and balance everyone. Then, armed with a $2,000 budget, the team creates a plan for a 48-hour makeover.

Malverne resident Colleen Brady, … was ready to take the challenge. “Danny and I are both Geminis, which was something that they found interesting, because, although we have the same sign, we have two completely different personalities. Danny … has been in theater since he was 7, and I can’t sing.”

This to me is great, because it sounds like the show will point out that real astrology is about so much more than sun signs. However, it appears that design using astrology is not universally effective:

Indeed, Facciuto says most participants “really love” the results. “It’s funny,” she says, “because in the shows where someone didn’t love it, it was either we completely missed the board — you know, you can’t win ’em all […]

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