Hillary, Obama and the Saturn Return

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is sniping at former supporters who are flirting with the idea of supporting Barack Obama. at a campaign event for Obama this week, “It’s like being married, and suddenly you fall in love. You’re a good person, and a loyal person … you have a history with the Clintons,” she said. “And you feel like you’re cheating.”

Last week her popularity took a hit when she refused to apologize for voting to give the President war powers in 2002. Her campaign staff railed against John Edwards when he suggested that she, like he should apologize for their error, calling Edwards’ tactic a betrayal of other Democrats. Yet this week when David Geffen made comments about Bill Clinton , the Clinton campaign brought out all of their guns to retaliate, demanding that Obama return Geffen’s large donation.

None of this is making Hillary look very good, and it comes as Saturn is returning to its place in her birthchart and transiting Chiron (the wounded healer) is making a square to her natal Chiron, as referenced in this earlier article. These are both highly personal transits that evoke emotional reactions, making this a difficult time for Hillary to be conducting a highly public campaign. Her relationships are being challenged right now (with Venus conjunct Chiron in her natal chart, Venus is also affected by the Chiron transit). In April, transiting Chiron will oppose Pluto in her chart, exposing the cracks (Chiron) in the armor of her power (Pluto). These challenging planetary cycles can be times of great strength and personal development, but they can also break down our defenses making […]

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Venus in Aries

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Lovely Venus has entered the sign of her warrior lover Ares, leaving the misty realms of love and universal compassion for the battleground. Venus in Aries seeks the courage to stand up for ourselves and achieve our own needs, even while in relationship with others. In Aries, Venus establishes solid boundaries and defends them well.

Venus shows our tastes and aesthetics as well as our sense of values, and in Aries we value strength and honor. At its best, Aries is the knight of the age of chivalry, brave and true to god and country. At its worst, Aries becomes the wanton god of war, filled with bloodlust and a ruthless desire for pleasure with no heed to its cost.

As Venus travels through Aries for the next few weeks, it makes only harmonious aspects to other planets, bringing out the best in this combination. Venus will sextile Chiron on March 3 and will trine Saturn on March 9 with a sextile to Neptune the next day. The influence of Venus on the opposition between Saturn and Neptune will have a softening influence on that difficult dynamic, and perhaps an additional fluidity in the resolution of issues that have come to a head as Saturn’s reality check confronts Neptune’s fantasies.

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Jupiter in Sagittarius and the Fear and Greed Index

There was a story on NPR this morning about the Fear and Greed Index:

When the index is low, fear is the dominant emotion. Investors tread warily. But when it’s high, greed is in the driving seat and no one seems to believe that prices can fall.

The index, says the investment bank, has just hit an all-time high and that means a full-scale slump in riskier assets could be in the offing.

Last year’s square of Saturn and Jupiter caused many of us to predict a downturn in the markets, but the expansion of Jupiter traveling through Scorpio (dealing with other people’s money) combined with the generally irrational exuberance of Pluto in Sagittarius seems to have kept the market afloat. Now with Jupiter in Sag coinciding with Pluto’s last pass through that exceedingly optimistic sign, it may be the last opportunity for stock market gains that occur merely because investors are optimistic.

The stock market is based upon the principle of abundance: when investors believe the market is going up, people buy stocks and companies have more money to invest in producing more product, which is then bought by more people, who then have more money to invest in stocks and even more product. Abundance and the principle of expansion is associated with Sagittarius, which means this could be the last year of stock market gains before the major reality check of Pluto entering Capricorn in 2008.

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War and Saturn/Neptune

A comment from Cathy to the previous post reports:

I looked back on previous oppositions between Saturn and Neptune and the wars that were going on then did not end when the aspect ended. Far from it!

1971-72 – Vietnam didn’t end until 1975. In fact Nixon’s slogan was “peace with honor”. It sounds very Neptunian and Saturnian but when U.S. forces are SO uncompromising, it’s just not going to happen under this opposition.

1936-37 – The Spanish working class (Neptune) revolted against the fascist govt (Saturn). Hitler supported the Spanish govt and began a quest for ethnic cleansing (Saturn) against the Jews (Neptune). WWII was actually started under this aspect.

I’m not thinking the war in Iraq is going to end too soon. I’m wondering if some sort of boundary thing will happen like making tribal boundaries (Saturn) to create peace (Neptune).

This is the partition idea, which makes a lot of sense to me as a solution to the Iraq problem especially as we leave Pluto in Sagittarius and move into Pluto in Capricorn. Capricorn strives to create limits and impose discipline, but Pluto turns upside down every sign that it passes through. Under Pluto there is often a breakdown and regeneration of the issues of the sign that reflects its current phase. In Capricorn we will see the breakdown of structures that that no longer serve the highest good: governmental structures, corporations, boundaries of “nations” that were cobbled together after the world wars of the 20th century. Iraq is one such “nation” – after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire the lands were partitioned into artificially defined “states”. These boundaries are artificial and certainly don’t serve the people. […]

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Saturn/Neptune in the News

Saturn is nearly exactly opposite Neptune now, and there are a lot of qualities to this configuration. Deception (Neptune) is confronted by law (Saturn). The mysterious (Neptune) is being challenged by pragmatism (Saturn). Big Brother (Saturn) wants to spy on your private life (Neptune). Here are just three fascinating stories that mirror these dynamics:

The military photographs and videos were revealed late Tuesday evening. They included a photograph of a spherical metallic object captured flying over Antarctica and a video of Navy ships being pursued by a luminous object in 2000.

Also presented at the conference was a report by Rodrigo Bravo, Captain of the Army’s Fifth Division, who talked to a rapt audience about his thesis, entitled “Observations of unidentified aerial phenomena identified by the Civil Air Force.” While Bravo’s talk was not technically representative of the institution’s position on UFOs, he had been authorized to give it by his commander-in-chief.

“The Smith proposal would give the attorney general carte blanche to require service providers to keep all information imaginable on every one of their users,” said Kate Dean, executive director of the U.S. Internet Service Provider Association, which represents the nine major providers, including AOL, AT&T, Microsoft, Yahoo and Comcast.

, which means Lieberman and McCain are lying.

Oliver North visited Hannity & Colmes Friday night, February 9, 2007, to talk about Happy Iraq and Evil Liberals. But at the end, he let slip to Alan Colmes that military commanders in Iraq never said they wanted more troops, despite the claims of Senators Lieberman and McCain to […]

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