More on the Archway UFO mystery

Watch the video here.

There has been virtually no media coverage of this event outside of a few minor journals in the UK. I found an article that reports a wedding having released Chinese-style “glow” lanterns that very day. However, the glow lanterns that I found on the internet don’t look anything like UFOs.

found this site with “fire balloons” that look rather like the glowing balls in the video. Still, even if these balloons were six feet tall, when hovering thousands of feet above the spectators I would think they would appear to be very tiny, not huge twinkling glowing orange balls.

There has been no investigation of the O’Hare sighting in Chicago, despite reports by pilots and other credible witnesses and a nearly complete news blackout on both of these events.

I found a in January that had not been reported in the major media: this time retired Air Force colonel Brian Fields, a Christian who did not believe in alien life forms, took pictures of lights that appear similar to the ones reported in the UK. Fields is reported to have said, “Be awake, be mindful you can be deceived,” he said. “There are things that can shake our world.”

Whether these events are indeed UFOs or not, they deserve to be investigated so that the truth can be discovered.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Image from the Tarot of Love, courtesy of

There is no mistaking the power of love, but as this Valentine’s Day falls very close to the exact opposition of Saturn to Neptune, a transit where the lovely fantasies of Neptune are destroyed by Saturn’s reality check, it seems more appropriate to write about the source of true love – the love that is generated within our own spirit and psyche.

Gary Zukav writes,

The experiences of romantic love are real. You feel exhilaration, excitement, attraction, fulfilled, loveable and complete. It is the perceived source of these experiences that is illusory. You are the source, not another individual. When you attribute to another individual the ability to make you feel these things, you become powerless. As you begin to cultivate the parts of yourself that are the true source of these experiences, you become powerful. When you become powerful, you are able to interact with others without dependency and without expectations. You are able to act from an empowered heart and not be attached to the outcome. The first experience—in which you feel that your ability to experience your own worthiness, lovability, and value—is an illusion. The second experience—in which you are able to experience your value, worth, and lovability with or without another individual—is real.

Because we feel incomplete, we often reach out to others in an attempt to feel whole. The overpowering sense of connection we sometimes feel in a new relationship can be extremely intoxicating and feel fated, causing us to feel that this person must be our soulmate. I believe that there are people that we are irrevocably drawn to, and those people become our teachers and the vehicles for our soul’s […]

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Mercury turns retrograde tomorrow night.

Although for me it won’t make much difference, I’m sort of getting used to the kind of technological craziness I’ve been experiencing lately with the square of Jupiter to Uranus and evidently I’m not alone. Although this aspect made its exact hit back in January, the effects are still with us and will continue for another week or so.

Mercury is stationary now preparing to retrograde late tomorrow night, and communication and equipment difficulties are likely to increase. have refuted the Mercury Retrograde phenomenon, but just ask my assistant who doesn’t believe in astrology about Mercury Retrograde and she will roll her eyes and say “oh no, not again.”

In my experience, Mercury Retrograde is more about personal communication than actual equipment malfunction, although when there is a malfunction it is likely to be from user error. We don’t read the instructions, or we forgot to service the photocopier. Or we don’t listen to each other: I say I’ll meet someone at the office, she’s waiting for me at the house.

During Mercury retrograde periods we have a clear view in hindsight, making this a good time to rethink our priorities, re-establish old friendships. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, renew your commitment to your Valentine if you have one, and to yourself if you don’t. Linear thinking is temporarily suspended; take a different route!

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Valentine’s Day Love Triangle

Thanks to Dharmaruci for describing the tight Yod aspect between Venus, Mars and Saturn that is moving into formation now and will be strong on Valentine’s Day. A Yod aspect involves two planets in sextile that are each 150 degress (quincunx) from the apex planet. The sextile is an exciting and harmonious aspect and the quincunx an irritating and somewhat stressful aspect, so the combination of the two together typically results in a process that is more dynamic than either the sextile or the quincunx can be on their own. Sextiles generate excitement but typically don’t effect change, and the quincunx is challenging with no way to resolve the stress.
From the article:

The two planets dancing together in this Valentine sextile are Venus and Mars. Venus is in exaltation in Pisces, full of compassion, love, acceptance, with a deep love for both humanity and the Creator. There is the ability for selfless service, especially towards those suffering in the world. It is harmonizing spirit and form. But it can also loose the sense of its own identity especially if illusions or psychic influences overtake sensibilities.

Mars is also in exaltation in Capricorn with the strength to make commitments, stay the course, and ultimately may desire to penetrate and set free anything that inhibits, restrains or represses inner freedom. But it can also be extremely controlling, moralistic and inhibited, often through traditional religious conditioning.

If no cooperative effort is made between this Mars and Venus, the low side of the energies is our love being chained and hidden as we are psychically controlled by government or religious authorities and conditioning. But with just a little effort, these two planetary energies […]

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